Jan 252012
According to News of Delhi sources, Imagine Channel has decided to change the timings of the popular show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’. Channel has even made it sure to telecast CGM once in a week after 11th Feb., earlier it used to be telecasted on Friday and Saturday at 9 PM.
Since the beginning of CGM, it has attracted millions of viewers for its great story, Chanakya and CGM characters. Indians through out the world seem to be becoming huge fan of Chanakya and CGM. I’ve also met many parents who even write the dialogues of ‘Chanakya’ in the show every week to teach their kids. It is hard to digest that CGM, being so popular, is going to be telecasted once in a week. Its Facebook page has more than 10,000 fans in no time, CGM on YouTube is also a huge hit as its episodes have thousands of views, it is the no.1 show on Imagine according to Indiantelevision.com. Being the editor of NewsofDelhi.com, I’ve collected some important data about CGM show which clearly shows that it is one of most popular shows of Indian TV these days. See the pics below carefully:

TRP Clearly Shows that It is No.1 show on Imagine. Pic Courtesy: IndianTelevision.com

CGM's Facebook Page Which has more than 10,000 Followers and Counting

YouTube Views of CGM, Check Carefully

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  215 Responses to “Huge Disappointment among fans as Imagine TV decides to telecast ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ once in a week”

  1. this is a very disappointing news amongst all our CGM fans..we wait through out the week for this particular show..this show has gained trp to the channel..now can this channel tell us except CGM which show has this potentiality ..tht boring saas-bahu serial”BEEND” is rubbish,PREETO’s so called ‘rona-dhona’ is boring..and tht seasonal SWAYAMBHAR show..this shows shud be axed first..

  2. we want our CGM back on time..friday.saturday 9_10pm..

  3. im reli dissapointed by imagine tv dat dey r changing d timings of chandragupt maurya plzzzzzzzz jst change ur decision imagine tv


  5. pls. Don’t do this….

  6. We want our CGM back on the same time….we MAURYANS will fight until we get our show back on the same time no matter what happens !!! CGM is the bestest show !! Jai Ho !!! JAI MAA BHAVANI !!!

  7. Congratulations, Now Imagine TV has Become a 1. Stupid Channel with NO Intellectual Value left, Chandragupta Maurya is the only Show I watch on TV, but Imagine TV has managed to cut short one episode, just for TRPs’, to mark my Protest, starting from today, I will not watch Imagine TV from 09:00 Hrs to 10:00 Hrs from Monday to Friday from 11 Feb’12 & will not watch any Show aired on Imagine TV except Chandragupta Maurya, Shani Dev & Dwarkadhish. Rather, I’ll watch “Minute To Win It” on AXN Channel, its a whole new season.

  8. Yes we r disappointed n we will fight against this injustice of imagine tv imagine tv better u change ur decision keep our show on same as before warna acha nahi hoga..

    i want back my cgm on fri n sat @ 9 pm show ……….

  9. yes awesme news.
    Lv u maurya. Lv u. Yes we dnt want cgm tym to b changd

  10. the best shw . Dnt change d tym. Mauryans r best. Jai ho

  11. dis is d nly channel who knws d value of rakhi sawant ,rahul mahajan n veena malik-world’s 3 cartoons!!! most dissapointing decision of imagine…..jst hate it.i dont need here to praise cgm to dis stupid channel coz xcept dis channel all knws its value nd its eq.

  12. we want back our very veryyy own show cgm at its previous time slot fri-sat 9pm to 10pm.. plzz stop playing wdh dis veryy special show.. bcz if d time slot will be chenged den we d mauriyans will not tollerate dis.. chandragupta maurta iz d only show of dis channel which carring some decent trp nd public demands.. sooo imagine tv channel have to change their stupid decission like it… we r always ready to do anything 4 our cgm… jai hoooo…

  13. the channel perhaps wants too much of experimentation. there are numerous shows its hosting that need to be stopped rught now.
    1. Beend banunga.. ghori/gadha whatevr.. its utter rubbish.
    2. baba aiso var dhoondo.. with memory loss, rebirth, loss found over, now thewy hav undergone a leap bt they effortlessly remain the most boring show ever.
    3. ajab desh ki.. watevr- rakhi’s decreasing dresses dnt interest us at all.. and her loud/lewd jokes r more insulting than amusing.
    4. the swayamvars- another rubbish thing whch has got nothin to do with so many viewers coz its not our wedding !
    instead of lokking into dese, the channel now wants to cut short the only thing it has worth watching. outstanding.

  14. This is the best show ever and why do u change the timings for sake of other show. if not on friday and saturday; telecast it on Saturday and Sunday. why to make it once in a week.

    Really very disappointed with this news… we want this show twice or more than that.

  15. i cant believe Imagine can take such a idiotic decision..dont they know which show gives them their highest trp’s ? where were they before chandragupt maurya started airing ? but it’s no use of telling them..they will axe down air time of chandragupt maurya for whom ..rakhi sawant, veena malik , rahul mahajan !! why ? dear Imagine channel, we dont want to see their cleavages or catfights ..we want a show with a good content. are you listening ??

  16. Please Imagine don’t change d timings of cgm otherwise make cgm as a daily serial from mon-fri at 9p.m

  17. When CGM is having such a good TRP,then why is imagine not giving preference to it??Moreover it is telecasted only for 2 days..we are not saying to telecast it everyday..but atleast dont change the timings!! Imagine should change their decision..

  18. Imagine TV has gone insane. This is why they can never compete with big channels.

  19. Well it is very disappointing decision of channel IMAGINE TV . They are making such changes just to give screenspace to saas-bahu sagas . Its very bad decision of channel as cgm show depicts the Golden era of Indian History , but unfortunately they dont have any sympathy or feelings for viewers which is Fact . even on facebook page of Imagine TV they seems insulting as they dont bother to reply any viewer . according to TRP’s chandragupta maurya have remained no.1 show on imagine in terms of ranks of imagine tv , this is the lame excuse by channel that they dont trust chandragupta maurya show .. as an indian i feel insulting as they want to show saas-bahu dramas which is a curse for indian society rather than continuing woth chandragupta maurya which gives a lot to learn – which is worth in practical life . i hope imagine tv change their decision very soon .. GET WELL SOON..

  20. Yes, surely there is huge disappointment in CGM fans after hearing this sad news! The serial teaches many things like patriotism, bravery & sacrifice of Chandragupt for ‘Akhand Bharat’, ‘guru-shishya parampara’, best teachings of Acharya Chanakya, etc. to be learnt from this show by each & every citizen of our country. Especially for children, this serial brings many things to be inculcated from their very childhood. And with proud, I would like to say that the CGM team is doing their best to present the history in all ways & hold its viewers tightly.

    the serial takes only two hours in a week! If the channel increase the telecast timings, it should not reduce the timings atleast!

  21. we dont watch cgm for actors or actress .. we watch it for us , for our development . Imagine tv , if you dont respect feelings of viewrs then you wont ever get on top .. I HATE YOUR MONEY MAKING ATTITUDE .. you want to do swayamvar for veena malik ?? a pakistani actress ?? dso you even know meaning of SWAYAMVAR ?? please change your decision , we wont ever tolerate INJUSTICE .. ek hi toh show hai cgm , why are you touching it ??


  23. It is all because of this government. Only a change in this government can stop such issues. The government fears that with the help of this show there may start a new revolution in the country. The tactics that Chanakya used in that days is very nicely shown in this program due to which it seems extremely realistic and that is the reason government is avoiding to get the revolutionary thought into the minds of the people. Social media should be used for this purpose. i think each one of us should ask our friends to like Chandragupta Maurya’s and Chanakya’s facebook page so that another revolution takes place. After all government is harming our moral democratic rights.

  24. This is horrible!!!
    The imagine Tv has gone insane!!!!! can’t they understand this little fact that CGM is the best show on their channel!! reducing it to one day will lower their TRPs!!!!!
    but they will support their daily shows which hardly get any TRPs!! Still!!

    I m extremely disapppointed!!

  25. this is the best show nd we want our show to be at its best….we will not compromise wid show’s timings being changed….imagine shud definitely change its decision….!!!

  26. It’s a sad information that NDTV is taking such a step. It is like modifying the taste of viewers. How can you let useless, baseless and only entertaining serials take higher priority over such serials like CGM?
    It had helped us appreciate the true and worthy history of our rich culture.
    Don’t be afraid to stay different with such wonderful programs like CGM… Keep the timings same; I would rather say, increase the frequency!

  27. This is the only show which we like on Imagine TV, I think a wrong decision by Channel.
    our humble request & suggestion to Management don’t take such kind of decision.

    Really it will be very much disappointed..Think again…

  28. this is totally unfair…. they should increase the no of telecast days….

  29. dont do this CGM is a good program better you telecast it one more day or everyday.

  30. This is one of the best shows shoiwn on TV…vry disappointg news…I wantd it to run everyday for 1 hour….but wat d hell now….

  31. Please don’t do it I lv CGM …N wanted to c it on friday and saturday

  32. CGM is an essential part of our life…..is dharavahik naee bharat kae es nai pihri ko protsahit kiya hae….aur ham aaesa hone nahi de sakte…CGM ko hafte mae do baar dekhne kae liye ankhe tarasti hae aur aab ye…its qrong

  33. plz change your decision.. we are the fav viewer of cgm and wanna c this episode 5days in a weak.. atleast half and hour in a day..

  34. Chandragupta Maurya is my favourite show ever.I cant imagine my life without this show.it is telecasted only twice a week.and now imagine has decided to telecast it only once a week.aal the viewers are really disappointed with this news.imagine should not neglect the fact that its the viewers who make their channel flourish.they cant play with the sentiments of d fans of this show.

  35. according to indiantelevision.com our show chandragupta maurya is at the top amongst other shows on imagine.then why the hell have u decided to change the time slot of ur channel’s best show???????????why being so mean?


  37. Imagine tv s decision to air the show once a week is idiotic and ridiculous at the same time.
    Who the hell is interested in who Veena malik gets married to.. or any other utter rubbish show telecasted on the channel.
    I tune in to watch CGM , which is the only show worth watching on the channel . Moreover it is also the most popular of Imagine tv and the highest TRP gainer inspite of being aired only 2wice a wk
    I want our show onthe same time and on the same days .. else , stop watching any show aired on the channel except for CGM.

  38. I think NDTV imagine not desrve for serial like Chandragupta Maurya, luckly NDTV got CGM,
    But they can’t understand objactive of CGM, I request CGM Team, pls continue CGM show either on Imagine or other channel.

  39. Pls sir,if you want to change timings, then change it to 5 times in week at 9 o clock pm.that to of only half an hour.pls sir its viewer request

  40. on’t change d timing of one nd only vry vryyy special show our veryy own CGM (CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA)… plzzzz..

  41. Please don’t change the timings…. Its the best show and has the highest rating on NDTV Imagine… plaese yaar!! Don’t change thr timing!!Please!!

  42. the best show a benchmark in television history portrays our glorious past we learn so much from this serial PLEASEEEEEE do not chane the timings

  43. Imagine tv is doing that bcoz it doesnt deserve the Great shows Like chandragupt maurya!!!!


  45. Dis is veryyyyyyy sad ndtv come on whts wrng wid u guyzz….

  46. we want the cgm timing back, it is the bestest show ever…….
    change the dicision please………..

  47. Chandragupta Maurya is a great initiative on the part of Sagar Arts, 72 degrees and NDTV Imagine to present the life and times of two of the greatest heroes of our history and society, Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya…. this serial is a window to our ancient and rich history which we should be proud of and pass on to our coming generations.

    It is a obvious fact that all countries across the globe who are highly developed and have high ranking on human development and quality of life indexes are extremely proud of their history, their past and pass it on in the most appropriate manner to their future generations to create that feeling of ownership and pride in them so that they are proud of their country and citizenship. CGM is a effort towards meeting this very goal. Given this, it is very disappointing to know that the channel has decided to telecast this fabulous piece of work only once a week from feb onwards. I strongly protest against this move and want CGM to be telecasted on Friday and Saturday at the prime time i.e. 9.00 p.m.

  48. thats not fair chandragupt maurya show should be shown evey fri_sat from 9pm to10. so please change your decision plz plz plz…..

  49. This is the only serial all in our family from the age of 77 my father in law to my daughter age 7 all eagerly wait for the serial to watch. The education material content in the serial along with the historical knowledge is immense. However, boasting of these types of content from the channel, they are going behind mere publicity behind the unsuccessful swayamvar / marriage in real life. This time that too for the person who is not an Indian. For Non-Indian imagine tv is compromising on Indian history. Today on Independence Day I feel ashmed to say that imagine tv is going behind such a person who had openly flirted in big boss earlier season. This swamyar will have the same fate like rakhi sawant swayamvar. If imagine tv has raddi bar sharam they have to revert back their decision.

  50. please… don’t do this.

  51. plz don’t change the timings of CGM this is the best show o

  52. plz don’t change the timings of CGM this is the best show on imagine tv

  53. I watch imagine channel only bcos i like this show.else apart this this channel is of no use for viewers….

  54. Please don’t change the show timings

    This is the best serial of current television era

    kind Regards

  55. this is not fair
    cgm had become my favorate
    it has big trp’s
    good global fan folowing
    big views
    than whats wrong
    it teaches us a lot of things abt life

  56. What is your problem imagine tv ?? are you out of your mind , this is insult of indian history .. please prove us all wrong by changing your decision .. it will make you legend

  57. Please is show ko Monday to Satarday ka kar do

  58. This is the injustice done by the ndtv imagine towards cgm lovers.this show is related to our history but the new show that is telecased by the channel is not related to our history and i think these news shows introduced on imagine only for increasing the trp of the channel.it is our humble request to the channel please shift the timing of the new shows rather then decreasing the days of telecast of chandragupta maurya.

  59. This is very disappointing decision taken by channel Imagine tv .. cgm have always been best in terms of giving valuable knowledge to us . its very shameful that channel wants to air it only once in a week and wants to give more screen space to saas-bahu sagas .. GET WELL SOON IMAGINE TV .. reputation is precious then money making attitude 🙂

  60. I started watching Imagine Tv just to watch CGM!!! 🙁 the only serial i watch! this news has reallyyyyy disappointed us… 🙁 Today the World needs Chanakaya’s teachings …please dont stop this….. 🙁

  61. Imagine tv is now made…because imagine tv decide to change time of CGM

  62. imagine tv how can u even think of doing this??CGM the best show high trp’s awsome mindblowing superb.do not chane its telecast schedule.jo best use hi hilana hai??ek hi to show hai jo imagine par dekhne lakye hai.rest all is useless.what a STUPID decision to make it once a week.rethink over your decision.DO NOT REDUCE ITS TELECAST.Don’t u people love ur country your past.COME ON WAKE UP.Aj republic day hai aj to ankhe kholo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Pllllzzzz Don’t Do That….. We are such a Huge fan of this show. We can’t accept any other show instead of this show.

  64. just look at your imagine page of facebook .. purra chandragupta maurya fans se bhara pada hai .. please re think on your decision or else no one will be able to trust your channel

  65. Dear Imagine I am Big Friend Chandra Gupta Mourya this Serial is Superb the best show a benchmark in television history portrays.

    The Show pls continue Like Friday- Saturday 9-10 Pm. PLZ DONT CHANGE THE TIMINGS!!!

    Thanks & Looking Forwards ur Response

    Warm regards ,

    Sandeep Kumar

  66. just look at your imagine page of facebook .. purra chandragupta maurya fans se bhara pada hai .. please re think on your decision or else no one will be able to trust your channel
    GET WELL SOON maamu

  67. this is disappointing and heartbreaking..for us cgm fans..i think imagine tv itself wants to get destroyed by taking this decision …for god’s sake don’t do this injustice with our show

  68. PLEASE u can’t change the telecast days of CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA…because its the only show on ur channel that has gained the top ranking…so changing the days of telecast u will gain nothing but only lose more of ur viewers..because most people watch Imagine only because of CGM…
    so please dont change the telecast day…

  69. wtf , dont do that please imagine tv , you will fall very badly if you dont change your decision

  70. very worried news for us,we were thinking dat we shall request to imagine TV to allow CGM to come in 7 days a week….no no we can’t accept it!!plz don’t do dat,inspite u allow CGM for 7 days in a week ie monday to sunday….!!!

  71. Please don’t change the telecast days of CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA….
    Because out of all the rubbish shows u have got..CGM is AWESOME historical show ever made in the history of T.V…and not I who is saying this its the statistics..which say that even during the cricket season the trp of tis show was more than any show on any channel…say if what I discussed is wrong…and any ways the Swayamwer tat u give so much importance are TOTAL RUBBISH…n cgm is only the best show u got..so don’t lose ur viewers by doing such a stupid thing to ur best show..

  72. Bad Decision. We were eagerly waiting for this show. Please do not give much importance to other shows. Jai maa Bharati.

  73. Imagine should learn from colors , due to people request they already changed the show Veer Shivaji , from three days a week to weekly ! But it seems that Imagine has really got insane trying to promote their other shows by reducing the broadcast time of its best show…………This show deserves to be shown weekly but If they can’t make it weekly then at least they should not reduce it to a single day a week………!

  74. ever never change our fav show cgm’s time slot.. plzzz thorasa sharam karoo.. nd change ur idiotic decission.. cgm k liye humsab sab kuch kar sakte h… mind it… don’t take mauriyans soo easily guyz… keep cgm’s timing as it is.. jai ho.. jai ma bharati….

  75. Well. Its all decided. Anyhow, we keep telling you. Atleast, on that one day of telecast, why dont you make it a two hours show?

  76. Very sad to know this. A show having learnings of life and so important to be known and inculcated in the mind and souls of every living being, not just Indians, is given second preference. Wake up Imagine TV, this is the show which is building the character, strentgth and soul of everybody watching this. All the more important in present time of so much depletion of human, mental, social values. Imagine TV you are doing the social good by showing this serial and it will be no less crime than a Traitor of the nation, to curtail the showtime of such great epic of Indian History which shaped the world.


  78. its very dissapointing. it seems the channel has no sense of values. they wil promote all worst serials ajb desh ki ghasab kahani that cheap rakhi sawant one. and other saas bahu serials which has absolutely no values. y the channel telecasts third class shows like swayamwar what wil we get by viewing these nonsense shows. CGM has so much to learn . the ideas given in it also helps even in real life. infact its telecast should be increased and other serials should be scrapped and these mad people r reducing its telecast. its very sad and dissappointing. i feel very pity for the channel people who took this decision bcos they cant distinguish between a good and bad show. they have good opprotunity to give good knowledge and good teachings to all the viewers.

    its my sincere nature plz do not change the telecast timings.

  79. I think NDTV imagine not desrve for serial like Chandragupta Maurya, luckly NDTV got CGM,
    But they can’t understand objactive of CGM, I request CGM Team, pls continue CGM show either on Imagine or other channel.

  80. Chandragupta Maurya is the only show that i want to watch on tv. I am a big fan of this show and I like to watch it twice in a week. It is very bad dessigen to air it once in a week. Plz imagine tv, take your dessigen back.

  81. Imagine ppl r out of their minds.
    instead of axing rubbish fake swayamvars and other worthless shows, how come they cut down the timings of the only show worth watching on the channel??

    The channel does not desreve a show lyk CGM … therefore, they dont know its worth.

  82. Imagine Tv we want our fav. show CGM back on time Friaday/Saturday 9-10 P.M. If you really don’t do this, you shouldn’t deserve this show to telecast any more.

  83. Cgm is the only worthwhile serial which almost all the people of our country would like to see. To REDUCE the TIMINGS of such a good serial, CGM, will REDUCE the POPULARITY of your CHANNEL So pl change your decision and continue the same timings of the show.

  84. This is such a motivational story that our citizen should have to know about this personality I never miss this serial i get atleast one motivation from every episode. so please don’t change the timing of the serial . i will be highly thankful to u for this……

  85. this is not fair on the channels part according to sources cgm has highest trp on ndtv imagine and i can guarantee that its the most veiwed show of imagine for a new show they should nt displace our show and dissapoitnt the veiwer this decision of channel is heartbreaking and wont be just and acceptable by fanz of cgm ever if the channel do not understand the worth of this show its there loss i will never see imagine again ever

  86. IMAGINE TV have to change this nonsence stupid money making decission… they have to telicust our favourite CGM(CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA) atleaste twise( fri sat 9pam to 10 pm)in a week.. CGM is d only show of imagine channel with a lot off trp nd public demands.. chandragupta maurya serial se hum sab ko ache achee views sikhne ko milta h.. but is pagal channel ne is serial ka telicast hapte m 1 din karva rahe h or uske badle m sas bahu type ka kuch nonsence serials chalu kar rahe h onlyyyyyyyyyyy for money.. shame on dis channel… chiii guyzz…

  87. cgm ko toh daily hona chahie,use ekdin kam kar diya,what a stupid decision:(get well soon imagin:/


  89. IMGIVE TV…Chanakya told that HONEST TREE’S are cut first…Can u just prove that as HONEST TREE’S are treated well????

  90. we want our show on their original time,i do not understand the logic behind the shortning of one episode of cgm because cgm is the top most of all other shows on imagine tv,in terms of trp, it also a bigger player than any other show on imagine,i think the sagar producers should think for not providing any other show to the imagine tv in the future

  91. who dnt respect hist. We dnt respct thm. Imagne u r vry bad!

  92. u will regret ur decision i hate thissssssss channelllllllllll

  93. I think they are going to mAke rakhi show thrice a week and veena’s whole week.
    What the hell these people want, A life changing subject is closing to 1 day,, and the nonsense subject like I have mentioned is to be aired.. like its going. Go wash your face,getup imagine admins . And look what people wants..
    Jai ho. Jai maa bharti.
    We want CGM thrice a week.

  94. dont change the timing of cgm plsssssssss!

  95. jai ho mauryians

  96. jai ho mauryians ki. Jai ho BHARAT KI.

  97. NDTV-imagine…………. i think koi bi faisla lene se pehle aap logo ko hum sb ki request per bhi gaur kar lena chaihiye………

  98. plz don’t change a time

  99. CGM is the bestest show on Imagine !! We Mauryans wait for the whole week to see CGM…..once a week is toooooo less !!! From the time when CGM starts my eyes are just glued to the Tv….CGM has taught a lot in life !! I am just 13 and I go mad waiting for this serial to come !!! Imagine cannot just change the timings of its most highest rated serial !!!

    JAI HO !!

  100. Imagine…..plzzz change ur decision soon !!! u still have time !!!


  101. take lessons 4rm ur mstke. C d disapointment.

  102. Its the best show…please Imagine don’t change the timings of cgm…We want it on fri-sat.

  103. it is the very goog and best show

    plz…plz…plz….plz….don’t change the timing of c.g.m. we want it on fri-sat.
    and sunday also

  104. To,

    Request to increase the episode per week rather than reducing it…

    All the fans of Chandragupta Maurya

  105. imagine tv discontent is spreading amongst fans including me,your income depends on our viewership,you get bucks because of us please look after our wishes. all of us fans want the time of the show to be as it is or increase in it but no decrease. The achievement of the show is the award won by Manish Wadhwaji(Chanakya). You could remove useless serials like ‘Baba aiso var dhundo’ which is utter and restore or increase time of CGM show.

  106. imagine ke baki shows maha bekaar hain jinhe koi timepass ke lia bhi dekhna na pasand kare . 1 acha cgm ata hai jisse karono indians ki feelings attached hain uske time ke sath alternation karte hue imagine walon ko ratti bhar bhi sharam nahi aayi.ye to hua nahi unse ki 1 din extra dikha de .jo dikha rahe hain wo bhi zyada lag raha hai . ya to cgm apne channel pe na dikhakar kisi aise channel ko transfer karo jo uski izzat kare nahi to time ghata kar iski beizzati mat karo .dikhane ki responsibility li hai to tameez se dikhao ye alternations karke ap apni rahi bachi trp ka bhi kabad kar doge .remember ur channe is from audience nd they r not from u . there r many other channels for daily soaps far better than ur ones .cgm is ur strength .dont play with it

  107. plzzzz dont change the timings……i wait for whole week to watch it

  108. plzzzzz imagine dont change on time we love cgm we dont want to change on time its unfair for cgm fans

  109. what a stupid decision taken by imagine tv………..plz dont change CGM timings……2 days show in a week

  110. Imagine team don’t change the timings plzzzzz
    CGM is just gr8 show…………….plzz try to understand he feeling of CGM fans
    we want this show week and u people are reducing the time ………..very bad

  111. i don’t know acha serial aata hai to kya problem hota hai…….saas bahu k jhagre roz dikha sakte ho lekin CGM nahi…….jisse kuch sikhne ko milta hai….

    plzz imagine team don’t change timings

  112. Please do not change the timing of CGM . It is the show which teaches high values and principles to the children.No other show can compete with CGM.From me and million of CGM fans it is a humble request.

  113. Plz

  114. plz its a kind request ..dont hurt us..cgm z our best show ..we cant leave a single day without cgm on fri n sat day…cgm z my 1st show on imagine tv..i lyk dis serial a lot ..i never missed a single epi of dis serial even in xam tym also i watched dis show..dis imagine news really hurted me n my cgm lovers a lot..i never thought dat dis kind of thing would happen 2 a mindbolwing n heart touching show…plz dont do dis..its a humble request ..plz try 2 understand our feelings also…dont hurt us..plz dont change d timings of dis show…i want 2 watch dis show everyday but i hav 2 manage my wish only for 2 days..n now plz imagine tv dont take it back from me n my cgm lovers..its a kind n humble request..plz try 2 understand dis…

  115. Chandragupta Maurya is a great show, it is a great lession to the viewers, it is a good serial teaching good morals. even amongst the present day vulgarism it is a good piece of morals, good history, good entertainment as well as an idol serial whose telecast should increase not decrease, it is disappointing, please telecast the show biweekly even more,we are waiting for the whole week to watch the serial, plss..it is injustice not only to cgm but also to crores of Indians who are thirsty to take great flvour of pschological Chanakya boost, pls..imagine tv you have no right for such injustice..

  116. A big thank you for this wonderful article supported by facts!! Imagine TV is one lucky channel that got such an amazing show! The show is not just a source of entertainment for followers but it actually provides us so many things to learn!
    This is Imagine’s number one show n has always generated decent TRPs for them! Really sad that the whole world knows the worth of the show and the channel itself is still blindfolded! Better channel people wake up before its death! Coz other shows are not going to take the channel anywhere!

  117. plz dont change time of cgm caus its my favourite show on imagine.

  118. plz dont change time of cgm cause its my favourite show on imagine.

  119. I strongly oppose Imagine TV’s decision to air CGM just once. Instead of having it multiple times they are making it weekly only. Does Imagine TV realise that not just regular viewers but also people who dont generally watch serials are watching CGM . We love the serial, its excellent in each and everyway, direction, acting….it shows our glorious past and its so inspiring. CGM is the only serial that I watch on Imagine TV or any TV channel for that matter. And am sure there are others too who perhaps do the same.

  120. i hate dis imagine tv channel… sharam karo tumlog thorasa.. indian real heroes nd indial history k prati to kuch samman dikha do.. par tum log to har barrrr acheee shows like gkd(gunaho ka devta) cgm(chandragupta maurya) kitni muhabbat hai jaisa show ko hatakar kuch idiot type ka shows like swambar season nd sas bahu serialsko le ate ho.. wat a ganda money making thinking guyzz.. chii chii.. hate dis channel.. :-/ ..

  121. Imagine….CGM is the best show on ur channel !!! u r vry lucky 2 have CGM on ur channel….the story of the wisest person on earth – Chanakya….and the bravest person on earth – Chandragupta Maurya…..their story comes on ur channel !! u r sooo lucky !!!
    bt u r doing injustice to this show !!! by changing its timing there will be a huge prob…..so better watch out and change ur decison as soon as possible

  122. Imagine u just cant do this….CGM is the best rated show on the channel…dont u get dat???????? changing its time is gona be a huge prob for it…NOWAYSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! v want CGM at the same time….n Majority WINSSSS!!!!!!!

  123. i hate dis channel.. chandragupta maurya iz d one nd only show of dis channel which carrying some decent trp.. den how can imagine play wdh dis serial’s time slot.. r they made.. really really hate d channel.. they should feel shame on their mean money making activity like dus.. chiii chiiiii.. :-/ .. hate u imagine tv hate u… WANNA BACK OUR CGM IN FRI-SAT 9 PM TO 10 PM.. jai hooo…

  124. do not change d time slot of our fav show cgm.. >:((((..

  125. shame on you imagine

  126. CGM was,is and will be televised Friday & Saturday at 9pm. that is our demand… The only serial in the NDTV Imagine, which is provided us best learning elements about our Indian history and also teach us the relationship between GURU & SISHYA…and CGM guide us in various way to lid our life…. So this is not a request from us(CGM’s fans)—this is our order to the channel to televise CGM at previous time.

  127. We want our CGM in tree time in week fri, sut n sunday at 9:00pm to 10:00 .

  128. Chandragupta is a series which inspires young minds and is a part of bringing a change and betterment in society.
    It must be carried on as it is without change in timings. Most of other serials are useless for society. If change in timings are for promoting such series, its definitely a serious issue….!!!

  129. CGM is the bestest show ever.all the fans as well as me love to watch CGM …….
    we are very dissappoint from the change in timing so we need the timing back FRI-SAT at
    9:00 pm and it will nice if u will show it on sunday also.

  130. Imagine tv, ur business / income depends on viewership. and here u r completely ignoring viewers demands.
    Zara sooho, k agar apke paas viewers hi nhi rahenge, to aap k achannel kab tak tik paega??
    Abb v time hai, sudhar jao
    change ur decision.

    JUST AS WINE POT CAN NOT B PURIFIED EVEN BY EVAPORATING ALL WINE BY FIRE…………….THESE 3 PEOPLE zennat khan gursheed walia & rakesh jain hav dirty mind nd just wan rubbish pethitic nd dirt to masses of people thus polutting furter minds ……..just 4 there benifit dey want 2 serve rubbish things 2 people shame on them.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.dissappointed…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. take the decision back of cgm.,,.once time weekly,..,
    it will be sone pe suhaga if it comes 4 1 n half hour bt 2 times vkly

  133. It is very shameful that even after such huge oppose Imagine Tv does not bother to respect feelings of viewers . They want to stop cgm so they have started implementing strategies , as if cgm will be aired only once in a week . . the cost will be much higher for producers and so they wont be able to bear it and so gradually cgm serial will have to shut down very early
    Get Well Soon Imagine Tv

  134. CGM IS BEST
    jai maa bharati
    jai ho
    take ur decision back of cgm.,,.once time weekly,..,
    it will be sone pe suhaga if it comes 4 1 n half hour bt 2 times vkly
    cgm is 1 of d best show on t.v.
    ./my dad & family loves cgm/../
    i vl talk 2 my ol frnds who see cgm 4 co-operate
    zeenat khan & other 2 r wrong dt saas bahu serials r better././/./.yawkkk

  135. It should not be happened

  136. this is totally horrible….not only me each and every cgm lover cannot ever like this stupid type of decision…..cgm gives imagine tv highest trp but they dont care abt the show…..
    now i can say easily that imagine wale have to go to agra insane home……….

    im very much dissapointed………..i hate these imagine walas

  137. We all Mauryans love CGM so never change timing of CGM. It is indeed huge disappointment for us that imagine has decided to change timing of such a inspirational & hit show CGM for any new show. U imagine ppl can’t to this with us :((
    Jai Ho!

  138. Imagine TV authorities. Please keep the showtime of Chandragupta Maurya as it was, biweekly and one hour slots. The proposed once a week telecast is a huge disappointment for avid followers like us many of whom watch only this show on Imagine. Please reconsider youe decision.

  139. plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t change it’s telecast time it’s the only show that we watch so plzzzzzzzzzzz dont disappoint us

  140. The change in timings is the cause of disappointment b/w me, my family and all the cgm fans.u r requested not to change the timings of cgm……………….
    u have to prove that imagine TV listens to his viewers and remain the same timings as before.

  141. Being an Indian, I want to request u that India should not be deprived of such a good historical show Which is continuing in such a good way no one member of our family would like to miss even one episode of cgm. Taking into consideration our requests u please remain the same timings as before……………..
    Hope u will understand our feelings.
    Jai Ho……….

  142. i watch only cgm. this is the only serial that i watch with so much attention. im really very cross from the imagine channel. im crazy about this. this shouldnt happen. this is wrong. i am really upset. they are i think jealous as it is the most viewed serial.and others dont get that much trps . and they think by doing this they are gonna raise trps for other saas bahu serials.my whole family sees cgm as the best show. they will (imagine) lose their ratings coz every body is cross.

  143. we r very very unhappy from the decision taken by imagine tv and we will fight till we get our CGM’s timing on fri-sat.

    JAI HO……….

  144. Plz plz plz plz……. Listen our voice don’t change the time.

  145. what the hell is imagine’s problem ?? i used to love this channel but after when i heard about such decision … SHAME ON IMAGINE .. they even didnt bother to give proper reason for cutting our cgm .. even though cgm is top in the channel , having decent trp’s … they thinks they are doing better , but fact is they aint respect our feelings .. i dont think now onwards i will ever able to keep trust on imagine .. shame on them and the one who took this decision usko chullu bhar paani mein doob marna chahiye .. usss se achca business mera chowkidaar karta hai :/ i urge , if you have sympathy with us , if you want to save yourself then IMAGINE should withdraw such water-less decision ..

  146. Imagine tv – please backoff with your decision or else i dont think i will ever watch any of your shows .. by taking such decision for cgm , you have proved that you are going to be destroyed in upcoming months :/
    Get well soon

  147. cgm must come 7 days imn week : imagine chanell fulish to make it once in week, on friday ans saturday i make my plan acording to cgm. i leave my work to watch that serial. vijayee bhavah…..

  148. its really injustice to fans like us who watch cgm….

  149. I don’t watch any serials as I am in US currently and dont get much time due to work but I watch Chandra Gupta Maurya every week without fail. I am so attached to this that I wait for Friday and Saturday to watch this fantastic serial. My wife don’t like watching TV but this is the only serial that we watch togather. We really like the history of great CGM and Chanakya and we would like to know more about them. Its not only obout knowing the history but also learning so many things out of it. I don’t know if NDTV has already decided to show it once in a week but if they have alredy decided then i would say its really a very SAD news for all the viewers of “CGM”.

    NDTV – In case if you have not yet decided then please give its a second thought and try to not to decrease the episode. I would rather like to have more then 2 episode in a week but if more then 2 is not possible then atlease please don’t decrease it.

    I am not sure whether anyone from NDTV would read this or not but when I saw so many CGM lovers are expressing their feeing, I thought of sharing mine as well. I am not sure what gonna happen but hope for the best.


  150. what a stupid decision imagine has taken….cgm is the only show worth watching and if they are so interested in telecasting any show lesser no. of days, they can easily do that with all their other floppe-azam shows…but chandragupta! not at all….:-(:-(

  151. that’s unfair
    thats actually hell

  152. cgm to full week one hour dikhana chahiye…
    dis decision of imagine is nt fair…all d sas bahu serials which r nt e1 worth seeing r getting all d favour..dis is unfair

  153. this is uttered stupidity,’dhit khat dhinna’. CGM is the best show. How can imagine tv do this

  154. We should buycott imagine’s every show except CGM

  155. Just stop watching all channels of NDTV Imagine (except of course CGM) and they wil get the message.

  156. Pehle hi koi NDTV channel Dekhta HAi nai……. Meri Puri Family CGM Hi dekhti Hai….. KAro Apni manmani…. Time Change KArk Nuksan Hoga Aur Kuch NAi…. Fukat K serials Ko zyada IMP Dena Band KAro…. Regards

  157. This is the worst news ever. whole week i wait for CGM to come on friday n when i opened channel imagine …i saw some rubbish serial telecasting there. its so pathtic…disgusting…that stupid programme shivagi comes daily and cgm once in a week..NOT FAIR AT ALL

  158. CGM was the best episode on The Imagine TV channel. It is unfortunate that some decision making authority has been misguided. Running two other most boring serials
    axing the best, is not in the best interest of Imagine TV channel. Please continue to telecast CGM as usual on Fridays & Saturdays at 9 p.m.


    Trivandrum)-Kerala State

  159. I dont like to watch TV serial but CGM is the only serial we watch together with family. We learnt a lot from this serial. I forgot my self and completly get involved with history while watching. Serial like CGM is a good medium to potray good things from histroy and pass message to future geneation.
    I eagerly wait for Friday and Saturday onlY for CGM. It is very sad to knew that NDTV decided to cut this show once in a week.
    NDTV , please change your decision……..Please consider our feeling……we really LOVE CGM……JAI ho..

  160. What the f*** is this!!!!!!!!!!!!Can’t the Imagine channel understand that the show is on peak and they fuckers had reduced the timing.Go to hell Imagine channel,watch cleavage of that rakhi sawant,rahul mahajan,and again coming.Are you insane.

  161. ndtv have you gone nuts……………..

    known was the fact that you guys were the dumbest of the rest of the channels , with all kinds of swayamwar gimiks, cgm was the only show worth watching,
    given the fact that you guys have got such a beating on news channels for the so calleed barkha dutt scandel , are you guys so dumb.or did congress dictat you on this also… or was it to gain minority votes in up , by doing a veena…. bull shit

  162. Hey its a good serial. Why changes in time?

  163. Aan alternative can be there.the two new shows should be given a period of 1 month to show trp moe than this show.if these shows are not successful then thes should be shifted to weekly slot.

  164. Dear, ndtv holder please restore the timing of cgm cause peoples want and i too . You all do this at public demand only but that’s changing by trp really making people angry on our timing regarding cgm .so kindly make time for cgm to 9 or telecast the cgm on Sunday too. This is not a mot .don’t take public demands lightly. Also don’t think that i am blaming you i just repeated the words of public thankyou

  165. its not a good decision to change the timing .we used to watching CGM twice a week and eagerly wait for it. reallly upset with this decision.

  166. imagine ke sare shows maha maha bakwas shows h ek hi serial aata tha cgm or kamino ne uska time bhi kam kar diya do ghante ka show one and half hour me khatm kar diya ,is show ko hatakar imagine tv ne acha nai kiya time bhi yehi rakho i.e. 9 pm to 10:30 pm and friday to sunday telecast karo nahi toh bharat manoranjan mantralaya ke paas jayenge nd complaint karenge isse acha hai ki is show ko kisi or channel ko de diya jaye nahi toh hamari maange poori karo!!!

  167. No double CGM is best, but there may be some technical difficulties to continue for 2 days a week, one should be positive atleast NDTV is telecasting once a week, think about the shock when the serial with last episode will be telecasted…

  168. y the heck preeto’s crying tears would we see…….we want CGM!!!!

  169. Want CGM back on the same time ! :/

  170. It’s best television serial I have ever seen, Want atleast twice a week





  173. plz plz every team of ndtv imagine plz show again the serial of cgm again it is my best serial. I luv it very much. Plz plz plz.dont make a nonsense decision

  174. imagine ke sabhi shows bakwaas hai sivay cgm ke. ye ek bahut bhadiya serial hai ..pls bring it back at same time

  175. if CGM is not started again imagine channel shall become the stupidest channel roona dhona, saas bahu nonsense is broadcasted without fail whereas an informative show like CGM isnt being broadcasted!!!! boooooos to NDTV imagine!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Please bring back CGM in another channel.

  177. plz telecast cgm on any other channel,plz..,it is only the serial i have ever liked.

  178. I am tooooooo……………… much disappointed to stop cgm, it is the only serial I am like very much. CGM is energy of my life and I am trying to follow the every comments in my life. I dont miss any episode of cgm. I can request to all cgm’s fan to enter their valuable comments against the idiotic decision of imagine tv because the channel has no idea about our sense, our attention. Also I hope that the channel has realize our thinking and start the cgm in schedule time. Once again I told to NDTV imagine, pls. bring cgm back at same time.

  179. We want our CGM back on time at any cost

  180. there are a huge disappointment from the chanel as decided not to telecast chandragupt maurya. this is the only serial i have seen at this channel so now i have no mean for this chanel. this is the worst dicision made by the brodcasters.

  181. NDTV imagine cannot shut dow Please. Viewers watch this channel then please don’t take it off. There are 1000 of viewers that watch these programmes n the interent. Best shows like Preeto, Baba aiso var dhoondho, Jamuna Paar and Haar Jeet is going to go. People who don’t have free view channels what are they going to watch. Please make this channel stay. When Dharam Patni was gone I was angry because it was really good now the who channel is going which is making me even more upset. Watching these programmes is what I been doing all my life and it’s just so entertaining. Please keep this channel and change your mind. The programmes are rely good.

  182. please dont’ close the imagine tv …….

  183. come back CGM

  184. It was very important history of india being documented with excellent characters that would have been left for the generations to watch. Just like the classics Mahabharat and Ramayan.

  185. I dont think that NDTV does not understand its popularity. There might be some pressure which forced them to take this foolish decision. Now in place of CGM which was spreading the spirit of ‘Akhanda Bharat’ (United India), they are now broadcasting Sword of Tipusultan which spreads Khanda Bharatam (Divided India)

  186. what hpnd guys such a beautiful serial and not being shown in imagine not even once in a weak.. aisa bala serial ka koi source nahin tabhi toh mere dadaji kehte the ki beta kali yug aa chuka hai…

  187. what’s about chandragupta mourya

  188. why this CGM serial has been stopped, what is the cause behind it? it should be started soon. it is benifecial for all.

  189. Please tell me new timing of CGM. me and my uncle including his all freinds are only interested to see CGM instead of other on frienday and saterday 9 pm,
    but in these days ,we are seaching only about its timing.

    Please let us know


  190. why can’t chandragupt be given to any other channel?

  191. i am very disappointed because NDTV stopped this show. i am biggest fan of chandragupt serial so my humble request to NDTV plz. start it again.

  192. Really I am very much disappointed when i have not seen Chandergupt Morya this saturday on 21st April, 2012. I would like to say that I only enjoy all these religious serials, like CGM, Devo Ke Dev Mahadev, Jai Shanidev, Dwarkadeesh, Ramayana, Srikrishna, and all other religious serials. I never miss any religious serials. I also like some other serials of image and color. It is my request to re-start the CGM at the same time fri n sat on the same time.

  193. i thin sonia gandhi madam has pressurised inagine to stop chandragupta

  194. The tv serial Chandragupta Maurya should be shown daily on its home channel NDTV Imagine.I was very much pleased by the teachings of Chanakya in the serial when I saw it for the first time.Since then I have not missed any of its episodes but after the episode of 7th of April, 2012 I am very eager to see its new episode,I request the serial’s sponsors to inform the rebeginning of the serial in almost every big channels as ads such as NDTV Imagine,Sony,etc.I request them to resume the serial as earlier as possible.

  195. serial chandragupta shown daily,ye kya bat hui,Ap logo ne serial bandh kar di,ya serial ka time badal diya,jo kuch bhi ho muje id per message bhej dejyega,pls, sir, request for you, urgently, emergancy, again request to you Dear sir,pls,pls,pls……….etc

  196. cgm shoud be come back early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. Please resume the CGM serial, as it is the best tv serial, please i request the sponsor and NDTV board member to take the appropriate steps to start the serial again

  198. Huge disappointment !!! NDTV Imagine’s CGM has excellent actors, infusing life in golden history !!!

  199. Please restart again..if not on NDTV, resume on another channel

  200. Searched in google, found reason of shutdown.

  201. Please come back CGM on time very very request please -22222222222222222

  202. I was very disappointed that this show no more able to view from april 14th 2012.Whole nation should watch tis show, to unite us again. We deffinetly need a guru like chanakya for our politicans to slap and take tem into right way.The situation at present is same in our nation,when tey formed dynasty, invador = terroism, dhanand=politicians etc , plese tell me wat is the timing serial is telecast. One of the best best ever serial ever telecated in indian small screen. Peopl says Chanakya is easten Machvilly, even though he is predated of some 1800 years than Machevilly, Machevilly should called as westrn Chanakya, Why we should agree tat he is machevilly, Acharya Chanakya even 1000 times better than Machevilly. Also peple hve wrong information that he is cunning, but i dont agree wit tis, coz wen he went and asked for support to stop Alexander no cooptreated with him even when he asked for agaisnt Dhananand smae haapnd, so obviusly he took otherway. Pls pls tel or mention the timing of telecast.

  203. hadd hai yaar acche bahle serial ko band kra diya yaar……….itna accha knoweledge wala serial sagar walo ne to galti hi ki ise ndtv pe leker aane ki please yaar shuru karo dobara is channel ko yaa serial ko please………….please sagar arts ise doordarshan pe shuru kr de app

  204. our entire family is big fan of CGM.In the fist instance, two days in a week is converted to once in a week. Now the serial is totally stopped.it is a very bad decision.Are you going to revive the serial? For the last three weeks we used to changethe channels whether the serial is shifted to any other channel. We expect an explanation from you with a request to start the serial as soon as possible.Please.

  205. i watch only one serieal of my life that is CGM so i request to u kindly reply me when and where the serieal is going on……..

  206. We whole family disoppointed over stopping CGM. Pl make alternate arrangement to telecast of Chandra Gupta Mourya.

    Only serial we are watching this serial. Pl take some step to start this serial

  207. Great story i lost. I feeling somthing is lost my life. Pl start the serial . If possible pl provide produces contact details

  208. Please start chandragupta maurya serial again as I’m dying to watch it.Why it has stop as it was the only serial which was not affect by IPL and the world cup and imagine tv serial was known by this serial only.

  209. why stopped this serial ? channel should not do this. Please inform new timing soon.

  210. I m the biggest fan of the show,but it stopped……………….i rqst to start the show again…………i learnt a lot from it……

  211. plz get it start again……..
    cgm come back

  212. Please restart this serial.

  213. me & my family very disappointed for stop the serial of chandragupt maurya . we are doing a heavy dimanding for started this serial. plz start this serial. plz plz plz plz plz plz
    you can start this serial another chanel on the dimand of serial sanspnseres.thank you

  214. Request modiji to bring back Chandragupta maurya serial with same actors.

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