Apr 142012

The Comedy Circus series has been on-air for a long time now, 5+ years. Yet it still manages to mesmerize audience with the new concepts presented every weekend.

The newest in the series, Kahani Comedy Circus Ki, is no different. In fact it just got better this season. It takes together all the previous concepts they have done over the year, and do a certain number of shows for each of the previous concepts of seasons.

They started with the Magic round, for Comedy Circus ka Jadoo. And by 1st weekend of April they are onto a special guest as 3rd member for the pairs to work with, aka Comedy Circus 3 Ka Tadka.

The episode on April 08th was so funny that it had to be simply shared with the audience who might not be aware of the amazingness of the series.

Taking a dig on Jism 2 for which Mahesh Bhatt has taken Sunny Leone as the lead actress while his own daughter’s (Pooja Bhatt) Bollywood career never really took off, here is the video (starts at 20minutes 55seconds, do fast forward if it doesn’t autoplay from that time)

where Siddhart is Mr. Thatt based upon Mahesh Bhatt, Bharti is Funny Leone based upon Sunny Leone, and Purbi is Pooja Thatt based upon Pooja Bhatt.


An amazingly funny episode of “Kahani Comedy Circus Ki” from last week!

You cannot get a better Mr. Thatt, Pooja Thatt, and Funny Leone!!

via: Kahani Comedy Circus Ki – Episode 26 – 8th April 2012 – YouTube.


P. S. Krushna Sudesh alongwith Rakhi Sawant did an act about the episode when Mika kissed Rakhi on his birthday party. It’s the first act in the episode!

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