Apr 292012
Around 323 BC when India was handcuffed at the hands of tyranny, divided into 16 kingdoms each fighting for power a mighty king named Alexander was racing with his large army towards India. During this time a teacher named Chanakya aka Vishnugupta aka Kautilya sensed this king as a potential threat to India and so he came up with an idea of “One united India” or “Akhanda Bharat”. So he went to seek help from the most powerful kingdom “Magadha” whose king Dhanananda insulted him and threw him out of his court. After bearing this insult Chanakya took oath of destroying Dhanananda and his kingdom and said that he will bring a king to this throne who will first think of the nation and will fulfil his dream of “Akhanda Bharat”.
Soon Chanakya found a boy who was a born leader and had equivalent qualities to that of a king. Chanakya then trained this boy at Takshashila University and few years later with coordinated tactics of Chanakya the kingdom of Magadha was defeated and this boy became the first emperor of “Akhanda Bharat” who is none other than Chandragupta Maurya.
2,335 years later i.e. 2012 A.D. a show named “Chandragupta Maurya” was been telecasted on the channel Imagine Tv which had to be shut down because it cannot gather the required GRP (Gross Rating Point). Soon after this channel was shut fans of this very popular show started their protest on social networking sites to bring back the show on other channels.
It is very interesting to note that in those times Chanakya and Chandragupta created history and the scenario hasn’t changed since that time. Today followers of Chanakya and Chandragupta have already created history by showing support for this historical show. Never in television history has any show received so much support of fans. The facebook group titled “Save Chandragupta Maurya” has so far 81,245 members which is just a week’s effort. A twitter account has also been created: @JaiMaaBharati which also has more than 300 followers. A youtube video has also been created:

A new energy has now lightened up the group after a die hard fan has shaven off his head to give tribute to Chanakya and to show his dedication to this historical biography of Chandragupta Maurya. Talks are high after an entertainment news portal has reported that Chandragupta Maurya is all set to return on Sony Entertainment Television. Soon after this news was flashed fans have started mailing Sony Tv to show their gratitude and love towards the show.
It seems that with so much support and enthusiasm of fans the producers and channel will have a tough time to decide on this historical show.

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  86 Responses to “Great Chandragupta Maurya’s fans rewriting history like him”

  1. very nice article!!..


  3. it should start ver soonest and we all should be sent details about this

  4. Very true
    history is reapiting n i m sure cgm will continue his victory with the help of “akhand bharat”(we)

  5. plz save our cgm show we love it…………………..



  8. Dear reader,

    chandragupt maurya was “best power pack ” serial .

    if possible please broadcast it on some other channel.

    it is request by heart

  9. pl. restart the historical saga cgm as soon as possible without any disterbence………..

  10. i miss the show alot. i used to wait for the show from the beginning of the week. it changed my perspective towards life. please please give it back to the fans. thank you

  11. bring back CGM on any channel that is convenient for them, at least we would get something worth learning in the form of Chanakya’s teachings then, since the show stopped airing i’m missing Chanakya’s lessons more than anything else, we want our show back, jai ho !!

  12. This is an awesome story.. Cant wait to start watching it again..

  13. mind blowing………splendid

  14. jai maa bharti…………………..

  15. hi fans of cgm.our cgm back on sony but i do’nt know the time and date.all fans are mailing to sony channel to show cgm as soon as possible.please can anyone provide me the email address of sony tv so because i have so many friends who wants to mail the sony tv to telecast our cgm . Bhaag mat kar pryas

  16. Go here and you see the email on cover: https://www.facebook.com/groups/savecgm/

  17. This saturday may not go blank. JAI HO !


  18. We love this serial.. its not just a serial but a Gaurav Gatha.. and its knowledgabe..

  19. I m dying for cgm to watch again. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonng live sony tv

  20. jaldi aa jaoo

  21. Really nice 2 hear dat sony tv will re-telecast CGM….Words cant express gow happy i m with d improvement…Jai Ho!!!
    PS – Imagine TV, u deprived us fans from d show…v r very disappointed
    Anyway,long live CGM!!!

  22. Thank You very much Sony TV for ur gratitude to re telecast CGM on ur channel……Congratulation CGM team aka Sagar tv and 72 degree northe………jai ho!!!

  23. This is really to hear that Chandragupta Maurya TV serial will gets revival with the help of SONY TV. feeling so relief upon reading this. now without delaying much, the show should go on air ASAP……..but little sad to hear that Ashish Sharma will not be there in the lead role…..anway…..no matter whomsoever comes the show would get in its well packed version as usual and entertain us. The show is really worthwatching and highly inspirational one; not only benig a remarkable history of India; but still useful for all human kinds…. JAI MA BHARATI…….

  24. I was regular viewer of Chandra Gupta Maurya serial telecasted on NDTV Imegine, I have not missed any serial since biggining. I am ready to see this at any other chennel, even I am ready to subscrib that chennel for this particular serial only. So please think to start at any chennel, this will increase TRP of that chennel on the first day it self. Sudhir FCA

  25. plz start it again… zindgi adhuri c lagne lagi hao iske bina

  26. plz start it again… zindgi adhuri c lagne lagi h iske bina

  27. wuhuuuuuuuuuuu…..m so glad so glad…..!!!!

  28. kab start hoga CGM sony tv par?
    mai is serial ko bahut pasand karatahu. yahi ek sahi aur sacchi serial hai bahi sab bakwas aur ek tarah ki hi kahani dikhate hai.
    chandragupta maurya ko jaldi start karo.
    jai maa bharati

  29. but when our beloved cgm will start on Sony Tv

    I can not live without cgm

  30. please start chandra gupta mourya

  31. please restart the serial cdm

  32. when our beloved cgm wil start on sony!

  33. dont change the charecter of chandragupta murya…………………….

  34. jai ma bharti………………………jai ho…………..

  35. hi sony channel we are greatful to you thank u so much apne hum sab ko bacha liya itne important show ko aap sony par relecast karne jaa rahe hai.cgm hamare jeevan ka ek part ban gaya or acharya chanakya ke important thoughts sunane ke lie hum wait kar rahe so that we can follow.baag mat kar pryas

  36. I really feel much elated after hearing that “CGM” will now bw telecast on Sony channel. Thanks a lot Sony channel..

  37. I really feel much elated after hearing that “CGM” will now be telecast on Sony channel. Thanks a lot Sony channel..

  38. we miss CGM a lot … we searching all the other channels after NDTV stopped this .. with hope is CGM is there ….. Very glad to read from this artcile SONY is opting to telecast this … but somewhere read there is change in lead role actor …. reuest to retain same person for that role … other we will miss the serial’s charm … eventhough we watch .. requesting producer to reatin ….

    Thanks to Producer making such mega serial … coverting history into serial and which is sucess …

  39. Please start very quickly, because this is a great Indian serial.

  40. chandragupta maruya is back quickly plz
    plz plz plz
    jai maa bharti !!!!!!11

  41. I am absolutely thrilled and thanful to Sony for heeding our support of this show. When will it start?
    I hope after disappointing the fans NDTV will not slow the transfer of the show to Sony. As I understand from media news a NOC certificate is needed by Sony. Hopefully this will be a smooth and fast process. Jai Ho.

    Jai Ma Bharathi


  43. i love chandragupts girl friend !! i want to see her in any cost!!! Please Restart the Tv show!!

  44. whn our cgm is commig back?

  45. we want our cgm back at any cost otherwise i will die.chandragupta meri saans hai.mujhse meri saans mat cheeno.telecast my cgm this week.

  46. there is only one show like cgm in indian television.we learn a lot from this great historical show.this is a knowledgable show.all the students elders olders watch this show.thank u sony you r great plz telecast our beloved cgm from this week.

  47. plz start our cgm

  48. Uh… its a endless wait. not sure about others, but I can see some lobby ( vanshajs of gyasuddin ghazi ) working hard to stop these great serials like CGM, dwarikadheesh and now veer shiwaji. Oh…. God in our own country we can not see our own gloryful history. Beda gark ho gyasuddin ghaji ke vanshajon ka

  49. when our CGM will start???


  51. plase chandragupta serial start karo

  52. hi i am happy to heard about the Chandragupta Maury start again on sony Tv. Thank sony tv. now i am waiting for that day when will start ?

    Thanks again Sony Tv

    Jai Ma Bharati

  53. Best ever serial on Indian TV after Ramayana and Mahabharata which teach you realistic life with lot of energy….we need this back at any cost….if needed lets do dharna at sony tv…

  54. Please don’t stop the sereial, because I am also belongs to Muriya family, ha ha haa….

  55. Chandragupta Morya is best historical saga. Please start telecasting Chandragupta morya serial soon.

    Jai Ma Bharti

  56. please start chandra gupta maurya in sony .all the history lovers of india are waiting to see it.i am very anxious to hear chanakyas words.plz restart cmg.JAI MAA BHARTHI.AKHAND BHARATH KA PUNAR NIRMAN KARO.(I KINDLY REQUEST U TO SENG MSG TO ALL THE COMMENTERS THAT WHEN CGM STARTS

  57. Hi Sony it is our kind request to you please please please start our CGM ASAP.

    We are waiting for this great historical serial.

    Please do not disappoint CGM viewers

    There is no Serial like CGM in INdian Ciinema.

    Everone is waiting for this knowledgeable serial

    There is nothing to watch in TV.

    I just watch the repeated show of MU CGM

    Please declare the Date when CGm will start.?

    Bhaag mat kar pryas

    I miss my Achrya a lot.

  58. PLease CGM viewers ko diappoint mat karo please.

    PLease start our CGM ASAP.




  62. Thanks Sony TV, for Resuming Chandragupta Maurya……..

  63. Hello guys, thanks for your overwhelming response. But there is a problem for the show to resume. Turners Media is not giving NOC to Sony Television to start the show and so a rally will be held on 15th July, 2012 at Delhi and Kolkata. For Delhi the venue is Jantar Mantar, and for Kolkata it is Eden Gardens (Not sure about Kolkata). Do join the rally and wait for further updates.

  64. Alright guys the rally for Kolkata is shifted to 22nd July, 2012.
    Wait for further updates.

  65. Date: 14/7/2012
    Event: Candle Light vigil to ‘Bring back Chandragupta Maurya’ TV Show ‘.
    Venue: Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
    Date & Time: 15th July, 2012 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
    Organized by: Facebook group SaveCgm (http://www.facebook.com/groups/savecgm/)
    A Candle light vigil is being organised at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on 15th July 2012. Timings are 6:30 to 8:30 pm by the Facebook group SaveCgm. This is a group of more than 1 lakh supporters of the TV Show Chandragupta Maurya. ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ was an epic historical show about greatest Raj Gurus of Indian history ‘Chanakya’ senior Acharya of Takshila. He became the chief adviser and Prime Minister of one of the greatest emperors in Indian history “Chandragupta Maurya”. In these times there is a gradual degeneration of our cultural values. Daily dose of Saas- bahu culture, crime, vulgarity and western culture is making us forget the age old Indian values handed down to us by our ancestors. We are forgetting how to show respect to our parents, our teachers and above all our motherland.
    Amongst this gloom, ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ on Imagine TV came as breath of fresh. Over last 1 year, this show connected with audience of all ages including children. Its dedicated viewers even applied Chanakya’s teachings successfully in their daily lives. Their children were also learning about true India.
    Unfortunately Imagine TV Channel was shutdown abruptly in April this year. Deeply hurt and anxious fans immediately got together and made the Facebook group SaveCgm of their own with a demand of resuming the show. Sony TV has agreed to adopt this show, however the Imagine TV owners Turners Broadcasting has not given an NOC (E2-80-99) to the Production House, Sagar Arts resulting in an impasse.
    In view of this, fans are holding a candle light vigil at the historic Jantar Mantar to draw attention to this cause. Good historical shows like Chandragupta Maurya which connect us with India’s History & Culture and teach us a necessary value system should not be closed down like this.
    It is an appeal by lakhs of fans to Turners Broadcasting Not to hold the NOC in complete disregard to the wishes & sentiments of Indian people. It’s absolutely unfair.
    Fans are thankful to Sony Entertainment Television for agreeing to host this show and request them to sit down with Turners and the Production House Sagar Arts and resolve this impasse at the earliest.
    Fans also express their gratitude to Sagar Arts for trying to bring back the show and ask them for persistent efforts in this regard.
    We, on behalf of lakhs of ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ fans, hereby cordially invite your esteemed News Channel/ News paper to cover our candle light vigil at Jantar Mantar and highlight our fight to bring back our favourite TV Show.
    A new dawn breaks in Indian Television History tomorrow 15th July at Jantar Mantar and an era of ‘Viewer Activism’ Begins.
    Thanks in advance to media for their support in getting effort reach out.

  66. humko channel walo ka help bhi lena chahiye.to bring back our cgm.what a great historical show.agar cgm start nahi hua to laakho log jeete ji mar jaayenge.plz agar koi meri baat ko sun raha hai plz reply kuch na kuch karte hain apne cgm ko wapas laane liye. Bhaag mat kar pryas

  67. agree! I will send email to all channels to bring back our cgm i miss the great teacher chanakya.plz gys sab milkar pryas karenge to sach mai jaldi telecast ho jaaeyega cgm

  68. i want my cgm back at any cost othewise i will die

  69. ka lollipop diye ho maharaj jaldi start karo,
    kahin nikal na jaye hamari body se praan re

  70. kitni beshabri se intezaar tha hme shukravar & shanivar ka, par aakhir kab tak hme aur wait karna padega CGM

    aacharaya CHANAKYA ki jai ho

  71. when chandragupta maurya on aired on sony . sony tv please telecast chandragupta maurya very soon ab intezaar nahi hota hai please

  72. chandragupta muarya jaldi telecast kare intezaar nahi hota please

  73. please bring back the serial cgm as we all are desparately waiting…….

  74. khulkar batao ke kab cgm start kar rahe ho.ya nahe intajaar karke thake gaya hue. Sager art mai yah phale baar ho raha hai ke koi serial pura nahe huwa hai.so please start cgm

  75. i like thi tv shows very much can you send me a novel about chandragupta maurya i will give any cost of it.please reply must

  76. burner brother give noc at the earliest and clear the way for Indian greater serial CGM at the earliest.

  77. sir mai sager je se request karta hu ke please aap sab indian logo ko btaiyea ke turner group wale noc kyo nahi de rhe hai.aap se pura hindustan aas laga ke batha hai ke yah dobara restart hoga.please sir aap bataye ke aap ke logo ke bhwana ka khyal kejiya …

  78. It is my kind request to Sagar Arts as all knows that Viwers like CGM most please try to understand the choice of viewers since CGM stopped i in i do not hvae any choice without CGM i watch the repeated show.i do not like tsaas bahu stupid serial i do not like watching news as well all ministers are all set to destroy our country and they are doing.All ministers are curse for our country,

    i was thinking if some day CGM will start again.

    Sagar Arts should talk about this to turners.

  79. we will fight for our CGM untill or unless turners issue NOC.

    We want our CGM back at any cost first time in indian television there is something which viewers like most and now what Image got shut down but the show must go on and CGM is the heartbeat of everyone youngesters.

    Please issue NOC ASAP so that we can watch without CGM there is nothing to watch in TV we do not even like to watch TV.

    Jai maa bharti
    Hum apne CGM ko wapas laa kar rehenge

  80. please let me know when next rally is going to happen?

    I will be there to support my CGM i can not live without CGM
    i have no choice without CGM

    Please telecast it ASAP

    Hi Turners please issue the NOC ASAP as this is the best show i have seen in indian Television

    Bhaag mat kar pryas

  81. when is the next rally?

  82. we want our Great Chanaykya Back

  83. Hi Tureners please issue NOC ASAP otherwise we will force you to provide it .

    You will have to leave our country you do not deserve to stay in India.

    We will countinue our rallies we will not stop till you provide NOC.

    We want our Achrya Back.

    Hum tumhe chain se nahi rehne denge.

  84. agar hindi mein hoti to grade hai: Outstanding 🙂 🙂

  85. this searial is a good searial of history. so i see this searial. he become started again. it is my vise. Please started this searial “chandargaupt morya

  86. Pls give noc………….

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