Jan 272012

Manish Wadhwa, who has performed remarkably well as ‘Chanakya’ in a famous TV show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ on Imagine TV has won the Apsara best actor award in television category for his memorable performance as the great ancient scholar, strategists of India.

"Manish Wadhwa as Chanakya Taking Apsara Best Actor Award"

TV show Chandragupta Maurya has given Manish Wadhwa very important platform to prove his acting skills and according to the fan of this famous serial, Manish has done justice to Chanakya’s character.

Earlier, Manish Wadhwa began his acting career in theatre participating in various inter-collegiate competitions. He also won the Best Actor of the University award besides silver and gold medals for his acting skills.

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  45 Responses to “Manish Wadhwa won the best actor award for his amazing performance as ‘Chanakya’ in Chandragupta Maurya”

  1. manish ji u r best

  2. Jai Ho !!! Congo to Manishji !!! He really deserves this award…NDTV Imagine !! Just look at what all CGM has achieved !! but still u ppl want to change the timings !!!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!! 🙂

  4. u r best. God bls u

  5. sir u deserve this

  6. abhi k sabse bst actor…lagta hi nhi ye chankya ka role kr rhe h…lagta h jaise ye khud real chanakya ki life ji rahe h…nd im vry disappointed ki cgm ka timing change ho gaya h…plz itne ache serial k sath ched chaad mat kijiye..jaisa chal rha h waise hi chalne de

  7. its such a gud news unbelievable. wenever i see manishji im alys reminded of chanakya so maybe manishji was chanakya pehle heheheheh congratulations acharya ur d bst luv u loadsss

  8. Congrats Manish ji!

    He really deserves it. JAi Ho!!!!!!!

  9. party

  10. Really…our aacharya deserve dis…

  11. I am a great fan of Chanakya and always wanted to see him. Whenever I see Manishji in Acharya’s role, my urge to see chanakya fills. Really Sir, you deserve this award and lot of honour as well for your fabulous performance.

    You are great!

  12. A humble plea from the U.S diaspora: Please do not change the timings of this series

  13. Manish an amazing personality. I would never forget him in my entire life. He really brought Chanakya’s soul into him.
    Just Great!!!!!

  14. i love ur acting ,ven i see u i feel that really i seeing acharaya chanakya in todays wrld
    i m a very great fan of u……

  15. congratulations manish ji..
    i thnk even ashish should have been nominated for this award!! he also rocks!!
    i love his acting n role!!!

  16. Congratulations:D
    You truely deserve it!

  17. congratulations you are best as chanakya.

  18. He is perfectly a best actor

  19. congratulations manishji. this was well deserved.

  20. sir aap ne 1700 sal baad chankay ko fir se is dharti par laya hai thanx so lot

  21. congrates manish ji

  22. noactor has inspired me so much since iam watching tvserials or pictures.but sir after watching your role in chandragupt i felt it really amazing. no actor could b compare in whole with u sir & how it could be bcoz u r the master

  23. i am very impressed by Manish acting.he acts such way that real chanakya will run away by cing his acting

  24. great work aacharya ji ,

    i am very much impressed with your role .
    by watching your role i really feel your were originally chanakya before 1800 years.
    your role and baground music inspired me lot.
    when starts ” astoma sadgamaya…… ” i feel some electricity flowing in my body.
    i am great fan of you……. Jai ma Bharti

  25. Dear Manish ji….you have been playing this role with a passion and from the heart…..your voice, pitch and pronunciation….every thing scores….you really deserve the award…..I would also complement to Ashish….who has been instrumental in your achievement……it has been a tremondous experience since the serial started, i have been always teaching my son that you should learn the important lessons of life …..these all are relevant to all individuals….it is really disappointing that serial has been stoped…the producers…….should start their own channel…..


  26. jai maa bharti what a wonderfull,excelet,amaging performance

  27. Manish-ji:
    You are one of a kind versatile actor. The best feather [peacock] is your portrayal of Chanakya. I hope to get the whole planned show.
    Very Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you and family.

    Warm regards,
    Hope to see you soon as Chanakya.

  28. awesome ,,,,, & m huge great fan of u sir,,,, plz tell me when ur serial is going to start again

  29. jai maa bharti manisji

  30. Cngratzzz . . . . . . <3
    mr. Manish

    Em realy vry imprssd by manish's actin. . . . . . . . .
    he actz sch a way dat real ' chanakya ' vll run avay by seein his actin . . . . . . <3

    stay hppy n blssd . . <3

  31. Manish ji you realy deserve this and many more awards.

  32. Asto Ma Sadgamay…………………………
    i like manish ji and his role of play chankya

  33. Dear Manishji:
    your fans and admirers miss seeing you as Chanakya. Perhaps you were Chanakya in your previous birth!!

    I saw a picture of your family. Your daughter is cute, son looks bright. It is said there is always a silent woman behind a successful man. My congrats to your wife in her supporting you.

    When is CGM starting up?

  34. Sir, country needs a Chanakya like you.
    Just like thousands of years back our country is really in very BAD shape on every front.

    We the common man r waiting for some Chanakya avtar.

    Keep up the Good work.

  35. plz come back candragupt maurya to another chennal

  36. Manish sir, you are a fabulous actor. God bless. When will you come back? My kids Tanisha and Dhruv are really fascinated by you .We miss you.

  37. Hi Manish when we will see you as Chanakya.

    more then 1 laks people are eagrly waiting for this this great show

  38. what a beautiful program


  40. yeh to Manish Wadhwa ji ka hak tha yeh nisande iz mahan actor ko milna hi tha jai maa bharti

  41. This is really very bourdensome for us to wait for CGM start again. Please make it on air ASAP. We want to See Chankya on Screen again

  42. manish ji jai ma bharti

  43. manish ji dhananand ko to maro aur siryal start karbao plz

  44. we want our chanakya back

  45. we miss our chandu also

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