May 072012

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Engineers are going for civil servant

There was no second thought for H Krishnanunni about opting for Electrical and Electronics engineering for graduation, having good academic credentials in mathematics and physics. On completing the course in 2009 from College of Engineering in the city, he served as Business Administrator in Mu Sigma, Bangalore. “It was in 2010 that I decided to give a genuine try at the much-coveted Indian Civil Services. I resigned from the six-month-old job and zeroed in my attention on preparing for civil services.” For two-years his entire attention and energy were focused upon cracking the examination and he could achieve the goal in the first attempt itself .

Preparation for ICS examination

My policy was to learn well while at it. If you have chalked out a clear plan for study, the goal is attainable no matter how many hours you study each day.” His major references were two English dailies and three magazines – Frontline, Yojana and Kurukshetra. While preparing for studies, he took off time to travel and watch movies. An avid reader of Malayalam literature, he also finds pleasure in spending time for reading.

“The crucial factor in preparing for civil service examination lies at differentiating what we want and what we do not. Only then can your preparation be streamlined”. Krishnanunni underwent coaching for civil service examination in Kerala and New Delhi. In New Delhi, he received coaching at Alternative Learning Systems and Synergy. After getting the call for interview, he joined the Kerala State Civil Service Academy here. He says that the coaching centres can give one guidance in choosing the focused path. “As an administrator, we have to take decisions. Through self study that one would be able to arrive at a decision on their own.” Still, he would agree that he never earmarked a particular number of hours a day for the purpose of study. “Each person would have a comfortable method of one’s own.

Tips for future aspirants

The civil service topper advices the aspirants to avoid unwanted fear and tension while preparing for the examination . “By choosing subjects of your interest as option and systematically studying, the target is definitely attainable.”

Choosing Public Administration and Malayalam as optional subjects

“I am going to perform the role of a public administrator in my job and therefore the optional subject had a practical purpose. The experience from the previous job also supplemented the studies. Malayalam is the language I love and thus utilised a chance to study it. I was confident that I could effectively write it too. Once we enjoy learning a subject of our interest, then it is sure to pay off,” he says. He is grateful to the faculty of Pala Civil Service Academy where he sought coaching for Malayalam.

Support from family

Krishnanunni opts for Indian Administrative Service (IAS) with next options as Indian Police Service and Indian Foreign Service. Willing to serve anywhere in India, he does not hide his ambition to serve in his home state.

The only son of businessman K Harikumar and homemaker T Usha from Karakulam, he says that the support from the family was tremendous during the preparatory phase. “As the examination process is of long duration, we have to maintain immense perseverance till the end and need support during this time. It was my family that protected me from all unwanted stress during that phase.”

Before the interview board

“The interview lasted for 18 to 20 minutes. Situational, personal and opinion-based questions were there.” As he mentioned learning music as his hobby, one question was on whether he would continue learning it throughout life. “As veteran musicians have said that they learn new things everyday in music, I gave reply accordingly.”


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