May 012012

When I first watched the advertisement I found it quite creative. I liked the idea that Ogilvy and Marther’s new campaign focused on the ingredients that go into making a Bournville. I also love their tagline “You don’t just buy a Bournville, you earn it”

When one carefully watches the advertisement, one realizes that the advertisement is racist. One cannot say whether this was done purposely or not but one can’t ignore the fact that it is racist. The advertisement reminds me about the powerful British and the inequality between the blacks and the whites. We preach children about equality but all seems to go in vain because the culture industry creates such advertisements thinking that the audience won’t read between the lines because it’s just a short commercial for promoting their product (50 seconds).

In this advertisement, the black people accept the white man’s decision – when he says that ‘He’s nothing’ and one of the black men throws away that cocoa. This shows how powerful the white men are. Another thing to notice is that the white man is sitting while all the black men are standing except the two old black men who are sitting. The other difference between them is the attire- the white is dressed in a suit which shows class difference between the black and the whites. These things make the advertisement racist.

What they should have done to avoid advertisement to look racist? According to me, they should have dressed both the black and the white people equally i.e. both could have worn suits or something else. Secondly, all the black men should have been seated. If it was not possible to seat all of them, they should have reduced the number of black people. They should have kept only two people seated as shown in the advertisement. Remaining ones were not required.

According to me, such minute details must be taken into notice before making an advertisement so that it doesn’t hurt its viewers sentiments.

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