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‘Chandragupta Maurya’ (famous TV show) got huge popularity among Indians, but unfortunately NDTV Imagine suddenly decided to shut down its operations. CGM fans’ heart broke and their favorite serial suddenly ended, then came the one young guy to keep their hope alive. His name is ‘Udit Rajpara’, it was him who started ‘Save Chandragupta Maurya Show’ group on Facebook which has got more than 1 lakh members.

Due to the sincere efforts of Udit, many CGM fans got encouragement and organized candle march all over India. Udit Rajpara also took initiative to talk with the makers and actors of CGM for its restart.

CGM fans were very impressed with these efforts and they also started putting efforts to save CGM. Some met big politicians like Rahul Gandhi, some met famous actors, some had a word with different news channels, some even approached other entertainment channels including ‘Doordarshan’. Now CGM has very strong possibility to get restarted on Doordarshan.

CGM lovers should thank 23 year old young boy from JG College of Commerce (Ahmedabad) ‘Udit Rajpara’ for creating history and starting big fight to save one of the greatest TV serials ‘Chandragupta Maurya’.

Below are some opinions of famous TV personalities about Udit Rajpara:-

Manish Wadhwa (Chanakya) – “Bina kisi swarth ke kuchh karne Ka jazba Khaas logo mein hi hota hai…udit is one of them..Bass jeet ka sehra pehan na baaki hai ”.

"Udit Rajpara with Manish Wadhwa (Acharya Chaankya"

Udit Rajpara with Manish Wadhwa (Acharya Chankya)

Nilanjana Purkayasstha (Producer CGM) – “Udit started a revolution with the Save CGM page. If it wasn’t for him, I would have never known what our show has meant to the audience. For that, I will be ever grateful to him. ”

Ashish Sharma (Chandragupta Maurya) – “We all take our own sweet time to realise what we want to be in our life or what’s our higher motive,very few can actually make out what there true calling is and then have the guts to pursue what they want to achieve,udit is one of these very few people who has an inborn flair of a leader..and I was amazed when I first met him on cgm sets,the way he handled cgm pages online and then gave birth and led the whole save cgm movement I thought he must be of some age but to my surprise I met this young college boy,with a blissfull smile and thoughtful eyes..will not be surprised to see him leading many more meaningful social movements..wish him luck and proud:) ”

"Udit Rajpara with Ashish Sharma (Chandragupta Maurya)"

Udit Rajpara with Ashish Sharma (Chandragupta Maurya)

Vaibhav Mutha (Director CGM) –

“Ek yug ki shuruaat thi
Ek yug Ka phir ant hua

Ek yug naya banane ko
Ek wo shaksa judit hua
Kar chala wo sabko ek
Sapne bade the uske nek
Li kasam usne thi wo
Layega wo cgm ko jo
Kar gaya wo bahut hi kuch
Har nahi mani suchmuch
Ek din wo cgm layega
Udit uday jo ho jayega…
Udit uday jo ho jayega..”

Jyoti Sagar (Producer of Sagar Arts) – ”Chandragupt Maurya was a serial that was extremely popular and had die hard fans from all over. It was at the peak of its popularity when due to unfortunate circumstances the Chanel went off air.
Ever since udit and his team comprising of just viewers have worked day and night to try and get the show back on air.
Udit started a page on Facebook which has over 1 lac members.
They have organised rallies sent messages to other channels and even met government officials to get the show back on air.
Team CGM thanks Udit and his team for all their untiring efforts. ”

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  48 Responses to “India is still hopeful about the restart of ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ due to the efforts of Udit Rajpara”

  1. hello all responsible persons ,
    Why not start the CGM serial . there are lot of serials going on bt why not this.

  2. try 2 start dis serial on channel other than doordarshan as its telecast is not clear

  3. Hope this comes soon as formal announcement by Sarang and DD channel to restart the show….This Udit 23 yrs old child has proved that his courage is and motivations are higher then china wall…we are sure this will coem back soon

  4. please restart cgm & inform me channal name & time table of cgm cerial please,

  5. pleassssssssseeeeee restart the serial…………………..

  6. Thank u all who put their efforts..hope the serial restarts soon..was waiting for such a long………….:) 🙂

  7. Please restart this TV serial ASAP. This is one with great thoughts of ACHARYA CHANAKYA which we all are missing .

  8. AACHARYAA,,,,,,, i beleaved that the greatest CGM will return in some months coz u always says say KAR PRAYAS BHAG MAT ye sab apke pryas aur logo ki duaao se wapas aa raha hai



  9. thnks to all,who helped to restart this precious history of us?gods blessings are also with us?jai ma bharti

  10. thnks to all who supported this precious historical serial of us,even gods blessings r also with us, JAI MAA BHARTI

  11. pzl restart

  12. Now I am very happy, Because CHANDRAGUPT MAURYA restart. Thanks of Doordarshan…………..

  13. plz start the show asap

  14. i like chandragupt morya…

  15. Jai ho Udit Bhai…..jai maa bharti….

  16. Thanks a lot.

  17. it gives lots of knowledge about history

  18. ChandraGupta Maurya was the only TV serial that I got hooked to. I loved it and respected everything about it. The locations, acting, direction everything. Please please bring it back. India needs an inspiring serial like this for our young generation when the whole country is in utmost despair.

  19. we will certainly save the cgm. JAI MAA BHARTI…

  20. Doordarshan/any other channel can telecast previous episodes of chandragupta maurya as daily soap of 1 hours or 1 and half hours this will complete all the previous episodes in 3 to 4 months and then can continue with new episodes till that times makers can complete shooting for remaining episodes. So that irrespective whether the actors have dates or not after 5 to 6 months but the makers can broadcast all the episode and can complete the story.

  21. Please restart the show fast.dying to see it again.JAI MAA BHARTI

  22. plz start cgm we can’t wait

  23. i can’t wait please restart it

  24. Kya sahi me, nahi mujhe viswash nahi hota agar ho raha hota to ab tak ho chuka hota

  25. why r you hurting the feelings of such a huge no of person plz re tele cast it as it was remembering india his glorious past where it has cgm and chanakya like person.plz for heaven sake re tele cast it.plz plz.

  26. plzz yar keep u at our place and think deply for sake of huminity.

  27. plz re tele cast as soon as posible.

  28. plz plz tele cast it again. plz..

  29. plz yar kyon nakhre kr rahe ho yar plz re telecast it.

  30. plz yar give it a new avtar plz.

  31. plz re tele cast as it has becm our basic need.

  32. plz yar give it new tele cast by your lotus hand

  33. plz re tele cast it again.plz

  34. place restart cgm

  35. Plz restart chandragupta maurya in dd national

  36. plzzzz start the serial soonn
    start it on dd national
    it will be good to start such a hit serial on an indian channel

  37. yar now we had waited enough but i think we had to take some series action yar how can they stop a running popular educative program if it will occus in other country than accod. to democracy it will have been started.

  38. i pray to god to come back serial as much as possible

  39. omji,
    Jai Maa Bharti……
    bhai subhkamnaye…
    aap acha kariye kar rahe hai per result????
    no revert no update ….?????
    thousands other fans also tried a lot for the same and encoureged others for the same…. pls don’t forgot those without names.

  40. omji,
    Jai Maa Bharti……
    bhai subhkamnaye…
    aap acha kariye kar rahe hai per result????
    no revert no update ….?????
    thousands other fans also tried a lot for the same and encoureged others for the same…. pls don’t forgot those without names.

  41. Pls start this program…..i really hav got gud knowledge from this program…

  42. Nice efforts by Udit Rajpara…

    We all with his efforts. Best wishes with him.

    We hope soon it will be aired….

  43. please take up all the episodes by any channel. it will definitely get best income as it has highest trp.it will boost moral values of society and individuals and control moral corruption.which is chief cause of all miseries of india.

  44. We expect more seriousness and commitment from the Ministry of Information Broadcasting for ensure that such things do not happen in future. Why should the audience suffer because of this. It make us feel proud on our history. I wish all the best to Udit.

  45. please start this serial i want 2 watch this

  46. plz restart this serial i very miss aacharya………and dhanand mai intazar kar raha hu ki kab aacharya apni sikha bandhenge

  47. It was the best soap of Indian television, very inspirational and I am proud to know that India was blessed with great persons like Chandragupta and Acharya Chanakya. I watched it in YouTube and now came to know that it went suddenly off air. Please continue Chandragupta, we really need to see how Chandragupta made akhan Bharat possible and conquer patliputra. I really can’t believe that there is no Chandragupta. Please restart Chandragupta.

  48. Dear All,
    If your team is still supporting and wishing for CGM to be aired on any channel, kindly send in your requests for restarting the show on this newly launched channel. The “feedback” tab can be seen on their website

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