Oct 252011

The most expensive Bollywood film with overall budget of around Rs.200 crore “RA.One” is also set to become the biggest Bollywood release ever. The movie will open in approximately 5000 screens worldwide. Other movies like Tell Me O Kkhuda and Damadamm might not get room for their release due to this most hyped movie.

"Shahrukh Khan kissing Kareena Kapoor in RA.One movie poster"

Movie has been made with the budget of around 150 crore and SRK & co. has spent almost 5o crore for its publicity. This surely is the biggest gamble by Shahrukh Khan in a movie industry.
Many people believe that SRK’s track has been 100 percent around Diwali. RA.One has already got huge publicity and created much hype around. Everyone is talking about the movie these days.
With such a hype, RA.One is all set to break the record of “Bodyguard” as a  highest opening day grosser as well as the biggest grosser ever for a single day, breaking the records earlier held by Dabangg, another Salman-starrer. The film set another box office record, netting INR102.86 crore (US$22.94 million) in its first week, thus becoming the highest opening week grossing Bollywood film.
If its story proves to be good, RA.One might break the record of “3 Idiots” as well as a highest grosser in the Bollywood.
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  3 Responses to “Can RA.One break the records of ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Bodyguard’ this Diwali ?”

  1. RA.One will definitely break all the records.

  2. yeah for sure.

  3. stupid!!!!

    3 idiot is a full time entertaining for all category peoples.
    ra one is for them who likes video game

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