Apr 202012

Since the Imagine TV team decided to shut down its operations permanently, people have come out in large numbers to save their favorite show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’.

Group named ‘Save Chandragupta Maurya Show’ was made just few days ago and it has got massive support. Group has got 55,000 members in no time and die-hard fans of CGM have even started calling other channels and urging them to buy rights for telecasting CGM on their channel.

Even the articles related to Chandragupta Maurya on Newsofdelhi.com have got hundreds of comments and everyone is raising one voice and that is to save ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ show.

It has never happened in India’s history before that so many are trying hard to save TV show. It clearly shows the CGM’s popularity and other popular channels must consider to start CGM on their channels.

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  270 Responses to “First time in Indian history, more than 50,000 people trying hard to save famous TV show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’”

  1. plzzz save our cgm we want it back …..

  2. No dialgs..jst one line “pls come back CGM”

  3. we will make it possible……jo asambhav ko sambhav bana sake wo hi to mauryans h….jab ek chankya aur ek chandragupta akhand bharat bana sakte hain to hum hum to 55000 mauryans h…..kasam maa bharati ki aakhiri dum tak ladte rahenge…..jai maa bharati!!!! jai ho!!!!

  4. Cgm is d best tv show in d history of televison.

  5. we are MAURYANS and will never ever let our CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA go away from us…WE LOVE CGM….SO PLEASE SAVE CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA…..

  6. hey hum CGM ko wapaslake ke dikhayenge …JAI MAA BHARATI..

  7. we’ll make it happen…we’ll bring our cgm back…jai ho!!!

  8. we wnt our cgm back..thnks 2 u guys k aap logo ne hamare group k bare m news di..bas aise hi hame support krte rahiye..

  9. CGM matra 1 show nahi hain ye history hain India ka so hum use yuhi band hone nahi denge hum lage huye hain CGM ko wapas lane k karya main or hum sab mauryan ko biswas hain k hum ye kaar k dikhayenge ….jai ho

  10. I am mourayan

  11. we’ll hve 2 brng bck our CGM… it shows our india’s ancient culture…

  12. Plz help us in saving a wonderful show…. plz save mah cgm an integral part of every mauryans life

  13. Yeh ek sadharan dharavahik nahi hai. Aj is ghor andhkar k yug me, ye parkash stambh hai. Aj ka yuva varg bodhik maragdarshan k abhav k karan lakshya-viheen bhatak raha hai. Shashak varg or shikshak suvidha-bhogi bn kr reh gae hain. Ese wakt me jab,Rakshak hi bhakshak bn gae hain, bhrashtachar Or anushasn’hinta hr tarf vyapt hai.. TRP k cultur ne badnami k or parsidhi k antar ko mita dia hai. Media netik-shunya logo ko adarsh hero ki treh pros raha hai. Ese wakt me CGM ki jagruk team ne esa mhan srijan kia. Ye andhkar me die k sman hai. Ye aj k yuva ka maragdarshan krta hai or aj ki parsthiti me nae vikalp b sujhata hai. ye yuva vrg ko hmari gaurav gatha se avgat krwa kr, apni jdoñ se jodta hai or uske swabhiman ko jgata hai. Ye hme btata hai k ek shikshak kya hota hai. Asli Vidya kya hai. Or hmara desh k prati kya krtavya hai.

  14. Jai Maa Bharti 🙂

  15. don’t close cgm


  17. i luv cgm its the first time show for the whole family and it was the show from which i learnt a lot plz………… dont close cgm plz…………

  18. Jai ho.

  19. We want CGM back!!
    nd we wil fight tilll d end to gt it back
    Bhaag Mat Kar Prayaas
    Jai Maa Bharati!

  20. CGM is the greatest Show ever. Saving it is not an option. It just has to be done.

  21. any how sagar arts should get it back for the sake of all fans

  22. cgm has become a part of our life and we will fight for it till the very end jai ho!!!!!!!!!

  23. cgm wapas aayega

  24. Plz save our CGM!!! Jai Maa Bharti!!!

  25. Plz bring back cgm

  26. PLZ save CGM or else we will go for a hunger strike…

  27. save chandragupta maurya…jai maa bharati..

  28. We mauryans thank you for this news and making our voices heard…Please continue to support us…Chandragupta Maurya is more than just a serial…please please bring it back on tv on any channel whatsoever…!!!…JAI MAA BHARTI !!

  29. please save chandragupta maurya show

  30. We really want our favourite show CGM back and we are trying hard for it and we will make it happen.. JAI MAA BHARATI..

  31. The show needs to be saved at all cost..

  32. Pls restart CGM as soon as possible

  33. Click Here https://www.facebook.com/
    events/437842069574598/ to
    participate in “Save CGM” event. We
    need 10,000 posts in the event within 7
    This event is initiative from
    DealsChamp.in to save the popular
    show among Indians – Chandragupta
    Maurya. We will try our best to save
    this show and will start by the next
    week, if we get atleast 10,000 posts
    within 7 days….The maximum people
    participate in this event, the maximum
    are the chances to save it. We need
    proof for why we want this show to be
    broadcast again. We need your
    support. Please participate to protest
    against the closing of this great show.
    We will do our best in regaining it. If no
    channel will be ready to start this show
    again then we try to start it on the
    Jai Maa Bharti……Jai Maa Bharti…….Jai
    Maa Bharti…….Jai Maa Bharti…..

  34. We want our CGM back ..please bring it back soon.

    Jai Maa bharti

  35. Please restart CGM…. Die hard fan…. Jai Maa Bharti…..

  36. It was the best programme in all of television history..we want Chandragupta Maurya back!!!

  37. This is such a farce… people are adding people from their friend list randomly.
    i would have called this as an authentic support if people had joined the group / page out of free will.
    CGM is a great show and must continue, but this page and the way it is being managed is maligning the show.
    I can only laugh at this effort and all those who are celebrating it.
    Start a poll on your page and ask ppl to vote how many support the show and this page. I am sure not more than 5% of your members will participate, those are the real numbers. Not this what you are dishing out… Pls get a grip and make an effort that is honest and authentic…whom are you guys fooling???

  38. please save the “chandragupta maurya” JAI MAA BHARATI…….!!!!!

  39. How can I contact to CGM director/producer? I really want to see on any how……

  40. plz help us 2 save the shw cgm n v wnt our shw back if ur source can help us plz help us n dis nt nly shw it is mre thn tht plz help us
    jai maa bharati
    jai ho


  42. CGM…..com bk

  43. plzz save chandragupt serial..
    m die hard fan of diz program.

  44. I request sagar arts to do something or rather everything possible to get this serial back on air on some other popular channels coz we can’t afford to lose a wonderful epic like cgm which has been so inspiring and somethihg everyone looked forward to in weekend

  45. Another saturday without CGM 🙁 ,want the show back soon and hope it resumes from may5 as said!!

  46. hi i want to say all the viewers of cgm.that there is a way to save cgm we should send mails to all the news channels.and thn we will get a solulation.

  47. i agree with anupam we all must right to all the news channel this is how we can telecast cgm on other channel asap.jai maa bharti

  48. yes, we will send mails to all the news channels to start great cgm on other channel.bhag mat kar prayas.jai ho jai maa bharti

  49. even i will send mails to all the news channels to telecast this heart touching show on other channels.
    ” veerta ki mishaal hai chandragupt”

  50. mai apne cgm ke liye saam,daam,dand,bhed ki niti ko use mai laaunga.or hum sabhi great cgm ko telecast karwakar rahenge.jai maa bharti.bhag mat kar prayas.

  51. sagar arts cgm ko humko wapas dedo cgm hum sake life hai or humari life ko humse mat cheeno.

  52. hamare cgm ko kisi or channel par telecast karo jald se jald.cgm ke bina meri life hi ajib ho gai hai mai cgm se bahut kuch seekhta hun cgm or chanakya hamare teacher hain.jai maa bharti

  53. hum apne cgm ko wapas laane ke liye kuch bhi karenge.abhi tak to mai cgm ke repeated show dekti hun.or viswas karti hun ki cgm jaise mahan show ko zaror kisi or channel par dekhayenge.jai maa bharti.bhag mat kar pryas.

  54. We all are really looking forward to the day..when it starts again..!!!

  55. pls ………………….. we want chandgragupt maurya on ndtv

  56. mera sabhi cgm viewrs se request hai ki cgm ko wapas laane jo kuch bhi karna pade karengen lakin apne cgm ko wapas laakar hi dum lenge.bhag mat kar pryas.jai maa bharti jai cgm and jai ho all the viewr of cgm

  57. my favourite show is chandragupta mourya i really liked it please save the show because yah ek aisa show hai jo hamein sanskar sikhata hai aachcha karna sikhata hai aur hamein india ki history samjhata hai at last ~~ JAI HO“JAI MAA BHARATI[DHARTI MAA]~~

  58. It is a great serial with depth. I’m eagerly waiting for some other channel to show up the spirit and start with CGM. That will be history created in Indian TV viewing;like Chandragupta creating history by becoming first real emperor of India.
    Jai Ma Bharati

  59. hi all,mai bhi is fight mai sabke sath hum cgm ko wapas laakar rahenge.cgm is now a big part of our life.we have learnt a lot from great cgm and great chanakya and now we cant leave them like this now it is our responsbility to bring back our cgm at any cost.jai maa bharti.

  60. PLEASE, save cgm. CGM is the best show in indian history tv m die hard fan of this program.

  61. cgm is my dream hero and how was the time when my cgm ruled all over and pure bharat ko ek sutra mai rakha.i love cgm plz mere cgm ko wapas lao mai apne cgm ki bheekh mangti hun.jai maa bharth and jai chanakya

  62. Pls come back cgm its my favourite

  63. Missing CGM, please bring it back. Started watching TV for this serial. CGM come back.

  64. i am dying dying lover of cgm.or hum hamare cgm ko wapas laaeynge.hamko apna cgm wapas chahiye hi chahiye at any cost.jai maa bharti.

  65. save chandragupta maurya …………i do not see any kind of saas bhau serial shutdown them all but the serial like chandragupta maurya and veer shivaji which show the different phase of history of india . i like them most i want to see the show again . the person who purchase the channel have to restart the show it is the people need .

  66. plz try to start CGM as sun as posible There is nothing impossible if media try to telecast for the largest viewership If marketing is done properly why not?

  67. plzzzz save our favourite show cgm i wan’t it back as early as possible plzzz do anything but bring it back on television

  68. Pls restart the CGM…it is part of our life….pls restart kr do

  69. CGM is the best tv show in indian history i love this show plz come back cgm
    Jai maa bharati!

  70. plz save the CGM. now it moves as an essential thing to our family.our family means me, my hubby, my bro & two sister, my mother, father, mom in law and also my sister in law & her family. it is like water to thirsty. we r so sad.

  71. yes we want cgm. we don’t only see the show but also listen the chanakya teaching. so we want it back………………………

  72. Plz…….i want CGM to be started again…..i love that serial……..its the only show that give us a knowledge and wonderfulll and inspiriable thoughts of chanakya………..we want to retelecast it……….its just not a comment but the voice of a fan and from the heart of youth

  73. CMD is as popular as Ramayana used to be once upon a time . Please save this serial at any cost & its telecast may be shifted to other popular channels. please save CMD

  74. mughe saare cgm viewers par bahut garav hai ki tum cgm ko wapas laakar hi dam lenge.tum sab ho mauryan tum sabki jai ho.jai maa bharti

  75. Chanragupta Mourya should come back..
    Thats it…

  76. Jai maa bharti
    jai ho!

  77. we are eagerly awaiting our beloved show.

  78. please save this show its my fav show… n missing it a lot…. please resume this show….

  79. plz telecast cgm on other channel.hi all,plz wapas le aao hamare cgm ko. Mai sirf cgm hi dekhta hun or koi choice nahi.bhag mat kar pryas.jai maa bharti.

  80. ye hamre ek majboot itihaas ko darshata h….please ise band na karen….kisi or chanel par hi telecast shuru karva do………..

  81. Jai Maa Bharathi!

  82. Please do not stop the telecast of Chandragupta maurya… This is the only serial we love to watch and we request you to please continue its telecast at any time.

  83. The CGM is the best historical show…..
    plz get it back on any other channel..


  85. hi sagar arts plz.telecast cgm on other channel.apne hamesha dharmik shows banaye hain hamari request hai ki aap cgm kisi or channel par telecast karen hum apse hath jodkar request hai.

  86. plz bring cgm show back on track…

  87. V want CGM bak !!!!!!!

  88. i am die hard fan of cgm.plz.bring it back.jai maa bharti.”veerta ki mishaal hai chandragupt”.kash mai cgm ke time par hoti.

  89. I am an martial arts trainer cum practitioner. And I don’t get time to see the show but my students r really inspired by Chanakya And Chandragupta and they really get good things from this show. It’s not about Mauryans but it’s about the real history of India and which is very short in school books. Kids really like the show and it teaches how to be a successful king, manager or good humanbeing.

    It’s not only about Mauryans But it’s for whole world how a man can beat an strong king like SIKANDAR.

  90. plz do sumting bt plz save CMG we need it

  91. aaj or ek din cgm ke bina jeena pada cgm viewers ko.cgm ke bina tv suna suna sa lagta hai roj.bas ab bahut ho gaya plz sagar arts cgm ko kisi or channel par telecast kar do plz.jod jodkar request karta hun.

  92. die hard fan of cgm.plz.telecast cgm on other channel.jai maa bharti.

  93. We all my family missing CGM too much please come back

  94. plz came back acharaya plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  95. hum cgm ke bina khud ko soch nahi sakte cgm hamare jeevan ka prererna-srot hai.sagar arts se veenati hai ki cgm ko kis or channel par telecast kar do plz.jai maa bharti jai ho

  96. This is totally unaccepted to stop CHANDRAGUPT MAURYA serial…………We are so distress for last 2 week if u(IMAGINE TV) were Plan to stop it y started and stop it at the climax…….please start it ………….
    JAI MAAA BHARTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. hi rahul i am with u.i wil also go for a hunger strike for the sake of cgm as it is my part of life.

  98. cgm wapas aa jao mai apko bahut yaad karti hun mai apse shash,veerta,nidarta,himmat,sahansheelta,mehnat,lagan ye sab kuch seekhti hun.or ye sab seekhte hue mughe cgm se pyar ho gaya.kash jab aap is earth par the kash mai bhi hoti to apko jee bhar ke dekhti.mai hamesha apke sath hun.jai maa bharti.veerta ki mishaal hai chandragupt.

  99. dis is 1 of mah favourite shw………plz bring dis show back………

  100. CGM is great to learn about our history hence it is importan to protect the boradcasting If NDTV imagine is not interested then it should show on DD.
    Now a days boradcaster does not have morality, they can show sas bahu serial but niot CGM. Jan Ma Bharathi

  101. we want the show back


  102. Save CGM. Get Back it on air…!!!!!

  103. please start a protest to save Chandragupta Maurya

  104. Plz, telecast CGM on any Other Channel

  105. the only one serial i like most in my life and have not missed any episode. it should be resume again……….

  106. We need our show back…..

  107. not only 50000 people, but millions are heart broken by the act of broadcaster, 50000 are only the people who use net, but from 10 year boy to 90 year senior all are praying for reopening of show…

  108. Pls pls pls pls don’t shut Chandragupt Maurya….. Pls continue the operations of Imagine TV pls! Some big group should overtake it…!

  109. plz hamare cgm ko wapas lao nahi to we will go for a hunger strike.veerta ki mishaal hai chandragupt.

  110. chandragupta maurya should be continued . we al wants that . open it again .

  111. jai maa bharathi.we want our acharya,s teachings back we want cgm back

  112. this is the first time ever that many peoples wants to bring the show back….so, serial should shift on another channel….

  113. plz telecast our cgm on other channel otherwise we will go fo a hunger strike.we can not live without cgm.pehle to cgm ke liye humko pure week wait kanra hota humne wo bhi bear kia lakin ab ye nahi sahenge.jai maa bharti



  115. hum apne ko wapas laa ka hi rahenge.cgm ke alawa hum tv par or kya dekhe stupid saas bahu serials?they are all about TRP.hamare cgm ko wapas laao at any cost.jai maa bharti.

  116. surly we will go for hunger strike we need our beloved cgm back at anyhow?jai ho.

  117. hi cgm lovers can anyone help me how u gys are requesting other channels to telecast cgm on their channel are u all sending email ?me and my huge fan group also want the same.hum apne cgm ko wapas laane ke liye kuch bhi karenge lakin humko apna cgm wapas chahiye hi chahiye.jai maa bharti..

  118. it is our kind req to sagar arts plz telecast our beloved cgm on other channel.plzzzzzz.hum sab hath jodkar apse req karte hain.ek cgm hi hai jise dekhkne ke liye hum pur week wait karte hain cgm ke alawa humko or kuch nahi chahiye.jai maa bharti.

  119. hai all apne cgm ko wapas laane ke liye kuch bhi karenge.jai maa bharti.

  120. I really said to hear that we can not see this serial anymore, this is the serial I most like in life and not miss a single episode

  121. hum bude bhi jawan logo ke sath hunger strike par jaaenge.cgm hi ek aisa show hai jo younsters to sahash,veerta,mehnat,shansheelta,patience,or har situatation mai jeena seekhata hai cgm.kam se kam hum budon ki baat to rakh lijiye.cgm ko kisi or channel telecast karo.jai maa bharti.

  122. Hi,

    The tv serial ” CHANDEGUPT MORYA” is an fantastic serial, if IMAGINE is going to shut down then it should be re-start on other tv channel….. its vay popular tv show.


  123. Other channel take over this serial

  124. plz telecast our cgm on other channel.jai maa bharti.die hard fan of cgm

  125. love u cgm cant live without u.hi sagar arts plz telecast our beloved cgm on other channel.jai mb bharti

  126. hi sagar arts plz telecast our cgm on other channel.

  127. mere cgm ko wapas dusre channel par telecast kar do plz

  128. hi all plz keep updated everyone so that we all can do the needfull to telecast our cgm on other channel.jai maa bharti.

  129. hum tab tak ladenge jab tak hamko hamara cgm wapas nahi mil jata hum ladate rehnge.bhag mat kar pryas.

  130. this show need to be saved….

  131. plz save my cgm

  132. Its really very sad to know. It was my favorite show. Please restart the show.

  133. Plz….we want 2 see CGM again…….last two saturdays went with a feeling of missing something…..CGM has been an interesting part of life…please more people demand it to restart once again on another channel

  134. Plz Start CGM Soon……………… Jai Ma Bharti…………….

  135. Start CGM ……………. Jai Ma Bharti…………….

  136. Plz Start CGM ……………………… Jai Ma Bharti

  137. Pls save Chandragupta Maurya . Best serial of all time.
    Jai Maa Bharti…..

  138. save india save cgm show

  139. Based on the popularity of “Chandragupta Maurya” , this show should be telecast on some other channel. Plz save this show.

  140. plz yaar kisi dusre channel pe chalao ise

  141. My whole family is shocked at the disappearance of CGM. Very anxiously we awaited the Saturday’ 9.00PM to see this serial. While daily praying to God, I request Him to make the path for re-telecasting of this serial.

  142. please save cgm

  143. we want back this show “chandra gupt maurya” may be on any other channel

  144. save chandrgupt maurya I like this show very much . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz start this show.from its last show ……………. i want to see it
    :)) ty

  145. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wapas chalu karo is show ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. plz start chandragupt maurya serial again, MY FAMILY LIKE THIS PROGRAMME

  147. plzzzzzzzzz. re-telecast Chandragupta Maurya.plzzzzz. many people love this show. you can’t stop CGM in this way. please someone take the rights of CGM & re-telecast it on another channel.

  148. CGM is not just another tv show… a number of mythological or dramas came n went, but CGM appeals to viewers because of its quality script, dedicated cast, authentic feel and the way it relates with the audience. a number of crappy shows are being aired these days… so why one meaningful show cannot continue…? please support CGM enormously so we have our favourite show back as soon as possible..

  149. Hi Sagar arts this is our kind req to you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Telecast our cgm on other channel plzzzzzzzzzzz.We can not live without cgm.We want our cgm back ASAP.Jai maa bharti

  150. Even i also want to requets to sargar arts plzzzz bring back our beloved cgm.Hum apne cgm ke bina nahi rah sakte.I have spent two staurdays without cgm as of now i watch the repeated show of cgm on tata sky.

    plz telecast our cgm on other channel plzzzjai maa bharti

  151. Hi Sagar arts we can only requets you pz hel us on this plzzz telecast our cgm on other channel plzzzzzzzzz.hum cgm ke bina kaya karengeOtherwise we will go for hunger strike.jai maa bharti!!

    We want our Achrya back!!!!!!!!!!!Anyhow!!!!!!!

  152. Arey kyo band kiya iss serial ko…..1 hii to serial h jo hm sb dekhte h……plz start as soon as possible

  153. Hum apne cgm ko wapas chahte hai cgm ke alawa hamare pass or koi choice nahi hai.apko wo dikhana chahiye jo viewrs dekhna chahate hain.So we want our cgm back on other cannel
    There no TV show like cgm in indian Television.We want our Teacher Back AS soon AS Possible

  154. We have not seen any historical show like cgm full of inspirations for todays youngetsers to learn something .

    Hi Sagar arts my family loves cgm a lot plz telecast cgm on other channelplzzz

    Bhaag mat kar pryas……

  155. Please start cgm again please

  156. I dont know why ndtv imagine is shutting their shows. they are telecasting good and religious shows including chadra gupt mourya.

    this is one of favouraite shows of my family. pls. broadcast this show.

  157. hi we want our beloved cgm back……….cgm ek aisa historical show hai jississe youngesters apna jeevan sudhar sakte hai chanakya ke margdarshan se hum sahi galat shamajh paayenge………..we want our cgm and chanakya back Asa Soon As Possible……jai ho maa bharti!!

  158. We will evrrything for our cgm.We will not let our cgm go away from us.Ww will go for a hunger strike.Why do not you understand viewers choice.our choice is cgm only cgm nothing else.

  159. plsssssssssssssssssssssssss strat cgm…one of the my fav show…..pls …sir do something…

  160. Hi Saar arts…….this is the kind requets from all of my friend and family plaese telecast our cgm on other channel.We have no choice other then cgm.jai maa bharti

  161. Hi Sagar arts please telecast our cgm on other channel plzzzzzzzzzzz.Really it is not possible to live without cgm.We eagarly wait for cgm it is a part of our life plaese telecast cgm on other channel asap.

    bhaag mat kar pryas!!

  162. we will do whatever we can do to get back our cgm.We are continously requesting sagar arts to telecast cgm on other channel.we want cgm back at any cost that is is.jai maa bharti.

  163. plz…plz…plz….plz…plz…plz…plz….plzz……p.lz.z.z.zzzz SaVe ChAnDu

    the time it was going on was the ””””” GOLDEN PERIOD ””””” for tv history

    we just love it and want it back……
    jai ho ….. jai ho ……

  164. Hi sagar arts please telecast chandragupta maurya on other channel.
    I can’t live without watching it …
    Jai ho….
    Jai maa bharti

  165. i am a cgm lover and will do whatever it takes to make cgm survive this is not fair they cnt compromise wih the viewers interest cgm has to cum back for sure the show has created history and trust me this is just the begining ….jai ho

  166. PLease telecat our cgm on other channel please

    We are MAURYANS and we will not let our beloved cgm go away form us
    Jai maa bharti

  167. Hi Sagar arts plz do not keep away our cgm from us we ca not live without cgm.We will do each and everything to bring back our beloved cgm and Our Great Achrya chankya!!!

    Jai Maa Bharti!!!!

  168. Hi Sagar arts can you please let us know when our cgm will be back to us now this is tooooooomuch we can not even think of living without our beloved cgm plz telecast our cgm on other channel.
    Jai maa bharti

  169. We all are Mauryans.Hum apne cgm ko wapas laakar rahenge
    Hum Saam ,daam,dand,bhed charoo niti ka proyog karenge apne cgm ko wapas laane ke liye
    Jai maa bharti.

  170. Hi Sagar Arts cgm is the best best bset historical show i ever seen this is a very popular show then why r you not telecasting cgm on other channel?
    Viewers wants to see only CGM nothing else?

    Jai maa bharti

  171. we must need this programme ,pleas restart.

  172. save CGM

  173. hum apne cgm ko telecast karana ke liye kuch bhi karenge.bas humko hamara cgm wapas chahiye or kuch nahi.

    Because we do not hvae any choice other than cgm

  174. pls restart cgm

  175. pls restart cgm

  176. After searching hard I found this site.

    Thanks to all of you guys for raising voice for CGM.

    Any channel please start CGM .Each and every saturday w/o CGM is too much painful…
    please consider our prayer….

  177. Please bring back Chandragupta Maurya on some other channel if possible.JAI MAA BHARATI !!!

  178. please restart chandragupta maurya serial

  179. please save cgm. Many people dont know how to use net. So one cant think that only 50000 people want cgm to come back


  181. We want our beloved CGM back at anycost.

    We can not live without watching our Achrya and CGM

    Jai maa bharti!!

  182. Hi Sagar Arts,

    We request you please telecast our CGM on other channel.

    You know the popularity of CGM

    CGM is the great historical and Knowledgeable show in my cosciety only wait for Saturday.PLease telecast only those thing which are being requetsed from the viewers.

    Jai maa bharti!!

  183. We want our CGM back

    That’s it!

    Jai maa bharti

  184. Hi Sagar arts!! please telecast our CGM on other channel as this is now oure part of life.

    And whole country is requesting you to telecast our CGM on other channel.

    Viewerw wants to know about the royall histroy of our country the great Chanakya whose niti helped india to unite.

    Why do not telecast CGM if whole country only want to watch CGM only?

    Jai maa bharti

  185. Hi Sagar Arts CGM is the only show me and my family loves a lot.

    We are 55,000 Mauryan and hum apne beloved CGM ko wapas laakar hi rahenge

    Jai maa bharti!!

  186. We want out CGM back we will do everything for our CGM.

    We want to know about the life of our great Emprors.

    Sagar arts please telecats our CGM on other channel.

    Jai maa bharti!!

  187. Hi Sagart Arts we requet you please telecats our CGM each and everybody loves this show and grab knowladge from the great indian Teacher Chanakya and CGM.

    Jai maa bharti

    Please telecast CGM on other channel As soon as possible.

  188. Hi Sagar Arts we can not live without our CGM please we are about to die without beloved CGM.

    “Veerta ki mishaal hai Chandragupt”

  189. Even i can not live without CGM.Everey saturday i wait for CGM hum………..

    please sagar arts please telecast our CGM on other channel

  190. Please bring back our CG, the indian whole family find of CGM.

    Please telecast our CGM on other channel

    Bhaag mat kar pryas

  191. Hi Sagar arts you can make it possible it is very easy for you .Plesae telecast CGM on other Channel As soon As Possible.

    Jai maa bharti

  192. Hi Sagar Arts please telecast our CGM on other channel no one can live without CGM.

    CGM is a part is our life.

    PLease telecast CGM on other channel As soon as possible

  193. If possible,plz bring back CGM on some other channel.

  194. CGM must continue because it is the need of the hour.
    It is a soul elevating serial which inspires society to give up selfish and mean interests for the sake of the country’s glory and progress.
    It brings up the greatness of self-self sacrifice for the welfare of society and for a noble ideal.It highlights the eternal relevant teachings of Seva, Guru Bhagavan ko Samarpan and atut Sraddha (selfless service, surrender to Guru & God and unconditional faith).
    It teaches the time tested ever valid Indian crisis management techniques.
    The channel which will telecast it ,it will gain a lot of popularity.
    I belong to a foreign background and this serial has awakened in me more love, respect and admiration for Indian culture, traditions and history. Therefore it is our duty as global citizens to make our best efforts to save this wonderful serial which is an asset not only for mother India but for the humanity as a whole. Jai Maa Bharti!!!

  195. chandra gupt maurya is one of the best historical serial so please restart it.we want it back.if it couldn’t telecast on imagine tv than telecast it on other channel !
    jai maa bharti!!!

  196. Hi Sagar Arts please telecast our CGM on other channel.plaese.

    This is the most wanted Show for all the Country.

    Jai maa bharti

  197. Without CGM every saturday goes with srrow.We requset you please telecast our CGM on other channel this not a big deal for you sagar arts.

    Jai ho.

    Please understand what viewers want to see.

  198. Need to start CGM – The work and message of Chandra Gupta the greatest King of India needs to be told to the nation

  199. Hi sagar arts please telecast our CGM on other channel please

    Jai ho

  200. CGM…..please come back to us we miss you a lot

    Jai maa bharti

  201. we want CHANDRA GUPT MAURYA back……………….JAI MAA BHARTI

  202. Sagar Arts it is our kind request to you please telecast our beloved CGM on other channel As soon as possible.We can not live without our CGM.

    Bhaag mat kar pryas.

    Hurry up.

  203. we will keep you requsting to bring our CGM as soon as possible.CGM is the most wanted and best historical show which is full of Knowledge.

    Jai maa bharti!!

    Sagar arts please listen our requset and telecast our CGM on other channel

  204. Telecast CGMm on other channel is not a big deal for you sagar arts then without waiting please telecast it on other channel.We really miss CGM.

    Our every saturday goes very sad with out CGM

  205. we want CHANDRA GUPT MAURYA back……………please restart it….we need it.

  206. CGM is the best show in indian television.I do not know why sagar arts delaying to telecast CGM on other channel.

  207. we want CHANDRAGUPT MAURYA back……………please restart it….we need it.

  208. cgm is one of the best serial we want it back……….jai ho!!!

  209. chandragupt mauya is one of the best serial……plzz restart it on other channel…….jai maa bharti!!!!!!

  210. I’m very upset of not viewing my fav show infact my whole family r sad fr sudden closer of CGM……..
    we all loved CGM frm heart,,.coz we learnt art of living & many more good morals & good lessons from this show……..this was the only whic wr were allowed to see during board xams also,,…..CGM is much much valuable,,,..& i am concrete on bringing back this,,,,,i would request all other private channels to resume this show wd no more delay of time…..,,,,,,,,
    I’m 100%sure this show will bring great feedback to the channels!!
    Thanku & plz share my deep feelings to everyone who r trying hard to bring CGM back,….
    jai ho
    jai maa bharti,…!

  211. “bhaag mat kar prayas, kar prayas bhaag mat…” i really keep my fingers crossed after going through the news of cgm to make a come back on sony entertainment..let’s all pray for it…jai maa bharti

  212. we want our dear show back on tv, all the more coz it’s more than a mere serial for us, it’s like 1.30 hrs of gaining knowledge and wordly wisdom in the form of acharya’s political and practical lessons.. since the show stopped siring i’m missing it badly, please bring back our show, jai ho !!

  213. I totally support on considering moving CGM to other channels. Please do something to bring it back. We are still upset and still can’t believe that we won’t be able to see CGM anymore.

  214. Please restart this serial again….

  215. i am also pray for restart of chandragupta maurya at any channal.

  216. plz don’t close cgm and try to get it back on imagine plz i can’t stop my novel on cgm your show is my inspiration my total family loves your show plz plz its my kind request you can’t stop it in middle plz i want to see mihika ,durdhara,cgm , shashank,chanakya,kalyani back on show iam fan of cgm show .there is so much effort of rushiraj,mohak,siddharth,aniketh . specially rushi its rushi’s first show
    this serial is awarded with i.t.a. plz,plz.jai maa bharathi!!! jaiho!!! iwould like to see it next week plz

  217. plz plz restart cgm iam writting a novel on cgm plz start it .its my superstars RUSHIRAJ PAWAR’S first show he will feel bad and sad i love cgm show plz start it i can’tl stop my at half plz plz JAI MAA BHARATHI !!!JAIHO!!!!!

  218. Jai maa bharti . people who do not know history of great india must know through this program

  219. It should be restarted .As it is clear that it has a lot of popularity.It iis high time for the other channels to grab the opurtunity

  220. pls restart the serial CGM again we cant leave without watchin it….plsssssssssssssss

  221. plese come back ndtv imegine chenal and all shows

  222. We want CHANAKYA Back….at any cost…

  223. chandu aajo please humse kahe roote ho tume achrya chanyka ki kasam ha please aajo

  224. please restart cgm this is our favorite serial

  225. pls save cgm

  226. Chandragupta Maurya is the best TV show ever in teh Indian History. Further it shows that how the determinant and focused person can achieve the aim in life. This serial is really inspirational for youth as well as children, so i request other channels to please buy Chandra gupta Maurya TV show and telecast it soon.

  227. i want cgm to return back with ashish sharma i will not enjoy without him

  228. plz save it

  229. please cgm ko wapas lao…..iske jaane ke bad aisa lagta hai jaise….meri life ka ek hissa gum ho gaya hai……..i like chankya very very much..he is my teacher…jai ma bhartiiiiiiii




  233. plz start my fav serial cgm

  234. jai maa bharti

  235. plzzzzzzzzzzzz start cgm gor how much more time should we wait

  236. jai maa bharti jai ho this serial would really give great leaders in future to bring india on top

  237. CGM is a great TV show. We want it back with all the existing Actors who are playing the roles in a very good manner.

  238. THIS CGM serial is the best serial, which teach me about life.and it have to come back…….

  239. we will not stop…. bhagg mat kar prayas

  240. Please chandragupta maruya restart sony TV

    manish wadhawa ur are the specail ! Chankya !


  241. I’m a child of 14 years and cand anythung for Chandragupta Maurya. The heavy amount of brunt which has effected me can never effect any other. pls pls pls pls can you send CGM to me and all those 55000 people who are wanting Chandragupta Maurya and Chankya back. all those 55000 people, I request u all that don’t ever turn your backs regarding thus TV show. Remeber Bhagg mat kar prayas and if neede we can also send a letter to BCCC.

    I Thank You all the 55000 people.

  242. The closure of CGM is the reflection of bad Indian politics.Good things never earn by simple way.It is just Indian politics Vs Anna Hazare(Chanakya) .This serial mainly based on politics .If the govt is serious it should be aired on DD National hookup.

  243. please start again cgm





  246. Just start CGM as early as possible.

  247. Whether Sony or any other TV channel, whoever telecasts CGM must do it at the earliest. It not only makes Indians proud of their Golden history but also makes us realise the importance, essence and value of those assets in our day-to-day life. May the Megahit serial CGM come back to us.

  248. i am a student of arts and as a student of history i like chandragupta maurya very much . This story is teach us for being a great men and feel a pain of another . This is a very famous epic . So i reques sagar arts if any problem in imagine channel they shift chandragupta serioul in other famous channel likd star plus . Please …..

  249. plz dont close CGM , n dont replace ashish , plz plz plz plz

  250. Please do come back for the sake of interested viewers… i think this show is the best show ever… Chanakya.., kar prayas bhaag mat.. We’ll meet shortly in another channel.. cya soon..

  251. ye hamara vishwas hai ki cgm wapas aayega .
    we are waiting for cgm.

  252. Its not fair … I want CGM back !!! I luv that show<3 , the actors are amazing!! JUST BRING IT BACK!!!

  253. Cgm back please any channel.i love this show mera aapse nivaden hai please cgm ko again start

  254. it has shown how powerful our leaders was that they defeated even world winner too.

    CGM should continue.

  255. plz start the serial of chandragupt maurya as earlier as possible in any channel immediately.

  256. CGM will restart immidiately

  257. Guys, I’ve been able to know that why it has been delay to show CGM channel in other
    channel especially Sony.It is because of Turner company.That Turner company who had shutted down the CGM serial.I had just contacted Telly Chakkar’s office They told me that for showing CGM to Sony channel Sagar arts had to receive NOC means Non Objection Certificate.This certificate is the proof means Turner has no objection to show
    CGM serial to other channel.But for issuing this certificate Turner are making delay. I don’t know why! That’s why I’m making request to all CGM fans of all over India that direct mail your comment for issuing NOC to Turners email id. Email id of turner is imagine.response@turner,com. The contact numbers of Turner are 022-67733999,40588888,9920879828,9820796760,022-67733996. By contacting to Turner only we able to CGM to other channel or Sony as soon as possible.So guys don’t waste time just go for it.

  258. Ek hi to achchha serial tha, itni achchhi sanvad shaili thi , itne achchhe patra the. Itna gyan itni prerana. Kripya C. G. M. Ko jald se jald chalu karen. Jay Hind.

  259. shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….shuro karo…….
    CGM shuro karo……. Kyoki Iaisi siriyal se kadachit bharat ka bhavishy ujjaval ho shakta hai.aap kya kahate hai ???

  260. please restart the historic seriall.

  261. we are not happy with all money mided tv owners, they shall consider such greatest serial

  262. restart the serial cgm rocks

  263. hi Hardik Jani from U.K. I request to indian media about the Chandragupata Muarya Serial re-telecast again on different channel b’coz after i seen this serial i felt i have to do somthing for my country India.india is a great.



  264. pleaseeee come backkk……… CGM WE ALL WANT YOU BACK…… bloody all you channel people just seee what this serial has done to all of us… becoz of us u ppl can ride in a bmw……….. so u better respect our wishes……… cgm back,…. back……. back……. it will come back…………

  265. please back cgm as fast as

  266. cgm my favourate serial restart again.iam eagerly waiting for the show to start.

  267. 143 rushiraj , so i like cgm

  268. Chandragupt maurya & chankya !!!!!!!!!!!! Come back

  269. i have heard that some mauryan’s fan’s wrote to ministry brodcasting and some of them went to meet to rahul gandhi to restart the cgm

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