Oct 112011

An English degree offers graduates a wide variety of career paths to follow. With an emphasis on communication, and the written word, English majors learn to research, analyze and interpret information.

A graduate with an English degree, who tailors many strengths, makes a strong case for being hired. Here are top 5 fields, which you can choose after getting an English degree:


An English major leaves college with the knowledge to pursue many creative writing endeavors including producing and writing for television, movies and radio.


Another obvious path for English majors is teaching. Those with a BA in English can teach at the elementary and secondary level. Further education is needed for teaching at a higher level such as universities and colleges.


The most obvious career path is writing whether it be creative, article writing, or journalistic. An English degree gives the writer a strong foundation on which to build a writing career. The new writer can learn a great deal by studying the works of established writers. Great fiction is the workbook of the novice writer and every book you read will teach you something about your own writing.

Public relations

The field of public relations is based on effective communication through both oral and the written word.


An English degree is a good foundation for library studies. Working with the written word on a daily basis, Librarians need a good understanding of literature, and also need the ability to research and analyze data.

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