Nov 052013

Public Speaking in Wabs Talk is the best

Are you looking for public speaking courses or workshops in Delhi ? If yes, then your search ends here. Here, I’m going to talk about the best institute for public speaking courses, workshops, classes and tips. Good news is; this institute is based in Delhi.

I’m gonna talk about my personal experience at WABS TALK (Rajouri Garden). I was always hesitant whenever I had to speak among public, but joining WABS TALK completely transformed my life. I was informed by one of my friends about the institute. I took 3 months Public Speaking Course here, and that experience was fabulous.

I learned about overcoming public speaking fear, speaking confidently, improving memory, speech building and delivering, effective presentation skills, body gestures, good dressing sense, new phrasal verbs and idioms. WOW ! My experience was mind-boggling. We even went out for the public speaking task, and competition with other batches made more competitive.

Today, I feel that I’m a confident public speaker who can speak anywhere confidently and effectively. Thanks WABS TALK and Rocky Saggoo for making me far better public speaker. I would recommend WABS TALK to everyone for public speaking courses not only in Delhi but in the entire India.

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  5 Responses to “Public Speaking Courses in Delhi”

  1. I took Public Speaking Course at WABS TALK in Delhi. I had great experience.

  2. WOW ! Wabs Talk’s public speaking course is being praised by newspapers now.

  3. WABS TALK has made me very confident, the day I joined its Public Speaking Course.

  4. WABS TALK’s Public Speaking Course is the best.

  5. I, amit serving in Indian Army now i want to learn english speaking in public, media, interview and other public place. So please help me.

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