Apr 302012

The man, who became star after acting as Chandragupta Maurya in CGM, has quit this famous TV serial. Ashish got huge name and fame due to this show. After getting this news, CGM fans were angry and dejected, even some of them used very harsh words for Ashish.

Ashish wanted to establish his own production house “Smoking Carrots” and finally he took the decision to quit CGM, said by Ashish himself in his video (watch video here).

But, the fans were really angry and criticized Ashish Sharma’s decision. See some of the comments below:

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  48 Responses to “Ashish Sharma quit TV show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’”

  1. It is really very bad, Ashish shouldn’t be so selfish that he quit the show “cgm”,
    one should never be filled with pride with rising success because NOTHING IS PERMANENT”…..
    He should not quit it for his self.

  2. let him start his own production…..ashish sharma ko v realize ho jaayega ki chandraguprta maurya ke kirdaar ki kya value thi unke profession ke liye,waise v show sirf aashish ji ki wajah se nahin chal raha tha,kucch v ho chahe koi v cgm ka roll kare lekin chankya aur dhananand ka roll to purane artist ko hi karna chahiye kyunki unki jagah koi dusra suit hi nahin karega…

  3. I agree with u frnds

  4. No problem chandragupt aasish lo vajah se nahi balki aasish chandragupt ki vajah se famous hain vaise bhi chanakya jiske saath hain use pehchaan ki jaroorat nahi hain………….

  5. He will soon realize what he has lost …….mian thing is that the serial should be continued !!!

  6. plz come back ashish we want you you ar the best in CGM

  7. Ashish was the weakest link in the whole serial and i am glad he is leaving. All the others actors has done a tremendous job except ashish

  8. Ashish beta hum bhi dekhte h ki tera production house kitna chalta h… Hum darshak kisi ko star bna sakte h to kisi ko uski aukaat bhi dikha sakte h.. Nd beta teri aukat hum tughe dikha kr rhenge.

  9. please start candragupta maurya show on imagine ‘tv’

  10. pls come back Aashish, because only for you cgm best cast of the serial chandraguptamaurya, I miss you dear and your serial, pls,request, for again to his CGM serial started him, pls,pls,request, agar tum nahi batana chahate to mat batao, lekin itana to bata do yaar serial ka time change hua hai ya telecast ki wajah se serial bandh kar diya gaya hai, pls jo bhi reason ho muje ID par message kar dena, again to requested to him,pls……………..etc

  11. ashish come back again we want to see you

  12. never seen such a selfish person in my life..how could an actor forget that if his fans once get dissapointed, his none of the show would be successful..really dissapointed

  13. ashish you are selfish person .you should know that you are famous only by palying the role of CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA .If you will come with another serial no one will watch you.We will boycutt all your serial .You should realise the power of indian spectator.

  14. Iam sure ashish will change his decison.cgm to ashu hi karsakte hai aur koi nahi.

  15. Sirf kirdaar se hi show nahi chalta hai… Let him (Ashish) go but show should continue… There are ample of talent in our country and actor for CGM can be found better than Ashish…

  16. The show by he got name-fame and fans he should respect this show and should try to start the show on other channel like sony tv or zee tv………But as he decided to quit the show then he has no right to say that he is a INDIAN….

  17. Its was a good inspirational serial but when the serial closes its became very uninteresting for peoples to to watch any serial on TV.It was a nice serial and a kind request from all to Ashish sir to please continue the serial.We hope that you join the Chandragupta maurya serial again.And we all fans will become very happy.Thanksss…….

  18. its bad they are not showing teamwork and dont bother abt the viewer feelind dats y they are quiting the show & destroy rythem of serial now its not possibility of cum back of serial on air very bad

  19. ashish sharma bachpana chhod do.

  20. Replace someone in place of Ashish Sharma. We like serial more than Ashish sharma. Everybody will be familiar with the new person after few shows.

    The serial must run in any case.

  21. ashish u have got name and fame and now you left this great show? I am sure u will lose everything.name fame because no other show will give the name and fame like cgm.u lost….and one day u will fell like crying.

  22. ashish plz change ur dessicon u suit only as cgm.cgm hi apki pehchaan hai apka production house chalega ya nahi ye to pata nahi par cfm ko chodkar agar tum gaye to bahut jayada pachtaaoge.i am telling u the truth.plz start plaing cgm.rest on u.

  23. apka production house nahi chalega ashish.only cgm who can give the fame name love and support from the viewers.it is upto viewers what they want to see.agar kisi ne apka show nahi dekha to?gaye na kaam from everything.plz start working on cgm.no one will as cgm then u.

  24. hi ashish plz come back as cgm plz do.nt break our heart do.nt cheat us.no one will respect u.no one will watch ur production no one will know u.we know u as our cgm. Y r u losing ur fame by quiting this great show.

  25. u will nothing get by starting ur production and afterall it is upto viewers what they wish to see.everyone is know u because of cgm loves u because of cgm.now you are cheating the viewers of cgm by quiting this wonderfull show do you know cgm is the Top Rated show

  26. Ashish, please come back! You’re one of the most important part of CGM. Don’t break the viewers’ hearts. Please come back…..

  27. Dear Ashishji:

    You portrayed CGM well and established the character well. It will be difficult to slot some one else because fans remember you as CGM. Please reconsider your decision/

  28. Sabhi Jaante hai Shaktimaan serial chodne se jo haal mukesh khanna ka huaaa ..

    bhagwan n kare aap ka bhi wahi haal ho…

    waise kisi ke jane se ye duniya nahi rukti . dyrector ko chahiye keesi our ko cgm banaye our serial aage badaye…

  29. ashis bhai plzz come back u r my inspira

  30. ashu tum aise serial nahi chhod sakte tumare bina serial adhuri hai. plzz tum apna dicison badal do aur lot aao cgm tum etne selfish nahi ho sakte. tumare dusare show ko audianse nahi chale degi.

  31. ashish you are very good acter you should not quit this show plzzzzzzzzz .

  32. we all will miss alot .apna desision badal do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  33. The Great Indian History should not be stopped in this manner….. I would request the producers to tie up with some other popular General Entertainment Channel and restart/ continue airing the channel in the interest of the viewers.

    This version of Chandra Gupta Maurya is a marvellous piece of work that glued the viewers to the TV screens… but its sudden stoppage was a big shock…. Kindly make the necessary arrangements for airing the same on any GEC….

  34. bas ek baat kehna chahti ho ki ashish is show ko quit kar hi nahi sakta. main cgm ke saare likers ko batana chahti hu -my friends don’t worry about that ashish is show se kahi nahi jaa raha .jo bhi ye news (of ashish quitting cgm) please stop doing this.

  35. Ashish. Why did you do this? You have taken a foolish step. I think you couldn’t never understand the role of an emperor “The chandergupta Maurya” You should never leave this till to make The “Akhand Bharat”. so BAD.

  36. it is heard that Rajat Tokas is going to be NEW CGM. I think he have done well as young PRC in dharti ka veer …….. . Hope he will be the better CGM that that of Ashish Sharma. No doubt with the Johari like Chankya any CGM will be mindblowing. Jai maa bharti

  37. please act as chandargupat maurya and plzzzzzzzzzzz start chandargupat

  38. we want our cgm and our teacher the great chanakya back asap that’s it.

  39. *****************Abey lallu ko acting karni hi kha aati thi, Chote Chandragupta ke Acting ke aage to yeh Zero Tha.***********************

    Bahi Hum to Chanakya Aur Dhana Nand ki Acting ke Vajh se yeh serial dekhte the,,, Unke aage acting me to ye bacha hai bacha.

  40. ashish tum show nahi chhod sakte tumare bina show adhura hai plzzzzzz iot ao

  41. Ashish, we all have liked your role and performace very much…. pls dont leave this greattttttttttttttt serial in between…… we want to see you again….

  42. Chandragupta Maurya Should start on some other TV channel,with Mr. Ashish Sharma or with replacement of Mr Ashish Sharma.Important part is Chandragupta Maurya The legend of INDIA,not an actor Mr. Ashish Sharma.

  43. Ashish Sharma you must be lucky, that you got this role, I am not blaming you, I dont know actual problem. You should start to complete at any cost.


  44. please ashish in real life also you become chandragupta and start it again

  45. i feel so bad that ashish will not continue this serial but i m happy that this will continue on sony

  46. please recaste chandraguputa serial

  47. please start the CGM as soon as possile.It is the bes seriel that gives knowledge of ancient India.


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