Apr 122012

Famous and popular TV show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ is really in deep trouble as Imagine TV has decided to shut down its operations forever. This is very heart breaking news for CGM lovers.

This is what Siddharth Jain, Managing Director- South Asia, Turner International India Private Limited has to say about the decision, “Imagine TV has not performed and grown as per expectations. While some programmes delivered satisfactory ratings, overall the channel was unable to achieve the ratings consistency needed to sustain the business and support continued investment. As a result, Turner made the carefully considered decision to cease operations of the channel.”

He further continues, “We are grateful to the Imagine team, which includes some of the most talented and creative people in the Indian media industry. We will use our best endeavors to make this as smooth a transition as possible for them. The company remains committed to future investments and long-term participation in India. As one of the largest global media companies operating in India, Turner has enjoyed a successful track record in delivering high-quality, compelling and entertaining content to our local audiences over the course of three decades. We currently operate some of the strongest media brands in India, including HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, POGO, WB, TCM and Boomerang. We will continue to be leaders in the media and entertainment industry and to explore expansion opportunities in this important market.”

Viewers, today is the last working day for the channel and it would be airing re-runs beginning from tomorrow 13 April 2012.

CGM producers are also in shock and they are planning to shift their show to another channel, but the chances are very rare.

We should hope for the best and pray to GOD so that CGM could be saved.

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  277 Responses to “Famous TV show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ in deep trouble as Imagine TV shutting down forever”

  1. u must continue….ur inspires youngesters 2 b honest,bold,sincere and commited 2 nation/welfare of the people…it must continue…IN ANY CHANNEL!!!.



  3. cgm ko lifeok pe dikha sakte hai…..we should try jai ho!!!!!

  4. Shift cgm to another channel plz

  5. Tum door sahi majboor sahi,
    par yaad tumhari aati hai,
    Jab saans wahan par
    leti ho toh badboo yahaan par aati hai

  6. We Want this show back !!!! Pehle Time change, change kya reduce kya half hour yaar … now this … Saturday the day when we all dedicate time for Chandragupta Maurya show aur woh ish tarah band ho gya … really yaar bht jada gussa a raha hai …. We want this show back at any cost .. !! This show encourage me alot for my India … to do something for it !!!
    Jai HO !
    Jai Maa Bharati !!!

  7. Chandragupta maurya is the best tv show n i request the team of cgm to shift it to other channel.jai hooooooo

  8. had been watching from the very beggining….sad news:(

  9. Just not Fair

  10. Please shift this serial on any other channel . its a humble request from fan of CGM that dont stop our great serial “Chandragupta Maurya” please ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Jai Ho…
    Jai Maa Bharati


  12. man CGM is my fav show, want it to continue anyhow, only show which i look forward to for entire week, only smart show on idiot box

  13. first time kisi tv show ne hame itna kuch shikhyya. i love cgm ….ab ye meri zindgi ka part ho gaya he..plzzz ise hum se alag mat karo.muje visvash he ki cgm phir se suru hoga..hum is me itne involve ho gaye he ki hum chankya nd chandra gupt ke history ke real image ko imagine nahi kar sakte aur jb hum esa karne ki try karte he tab hame sirf aasish aur manish hi dikhai dete he .plzzz cgm ko dusri channel me shift karo…plzzzzz…..jai ho

  14. CGM is the best historical drama….. and I just love it very much….. thats why, even if Imagine TV is shutting down, CGM should be shifted to any other channel!!!!!

  15. cgm must be transfar in some other chnl.. it’s a most popular talented historical show having huge fan followers.. now hope 4 d bst… hope dat some other chnl will air cgm in future.. we, mauryans can not loose hope.. jai ma bharati..

  16. plz save cgm

  17. The show can be shown to us on their website or over the net. But it shouldnot be shut down like that!!!!

  18. This is again the very big hurdle in the process of creating AKHAND BHARAT . CGM producers have to be must find out alternative to brodcaste rest of the serial

  19. jai,,,,,,ho…at anycost we want to see cgm on any channel …plz i request to cgm team..jai ho

  20. Its the only show my whole family watches …….We eagerly wait for cgm to come……. Please shift it to another channel…………And keep inspiring us the youngsters……….JAI MAA BHAARTI

  21. Very good serial, one of the few serials dedicated to brave and intelligent sons of ancient India, this serial is very relevant to contemporary India and hope its shifted to any other poular channels as it has got loyal and massive viewership.

    Jai Maa Bharti n Jai Ho !

  22. After a loooooong time there was some serial which we all were looking forward to during the week. After all the saas bahu crap and serials with extra material affairs,CGM came as a good alternate which was entertaining, educating and inspiring for all the viewers.
    It has to continue under all circumstances.

  23. Chandragupta Maurya has been the best serial aired on Indian Television in the last 30 years. Has even surpassed the Chanakya serial of yester years in its details. The dedication of the actors, their portrayals and the screenplay was superb. It should be made available in another Channel or separately as a DVD serial for the market. Surely there won’t be a dearth of Producers for this endeavour.

  24. cgm ko aur kisi channel mein shift karye jai ho

  25. For many years I have not been watching serials. In recent past I started watching CMG. The show is so inspiring I never missed this show since quite some time. I use to wait to watch next episod. It is so inspiring and so many thing things to learn. This show must continue on some other channel. In fact I use to watch repeat telecast on Sun as well. I am sure there will be some channel who will continue this show being one of the best serials.

  26. this CGM SERIAL must be continued. this is very good serial compared to other serials which is displayed on tv chanel

  27. Chandragupta Maurya is the best tv show. So sad the only show I was watching on TV is stopped. CGM producers should try hard to telecast this on any other channel. From today I will keep google to know the channel where it will start telecast.very inspiring show it was. fingers crossed!

  28. plz dont stop the CMG.this is the best best best show from all the serials.other channel are boring dont have any msg for socity.all other serials comming on other channel are fake and self createdand imaganary meaningless.when i watch CMG i go back in 3rd century..

  29. you must continue on other chanel.

  30. It is best tv. show .

  31. jai ma bharti & jai ho.

  32. Realy it is best Tv swhow .so should start again .

  33. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t stop CGM it is the bestest best show i have ever seen.
    and Veena i truly agree with you other shows are boring and don’t have any msg for society. other shows are just useless. PLZ CGM team try to bring it back as soon as possible. this is the only show which my whole family watch and eagerly wait for next episode. Chandragupt and Chanakya are the best. They inspire me and my friends a lot
    . plz bring it back. JAI HO, JAI MA BHARTI !!!!!!!!

  34. My humble request to producer ————please shift this the best serial to another channel and all CGM lovers to vote for it.
    Chanakya’s vision mission and love for country is amazing………………we really need those
    policies in our day to day life.
    vote for CGM..

  35. Please continue CGM again another channel .

  36. Pleasssssssssssssss! do not close imagine TV give this responsbility to other network like star or network 18

  37. Its sad to know abot Imagine shut down, but is even more sad to know that CGM will not be broadcasted.. Its a request to producers of CGM that please try ur level best to continue with the series at any other channel.. Its the one of the best show running today..
    Pls bring it back..
    JAI HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  39. it is so unimaginable in imagine TV. we love this CGM. this is our most favorite serial. we never miss it. so out request is that anyhow plz try to show again. thanx

  40. plz humre show ko kasi aur channel par telecast kar do it is very neccesary to telecast the show for wlfare of india
    nahi toh hum sam dam dand bade ki neeti apna kar cgm ko vapas telecast kara dege
    abtoh bas ek hi laskaya cgm ko bachna,,,,,,,,JAI MAA BHARATI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,acharya ka shishya AUR BIGGEST FAN OF CGM!

  41. I am a 19 year old. About roughly a year ago, my mother urged me to watch Chandragupta Maurya and learn of India’s historical past and its great rulers. However, I initially put her off saying it would probably not be good as so many other tv serials had degraded in quality over time. However, one day I started watching Chandragupta Maurya and ever since I have been hooked onto it. In fact, as a college student (who isn’t even in India anymore) I eagerly awaited Chandragupta Maurya’s episode to be uploaded online so that I could watch it. All I know is that this show must go on. I have learned so much from it.
    I feel that we need shows like this. Children and adults alike need to be reminded of India’s glory and a love for the mother nation should be aroused.

    All I know this show must simply go on. It cannot end. Not like this. To the producers,I say this, all of you of have done an incredible job so far. I stand in awe and pay you my respect. However, remember Chanakya and don’t stop. Let this not defeat the show. “Bhaag mat, Kar Prayas”

    Jai Hind!

  42. Continue it on internet desi tv channel/ You tube

  43. for god sake please shift CGM to another channel
    we miss u CGM

  44. I thought because of hipe of IPL, CGM has stopped for 2 months. But after researching the google, I found about stopping of the show.

    I think the TV channel management is fool ! If any body says that the show is not running, then it is very wrong. I am watching this show with my complete famile including my grand father of 95 years, my father 68 years, my self 37 years, my kids of 7 years & 9 years, total 12 persons. If any show attracts to all age of people that is CGM.

    I think the show must be continue on other channel.

    Jai ho ! Jai Ma Bharti !

  45. We are very much disappointed. Specially we are very much worried about the serial ” Chadragupt Maurya.” the producer should start in the other channel

  46. life ok is the new and best channel to start it again….

  47. Please start cgm on another channel. It is the only good show on television after mahabharat. It inspires youngsters and gives info about our culture & history. It is the only show which can be enjoyes with whol family please bring it back we all are addicted to it.

  48. Hi – Please let me know once CGU is available on any of the channel. I am great fan of the serial and would prefer to have a copy for future. Regards, Vikas

  49. I am a big fan of this show and has followed it right from the first show. Last week, I was astonished to not find it at imagine. I dont watch any other program other than CGM. I wish this show could be restored.

    I really hate these private channels as they are all about TRP and profits and not serious about thier own country that has rich heritage, which has a history so great and enlightning that the west cannot imagine.

    I think DD National is good in that respect.

  50. Hello to all Chandragupt Maurya Fans, I would say its totally not acceptable to suddenly stop telecast of such a great serial like cgm. The producers should shift this great serial to other good channel. Also, the ndtv imagine has shown their negative and selfish approach to shut a superb serial cgm. All the characters are playing their role superbly and the channel has just kill their talent. Pls start the serial on top priority basis. Tks

  51. plz telecast cmg on other channel plz…..i ca’nt live without cmg.i personally love cmg he is my dream hero plz do nt break my dream plzzzzzz.cmg is the best historical show from all other shows plz.

  52. hi abhijit i am truly agree with u that other shows are all about TRP and their profit only.cmg is the one show i always looking for. DD National can telecast this wonderfull,and great historical show.all my friends egarly wait for this show we cant even think of watching IPL .cmg is the best.and this is the truth.

  53. plz….telecast cmg on other channel.otherwise except cmg we have no choice because belive me this is the best show you can check the comments for this great show. i request behalf of all the viewers plz telecast this heart-touching show on other channel.plz

  54. it is my kind request to the cgm produser plz telecast cgm on other channel.other channels are all abour earning TRP only.but we all need to know the life of our indians VeerSapoot like cgm.how breavlly they lived their life.totally want to say cgm is the best cgm is the best cgm is the best.jai maa bharti.
    my whole family wait for this show.we dont like waching movies and other saas bahu stupid serials

  55. cgm is my life i learn a lot from this great historical show.my request to produser to telecast cgm on DD National.

  56. please continue chandragupt mourya on any chanel b coz from this show we can learn many lessons without reading any historical book.this show is very great .

  57. i dont want to say only to the produsre of cgm to telecast this great show on DD National.you can see the above great thoughts of cgm viewers who wants this great show to be telecast on other channel like DD National.

  58. i am from bihar and i heartly respect chanakya and cgm.we dont have mind like them but still we can try to be like chanakya and cgm.it is my humble kind request to the produsre of cgm plz telecast this great heart-touching historical show on other channel.as above great people are requesting one who watch cgm is great for me.

  59. requesting to the produsre of cgm plz telecast this mahan historical show on other channel it is our kind request to the produsre of cgm.this is the only show i watch with my family we do nt like other serials like saas bahu senceless serials even we dont watch movie.we record all the episode of cgm on tata sky and watch them one by one.plz telecast this wonderfull show on other channel. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  60. cgm to kisi or channel per telecast kariye.ye ek bahut achha serial hai mai or mere saare sabhi dost cgm badi khusi ke sath dekhte hain.ab to mughe sirf saturday hi accha lagta hai kyuki is din cgm ata hai.or ma badi besabri se wait krata hun. Or repeat krake baar baar dekhta hun.

  61. i will keep crying until or unless you (produsre) telecast this great show on other channel.cgm is my heart beat and plz stop it otherwise i will die.

  62. jai maa bharti.cgm ke bina mai nahi jee sakti.mai aajkal roj roj repeat show dekthi hunn mai har episode ko airtel mai record karti hun or phir dekhti rehti hun.plz cgm ko kisi or channel par telecast karo.”veerta ki mishaal hai chandragupt.”mere cell mai ringtone bhi chandragupt ka hi hai.

  63. like meenakshi i have set the same title tone of great cgm.plz telecast this historical show to other channel

  64. Best proggram ever made in india history. Please start thsi serail. Please sift thuis serail to any other channel. or even on DD national.

  65. Please Start Chandragupta Morya serial it is a best serial ever.

  66. yar please jaldi shuru karo is program ko darshako ke saath apni problem share karo shayad koi hall nikal jaye

  67. plz.start cgm on other channel cgm is the only one show which is great and i always wait for this kind of show who is really wonderfull.jai maa bharti.jai ho.

  68. plz bring cgm as soon as possible we have no choice other then cgm.we watch only cgm.jai maa bharti.jai ho.

  69. plz bring our life cgm back on other channel.i watch only cgm and i have learnt a lot from this great show

  70. it is my kind request to cgm producer plz bring cgm back at any cost.jai ho.i am not feeling well without cgm.everytime i feel like weeping.plz bring cgm back asap.

  71. hum apne cgm ko wapas laane ke liye har samhav pryas karenge.humko hamra cgm wapas chahi hi chahiye.jai maa bharti.

  72. Me cgm suru se dekhta hu aur is serial ne hame bahut kuch sikhaya he..,me aur jyada is serial se sikhna chahta hu..
    Is show k producer se ek hi request he k is serial ko jald jald dusri channel par suru kare…,

    jay ho
    jay ma bharti

  73. me and my whole family request to the cgm producer to bring cgm back as soon as possible.plz jai ho

  74. hi am 62 years old man its my kind request to the producer og cgm plz telecast this great show on other channel.a 62 ear old man requesting u plz telecsat this great historical show on other channel.appricate your kind response.

  75. jai ho.i am wating for cgm plz let me know when cgm is going to start?my son loves cgm a lot and threre is a big change in him.i think cgm producer must telecast this respected show on other channel.

  76. i want to request to cgm producer plz plz telecast this great show on dd national.or on other channel.i also wait for this wonderfull show

  77. hum sabhi dost milkar cgm ke producer se ye request karna chahte hain ki plz cgm ko kisi or channel par laane ki kripa karen.hum sabhi apse hath jodkar requst karte hain.

  78. I have watched and re-watched the episodes so far on tv. This is the best and most imaginative and inspiring show I have seen. Please continue the show. I am losing confidence in the committment of producers and directors.

    Jai ma Bharathi! Jai Ho!

  79. CGM the best serial on tv.PLEASE SHIFT IT TO ANOTHER CHANNEL.

  80. Please dont discontinue the TV show Chandra Gupta Maurya as in this age of facsinating TV serials CGM alone is what showing truth about our past and our rich heritage.Many of our yougsters dont know much about one of the real heroes of our country -Chandra Gupta Maurya.Please dont discontinue it as it is the demand of our nation to know really about our SAPOOT.He is our source of inspiration…………….!!!!!!!

  81. Pls start CGM again in another channel.This is the one show I never missed.

    Jai Maa Bharti.

  82. I want CGM back on any other channel………..

  83. oooo plz,plz,plz,plz cont CGM at least in any athor chanel

  84. Oh so sad . I want this cgm serial back in any channel.
    I have a nice idea. Now sahara one is a channel ,where the serials are continuing with low trp. If sahara team will try to telecast cgm in their channel then it will be smash hit for the channel and a billion pleasant for all the fans of cgm

  85. I have again a request .if you are agree with to telecast cgm in sahara one then leave here a comment

  86. So sad to know. Oh but i have a nice idea. Sahara one has lost its trp. So if sahara team will try to retelecast cgm in their channel then it will be a smash hit for them and a great pleasure for all the fans of cgm.
    If u are agree with my opinion then leave here a comment

  87. We are shattered by this news… we wait for the whole week to see CGM… please make it visible to the viewers… plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  88. It goes with out saying much that CGM was indeed a very popular serial. Such historical serials are a must watch for to days generation. Most of the channels dish out heavy doses of violence, betrayal,jealousy and in fact all things negative in their serials.

    Seeing the outpouring of anguish by viewers at the sudden end to one of the best serials ,DD or some other channel should grab this opportunity and start telecasting CGM with out delay.

    The viewers should be notified in advance so that we don’t miss out any episode.

  89. please save the show….the best show that i have ever seen

  90. pls next episode chandra gupt maurya tv seriol in imagine chainal

  91. on wich channel i can watch chandragupt murya after imagine shutting down

  92. This news really a heart broken news to me. I must try to realize the every comments of CGM in my life. I encourage myself to see CGM. Pls dont stop the CGM. I can wait to see CGM on today. Respected Producer ” If you have any problem with Imagine Channel then You will tie up with other channel to telecast CGM at any how at any cost. Please Sir done it as early as possible. As to say CHANAKYA, ‘BAGH MAT, KAR PRAYAS, KAR PRAYAS, BHAG MAT.’ JAI MAA BHARTI.

  93. CGM is one of the best serials I have ever seen on the Indian Television. Everybody in this serial has played their roles with near perfection (specifically Dhanananda & Chanakya). I do hope that something seriously happens to revive this, may be on another channel.
    Save CGM…….

  94. Please restart CGM
    please ____________
    I love this serial very much!!!!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!!!!

  95. heloo all cgm ko restart karne ka ek option hai .kuy na hum saare news channels ko mail karen? Ye thik rhega.jitne jayada mails honge utni jaldi hum sabka cgm restart hoga.hum saare new channels like aaj tak,zee news,ibn7,delhi aaj tak i mean all the channels.it will be great help i am saying to all of u.send more and more malis.jai maa bharti

  96. it is my request to the producer of cgm you cant even imagine how many viewrs of cgm there is no limit.cgm is the top show among all other serials.and i agree with vsau to mail to all the channels.to restart our only show.i will send mail everyday to all the channels and then the cgm producer will get to know. And then he will start our cgm on other channel asap.


  98. sir,
    me and my family always watch chandra gupta maurya serial but from two weeks we are very shocked by this news that CGM is shutting down please sir its my humble request to u as a indian please restart this please dont break indians heart………please
    again please………..

  99. Please start CGM again.I am waiting for next episode to watch.I have gone through many sites, people are mad to see CGM serial..Lot of messages are pouring down to start this serial.This is the fantastic serial i ever seen.Best serial i must say.Please start it again,please……….

  100. CGM was like refreshment for T.V. viewers from typical daily soap….Now it is impossible to believe that CGM is getting closed….so before we go mad,pls restart the show on any other channel….jai ho!!! jai ho !!! jai maa bharti….

  101. “Bhag mat kar vichar” PLZ, Shift this famous& encouraging serial on another channel, but don’t stop it from running, Jai Ho!!!!!!

  102. Why CGM has been stopped. Saale ye AKHANDA BHARAT Ghandhi to nahin bana paya. Chanakya jo koshish kar raha hai to Channel balo ne nahin hone diya. Bahut na insaafi hua re. please resume the telecast immediately………


  103. please i want his serial back yaar……………..life ok pe dikhayo yeh serial ………..yaar………
    hay sagar arts walo ki to itni chalti hai star plus wale manenge unki yaar………please please yaar………dikhayo is serial ko dobara telecast kro yaar……

  104. Please restart the CGM(CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA) another channel.

  105. this show is showing right path to the masses of every age to do welfare of the humanity, nation.
    This must go on.

  106. I am a great lover of this serial .i want this CGM to return back as soon as possible.

  107. This is only historical serial that i liked over the past few years,,, and the way it has touched so many people including every age,,,it should not shut down in between..We need such things who tell us the story that is hardly included in todays study structure…It should be bought back with a bang…Jai maa bhaarti..!!!

  108. we want CGM back at any cost……!!!!!!!!!

  109. i am requesting sagar arts to please do something please save CGM PLEASE …..

  110. we miss the episode a lot. the imaginative powers of the producers in production of the serail was just great. it is much more real than reading the same thru books. we hope and pray this serial should continue and finish successfully

  111. Please don’t close Cgm.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. my parents have been watching the CGM since its begining. this serial inspires the children of new generation a lot. CGM is acting as source of history, culture, economy,administration as well as the glorious past of our country.kindly start its telecast soon !

  113. Chandragupt Maurya show mera super favaourate show hai,pls ise continue karna chahiye. Mera is show k bagair man nai lag raha hai.

  114. This is really not good for the imagine. They have ditched its viewers. We are the lovers of Chandragupta and Chanakya. This serial was doing wonders and getting bored by these daily soaps. CGM had done a pretty good jobs and we young generation could have learnt so much about our culture. This has to come. This show has to come.
    Every Lover of CGM must join this group on facebook to save it.
    Please Help. CGM u have to come back.

  115. kisi ki bhawana se mat kelo kamino apane fayede ke liye kyo band kar diya chandragupta mourya .

  116. We want CGM back !!! whether it is on life OK or any other channel …..just want it back …..jai maa bharti !!

  117. Plz…..make efforts to shift CGM to another channel as its of no use to watch any other TV shows other than CGM……….All the very bes!!!!! Jai Ho!!!!!!1

  118. plz start chandragupat maurya on other channel plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  119. I love this show very much and hoping to see it on air soon,

  120. Dosto agar CGM nahi hai on air to kuchh bhi nahi hai TV par dekhne jaisa. Log FALTU ka Big boss jaisa so called reality show dekhte hain uss se to achha hai ki kuch History k baare me, Kuchh achha jaan ne, samajne ko mile to kya bura hai?? waise bhi aaj k daur me Chanakya aur CGM jaise logo ki hi zaroorat hai. aise me agar yeh Show par baned hua to HULLA macha denge. Please iss show ko continue karo.

  121. CGM was a show which stood out amongst all the other crap saas bahu programs. Pls dont shut it down. Its an earnest request from all. PLZZZZZZZZ.

  122. Pls. continue this show.

  123. thts the only show i watch…..i wanted to c the endin’ so badly
    thts the only tjin’ i was waitin’ 4…..

  124. its a very good show it must be go on . I watch only this serial please don’t stop this serial

  125. This show inspired us a lot . We can’t afford such closing of this show.please restart it.We need Chanakya’s vision back

  126. plz.save the great chandraguptha mourya shows for ever otherwise the history will never pardon us.

  127. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz start it again

  128. Plz shift it to another channel

  129. This is the only show for which we even do not go even for outing on saturdays…we sacrifice our other entertaiments for CGM….that not over/…. CGM has even taught us how to live with family, corporate cultural, how to get your wokdone… many other benefitss…..which cant be even imagined…. and IMAGINE is closing… me very sad…… please bring back CGM.

  130. Pl pl restrt cms please please please………………………

  131. please come back Chandra Gupt Morya & Chankya………

  132. Please is program ko band mat karo.
    We miss this show

  133. I am a person who watch chandragupta maurya . My whole family watches this programme. We all miss this tv serial. We all want the serial to be adopted by some other channel.Please inform us if the serial is adopted by some other channel. We all have been watching it great interest, but when i come to know that the channel itseif is shuting down it was shocking. I wish CGM adopted by some other channel.


  135. plz dont close cgm

    JAI HO


  138. plz kuch bhi karo but cgm ko bacha lo.
    i love this show and always wait for the next week to come.
    my whole family used to watch cgm

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mere lia nahi sab logo ke la kisi bhi tarah cgm ko bachao.

  139. please start CGM

    Its the only show i watch,

    My family and i waiting to watch CGM again

    please restart anyway………………………….please please please please…………….

  140. Its like that you raised the taste of tea to the entire nation and now the nation is addicted towards it.This is the only show for which I regourously wait for the CGM day with my family members.It shouldnt be ended like this mjust be shifted to the other channel.Last but not the least “Apne pahle friday aur ab saturday ko bhi sukhaa banaa diya hai”

  141. This show has been the best and most truly inspiring show to me. I have learn so much from it in relation to the realities of life today as well. You need to air this and contuinue this on another channel. There are many people from abroad like myself who respect history and the learnings from it and it needs to contuine for future generations as well. Please restart the show , its not just a drama serial its more about real life lessons of live.

  142. i am coming after some years to save cgm.

    jai maa bharti

  143. Please restart CGM. This serial show us, how we are grthered at one’s flag. This serial inspire me and many others to acheive your goal.
    We are very thankful to you for restarting CGM.
    Only This serial we see with our family. I and Many other are waiting for starting this serial.
    Only this serial we are leave any function on 9 to 10.30 so please restart .

  144. thankyou cgm ndtv for discontinuoing Chandragupta Maurya from the channel. I am very grateful to you.

  145. Yaar……………mujhe toh CGM dekhe bina nind aati………………………..plz shift cgm to anothers channel

    JAI HO

  146. please dont stop it or handover to any other channel.

  147. I love watching this show, plz try it on some other channel..its very much possible if u people try,, My best wishes for this !!!

  148. please please show chandra gupta maurya any t.v channel because the one and only show we can learn something so this is my kind request to CGM producers please don”t stope it like that please show it.

  149. we want….chandragupta maurya back…..plz. shift dis show to another channnel….we all request ……plz. save chandragupta maurya….


  151. arey dusst
    kya chate ho be


    tir kit tha

    hum magadh k raja hai b
    hamara show fir se shuru karo

    da tha tir kit tha

  152. Pls pls continue the CMG, I am rely love to watch this serial on saturday 9 to 10:30pm.

  153. just shocking cgm off the air.it was inspiring serial and at times i have seen at 3.30 am.i request the producer to switc to some other channal and notify in the news about timings.keep it up pl.


  155. My whole family like to see the Chandragupt pls star it again ………….thanx

  156. plz continue chandra gupt maurya…………………………

  157. We used to watch Prithviraj Chuhan, Meera, Sanidev Ki Mahima, Chandragupta Maurya in NDTV Imagine. All of them were/are quite decent and good.
    We now miss the last two as they were stopped suddenly. We request any other channel like NDTV to continue the last two.

  158. Please Start the Chandra Gupta Maurya serial because meri daughter aur son bahut intajar karte hai is serial ka aur mai to ek bhi episode aaj nahi chhoda hoon is serial ka agar by chance chhot jaata hai to net pe download karke apne mai & mere childs dono milkar dekhte is serial ko please start the cgm very soon.

  159. please resume the show as it is a great show to educate people in many ways….. like how to do politics, how the the people should be, love the country and most importantly how to achieve the aim of life.. but keep in mid for all doing intention must be pure and people serving 🙂

  160. CGM must go onnnnnnn.

  161. cmg is my best show iever seen please save it sagar arts shift it to colours or any other channel

  162. this is the best tv show ever for me. please start this show in any channel as soon as possible

  163. More than 160 posts have come to restart this serial .I’ve just gone through all these…I agree with all of them.I’m a great fan of CGM that was being telecasted on imagine tv.
    I”ve jus t stopped watching t.v… believe me just in the grief…I’ve alrdy tried a lot to convince ‘imagine ‘ through my mails..An’ posts I Think We should switch off to some other channel like Life ok.why wasting time here…?..we can send our recommendations on the feedbacks of some other channel..pray God that it comes back soon.

  164. plz start this program as we were able to know about our past.

    jai mai bharti

  165. restart the serial please
    cgm jai ho……………………..

  166. hi dear please u mast continue chandragupta maurya stil stop in 14.04.2012 not run and online thanks

  167. PLZZZZZZZZZ restart this show on any other channel. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  168. i heard tat cgm is start soon is that right?????????????

  169. we are wating this show from begening n want to see it more so its kind requst to shift or transfer this good show please

  170. I request to CGM team Kindly transffer ur show to other channel….its really best show I have ever seen who realise us the strength of normal man who change the things in his favour with mind (Chankaya)

  171. Hi this is Sanjay Dubey (Chartered Acccoutant – CA). My other few CA friends are also watching CGM. Really its very SAD this is stopped. This is the only 1 serial which i was watching even though very busy schedule. I think its sad for India. If we can’t live in those times but we can watch on TV the GREAT CHANKYA……but very sad

  172. I feel cheated by imagine TV. They should continue this popular serial. We are eagerly awaiting the declaration by imagine tv to re-open the serial. We wish the see the ‘suvarna yug’ of mourya samrajya in Bharat varsha the glorious days of history.

  173. The one and the only programme which inspired the mass and gave the courage to face the upheavals of life in these days of depression and lack of patience in our younger generation has alas been shut down. very bad. Should start. It teaches a lot of lessons in every single line.

  174. plz save cgm..plz continue it.
    !!!…….Jai Ho……!!!

  175. Dear all,

    all of us request you kindly restart the tv show Chandragupta Maurya, this is very important for all of sensitive Indians.

  176. i love dis serial…plzzz i requst to re-continue dis show n shift it to anothr channel………i wish i vl see it again soon…

    jai maa bharti…

  177. oh man this was the really one of the best show i had ever seen we want it back . please do something

  178. Hope this not a strategy by the owners of NDTV Imagine to check their popularity. Chandragupta Maurya was the best TV show i had seen so far. Chanakyas character will make any one sit for hours together in front of TV and see it. Even repeat telecasts of CGM will have huge viewership. Jamuna Paar and Harjeet also was doing very well.

    Although you run a private channel and you have the right to close it when ever you choose,the owners should at least have sold the rights of these serials to other TV Channels for them to telecast nonstop. Now i hope Imagine starts fresh soon with the 3 programs mentioned above.

  179. CGM is the one of my favorite show and it has very bad end & i hope that CGM will contineud in another channel …………

  180. My role idle in history is Acharya Chanakya… who made the unattainable possible..he is the real inspiration… Pls bring back the CGM, if not at Imagine then at any other channel

    jai ho…
    Jai maa bharathi

  181. The only TV serial I watch.

  182. this show inspired me alot……. i really like all the characters of this show specially dhananand…… so plz shift cmg on the other famous channel


  184. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse bring this show as soon as possible. My whole family only watch CGM.I can’t imagine my life without CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA.The dialogues of chanakya had inspired me a lot.This is the best historical show i have ever seen in my lifetime.


  185. i watch this channel from begining me and my family like so much this sirial cm please resume this serial.after stop this serial something is missing on weekends.so please resume serial CM.

  186. restart CGM TOMORROW

  187. Please re-start it in any of the channel as my whole village people are very fond of this SHOW. It is highly demanded seriel i ever seen in my life…………Please, the world is waiting for the serial………..

  188. I just love CGM because chandraguptamaurya is reeall hero which I love the most request
    cgm team not to cose the cgm.i see some sereals like tarak mehta,bade ache,na bole tum
    kya hua tera vada,and cgm please shift it on another channel and advertise it
    so jai ho jai ma bharti

  189. Arey yaar itney faltu serial atey imagine TV par CGM jo best serial tha to know our ancient india band kardiya challoo karo yar.

  190. plz dobara jaldi suru karo yaar i hope it will start again. its really nice . my family is really waiting that it will start again on tv

  191. i want CGM back at any cost……start karo plz….best of all d serials…. the most inspiring hero chandragupt…agar imaginetv nahi start kar skte to dusre chnl pe shift kar do……strt karo!!!!!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

  192. Chandragupta maurya is very dedicated serial and its also inspired us to make better future india this serial giving ethical and logical messages to always think for best and protect the country from evils so only this serial obiously shift to another channel again from begining, i hope we will see this serial very soon plzssssssssssssssssss.



  194. plz yar bnd mt kr this is my best tv shoe I had ever seen but this tym this is not telecast plz telecast other chanal but dikhao yar ye mera best serial hai…!!! jay ma bharti

  195. acha hai band ho gaya ….
    varna mai band kar deta

  196. atleast dhananand’s end should have been telecasted…..


  198. Plz save the show. i liked very much.plz plz….

  199. Come on this is one serial which i made sure that i watch online to come up the speed of telecasting the current situation ….i watched day and night …..i was so inspired by the characters and artist talent …..i think this is some thing motivation factor for all youngsters ….so please try to telecast in some other channel

  200. Chandraguta can not die. It will come up again. Just be patient and wait for its time.

  201. please start it again on some other channel.

  202. first time indian television has done some thing different a different show with some intelligence not a buzzzzz like other serial and now u stop this serial its request from many people thta u start CGM since watching this serial is great pleasure as we come to know adout our history………..& the great chanaky’s strategy to win the lossed game & its intelligence……………….. so plz start cgm on ur own channel or some other channel…………………………………..plz.plz………

  203. Kamino mera dil CGMke bina vese nahi lagta me to chata ho chandrgupt
    kisi bhi channel me aaye makin har din aye

  204. Please start this show again in any channel this show is the part of indian history and and the great people like chanakya and chandragupta!!!!!!!
    it,s better than daily sop show like sas bhau alll!!!!!
    plzzzz start again

  205. plz sv ths serial and restart immdiately plzzzz. we r so eager to watch the show again. aj ke din me aysa desprem bahot jaruri. it can b telecasted in dd national.

  206. Is it fair to stop the serial in the deep sea? some body must take it on another channel at the earliest.

  207. pls save CGM ………………………


  208. I watched CGM from it’s very first episode..me and my family members are huge CGM fans. Moreover, I’m a crazy Dhananand Fan. Respected Cgm makers, Please start this inspiring historical serial on any other channel. It’s humble request from an honest CGM FAN.

  209. Please start this programme in any other channel as it was a great show and which helped a younger pepole to learn from great Chnakya, CGM and also awakes us, one of the great TV serial which compels to sit full time untill the show ends. pls continue it
    I thinks Sagar famil was a creator of this show i request them to continue it from where it stopped

  210. CGM must be started any channel and enhance it like 300..

  211. sir, the chandra gupt morya is my favourite tv episode yeh kuch hi tho tv episode hai jo achee athe hai yadi imagine tv channel dhobara start nahi hota tho pls i will request u ki aap ish tv episode ko kisi aur channel pe dhekai

  212. pl-start the chanderguptmoriya

  213. i want to see CGM,pl broadcast it at any channel or publish its DVD really i am very sad due to missing CGM which is the one of the best serial,pl. pl.pl.
    twamev mata cha twamev pita ………..
    jai ho…….
    jai ma bharti…….

  214. please start cgm jai ho jai mabharti

  215. Please shift chandergupta on other channel it is request, my family really Missedddddddddd the serial chandergupta maurya

  216. I just waiting…….. for CGM when telecast?????????

  217. our family wants very eagrly to watch this serial again on our tv please save our most popular serial please save

  218. plz restart chm it is the best serial …………………………..in the world

  219. see the comments ofchm in any of his webpages……………..plz seee…………….

  220. please restart CGM please.

  221. please save CGM. Please Shift Another This program

  222. chandragupta mourya is a very intersting serial in this we have learned the difficulties face by the chandragupta during his age and it also helps me to learn or understand history…………..

  223. hum chanakya shishya hai .ya serial dekh ka hma bhut sikh mili.so plssssssssss continue it on life ok. maha ghori.

    jai maha bharti……….
    from: himachal pradesh

  224. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Chandragupta Maurya Serial continue karo…. a CGM ke sab fan k tarf se humble request he…

  225. The serial was the most popular even in the days of world cup finals. I’m surprised that such a famous serial is also in trouble. Surprisingly, No channel is interested in purchasing the rights of such a famous classical serial? It appears that most of the channels are interested in producing craps only.

  226. UPA has forced NDTV and Ashish to stop and go out from the show. As congress has observed that today’s youth are getting convinced for their nation due to these show and due this show, they will be badly eliminated from political scene. Do you know, Kapil, Pranav, Chidambaram, and the super power lady are involved in this.

  227. i request to the cgm producers to shift cgm to another channel because i love it so muchand wait one whole week to see it and i beg the producers to start it again

  228. all the lovers of cgm are reqesting you please start it again

  229. I watch TV because of CGM I brought New Flat TV to watch, I dont know what is URI, so
    please do your jobs as usual.

  230. If it is a film, no need to requesting you sir, but what to do to re-start CGM tell me I am middle age man I can show our Indian culture proudly to childred.
    Jai Maha Bharathi

  231. I love this tv shows because it changing my life. In this serial I learn how to live in life.

    I got beutiful message for life from it and always this show inspire to me.
    so plz……….. plz……….. u kindly start it again

  232. we are with u u move on we want this show back

  233. i request to CGM PRODUCE TO START IT AGAIN

  234. This is one of the TV serials which our entire family liked most. There are very few such serials. I request to the concerned person to continue it on other channel. (on behalf of my family).

    Please consider the request.

  235. Plz CGM comming and Imezinfg TV Start in Again

  236. It is very good serial and my son likes most.It will be helpful in our day to day life.

  237. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz CGM start again. It is most favorite serial my family.

  238. plzzz…..yar itna time ho gya channel ko bnd hue……and wat abt the CGM team aapne koooch socha nhi show ko shift krne k baare mein……..plz yar take decision as soon as possible….:(

  239. Please restart image n TV and represent CGM. It’s a life moral.

  240. watching chandragupta maurya is really a great for me and for all the cm viewers.

  241. Plz start CGM as early as possible on any TV channel. It is very good serial. It gives life’s moral lessons.

  242. Chandragupta Marya is famous serial.It is a bright star than any other nonsense & unvaluable serial.The serial was a bright star consists of celestial body.It had own shine.I want to know that is there any DVD pacage contain full episode in the market?


  243. CGM is a best tv show. I like this serial so so so so so so so so so so much.

  244. I am very upset because my favourite serial CGM has shut.


  246. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz again start cgm from where it was left. i used to tv very less but only i used to see the cgm only.
    i like chadakya’s way to talk,itstheories,cgm’s fight & the favourit thing of mine was the dhanand’s dialogs- ”ta tir kit tha”
    if anybody knows the channel & timming of cgm then plzzzzz sent me details on my id abhinavgarg1998@yahoo.co.in

  247. CGM was the best serial based on historical events ever telecasted on the small screen. It indeed won the hearts of crores of people. We the whole family could eagrly wait for Fridays and Saturdays to watch the serial. Even we literally cancelled our programes outdoors if fell on those days. We wish some one restart it for the best entertainment.

  248. Dear Producers……

    Do anything but bring the show back…………….

  249. this is my most most most fev. serial…. plzzzzzz start again……..

  250. This is my favorate show.please start this show and i most like chanakya

  251. plzzzzz restart cgm on any other channel it is the only first and last show that me and my brother watch we r crazy for it jai hooooooo

  252. Chandragupta Maurya is a very good show, it teach many things. Please broadcast it on other further channel or make its dvds available in the market and upload its further episodes so that people can see it , make every possible efforts to restart it.

  253. Chanakya G se hmne jana h ki: Ache kaam ko krne m hamesha dikkatein aati h, Kintu hame kya un dikkato k aage ghutne tek dene chahiye..??
    Aaj is samay Apne Bharat Desh ko In karykramo ki aur inhe prasarit krne wale Aap jaise Yogya Logo Ki Toli ki Atyant Aavshayakta h.
    Kripya Punah Prayas Shuru Kre.

  254. i request u to plz start this serial on other channel……i love this serial very much…and most lovely thing in the serial was charecters choosen for chandragupta maurya and chankya….i like these charecters very much…..for watching them i leave every work on friday and saturday…….so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to start these as soon as possible…………..

    jai maaaaa bhartiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  255. i am very upsad and shocked after knowning that the serial is shut down, plzzzzz restart it if possible

    jai maaa bhartiii

  256. Dear All CGM lover,

    Is there any viewer right to continue this serial, if any body know please lets us know how can a most popular and religious serial can be stopped.

    Jai Ho!

    Lal Singh




  258. Plz plzplz,….restart the programe anyhow……we are eagarly waiting for it CGM
    “Asafalata ghere jab,

    maarg ho avaruddh,

    paas na ho saadhan tere,

    aur kaarya ho apaar,


    bhaag mat , kar prayaas…

    chahe tu hansna,

    par aankh ho nam,

    bhaag mat, kar prayaas…

    haar ke baad jeet hai,

    raat ke baad din,

    niklega sooraj phir,

    door kshitij paar,

    bhaag mat, kar prayaas…

    peeda hi sukh hai,

    sukh hi hai peeda,

    haar hi jeet hai,

    jeet hi hai haar,

    bhaag mat, kaar prayas

    kaar prayas bhaag mat.:)

  259. salloooooooo chandra gupta maurya kyon nahi chala rahe ho. Teri …….teri…….. jai ho . jai maa bharti

  260. its really a good journy of chandragupta mourya & the great philosophy of acharya chanakya

    i & my family with the society members of bajajnagar, aurangabad (maharashtra) very thankful to the channel for broadcasting the serial, we got the historical truth & the lesson which we (hindustan) given to the world by acharya chanakya

    i request to the producers & channel owners to restart the serial in any channel, really you get what you required like as trp, cost and many more hence please
    jai ma bharti

  261. when chandragupta series came

  262. pls restart chandergupt morrya becouse from that program we can know about indian history. pls i am beging you pls restart cgm.

  263. cgm is inspirable serial .please ise continue kijiye .

  264. Awesome stuff. Amazing story and a great leader. Chanakya’s acting was also amazing. I wonder if the entire episode can be converted to DVD and sold in the market if the channels are not interested.

  265. pls start this serial again as soon as posible

  266. This is the show that has changed thinking pattern of youth…i just love chankya…so much to learn..for god sake start is again………………………….

  267. pls start cgm on another chanel.

  268. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz , Restart CGM [Chandragupt morya] any like lifeok,starplus,cartoonnetwork,pogo, Colous …Plzzzzzzzzzzzz start this serial

  269. please dis is my favorite show please start it again to get back on air
    i request the cgm team to try it on any other channel….please…..
    a common man request

  270. Mere jeevan me kuch ayse pal ghatit hue hain jinka meri maansikta par kuch hd tak prabhav pada hai… Prantu serial chandragupt maurya ka meri sonch aur meri maansikta par kuch ayesa prabhaav pada ki mujhe apne mauryan hone aur sarwapratham apne bhartiya hone ki garvantit anubhuti hui…….par iss serial ke band hone ki khabar sun kar ayesa lag raha hai jaise ki mere jeevan ka koi abhinna ang mujhse juda hogaya hai aur mai apne aap ko asahaye mehsus kar raha hoon…..apne maurya sansthapak aywam apne gauravpoorn itihaas ke baare me mai yadhpi itna kuch na jaanta tha, prantu iss serial ne hi mujhe in chizon se poorna roop se awgat karaya……param pujya acharya sri chanakya ke dwara AKHAND BHARAT KI PRABAL IKSHASHAKTI, BAUDHIC CHAMTA AYEWAM CHATURYA KA SAMUCHIT PRAYOG aur AWSARON KA UCHIT POORWANUMAAN…….aadi vishesh vishestaaon ka chandragupt ke madhyaam se pryog karne ke phalswaroop unhone apne AKHND BAHART ka swapna poora kiya……. SO KINDLY resart the serial it is my humble request to U….. JAI MAA BHARATI….

  271. Start karo bhai……………………………….koi kuch karo mai to kahta hun dvd bnakr becho…….mgr kuchh kro yar…..

  272. Are bhai start karo agar nahi kar sakte to fir DVDs bana kar becho

  273. cgm walo agar apni ma dudh piya h to cgm vapas on kardo

  274. I want to full epesoid dvd. plz reply. Now my email id
    In chandragupt morya serial

  275. After a decade such a beautiful serial was broad casted on Indian TV. The character played by each actor was phenomenal. Its a humble request to pls start this serial again, it has a huge viewer base and everyone is looking forward for this serial. Or the makers of this serial pls come up with a DVD series for the FAN’s

  276. I REQUEST TO TEAM….PLZ PLZ start the cgm again

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