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Since the news has leaked out that famous TV show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ will be telecasted now once in a week , CGM fans have shown their dejection and disappointment all around the internet. Although News of Delhi has tried to get an answer from them but in vain.

I’ve seen many updates on Twitter where CGM fans urging and criticizing Imagine TV due to their changed decision about the Chandragupta Maurya. Facebook is also having many pages which have been made to protect the serial.

As the main page of ‘Chandragupta Maurya‘ has crossed 10,000 mark and people are fighting to save their favorite show’s timings.  Out of number of pages like this, there is one more page ‘Please Don’t Change CGM Telecast Dayz‘ which has crossed 300 members within few hrs. There are hundreds of comments about protecting CGM’s timings around many sites.

Here on this site; most commented article is about saving ‘CGM’ show with more than 145 comments within 1-2 days. The same article is amongst the most read one also.

“Many e-mails and messages have been sent to Imagine TV and its team but no one is bothered,” claim fans.

Below, I’m sharing some important pics which clearly show the frustration of fans:

Article about CGM became the most commented one within 1-2 days on NewsofDelhi

CGM article became the 2nd most read on Newsofdelhi.com

Facebook status by one of the CGM fans

Picture made by CGM fan on Facebook

Some Comments by CGM fans

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  36 Responses to “No effect on Imagine TV even after such a big protest all around Internet for ‘Chandragupta Maurya’”

  1. This serial talks about “AKHAND BHARAT” and is very critical of foreign rulers like Alexender.I have a feeling that this serial was making same impact like Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana for Hindutva.Somebody like Sibal or Ambika Soni or CBI must have threatend Imagine TV

  2. thnx u editor. U rockz

  3. t think they dont have sense and no ability to worth quality serials and hardworking actorsssss imagine is a biggggggg looserrr

  4. bandar kya jaane adrak k swad,
    imagne kya jane hist k mahima 😛 XD

  5. Instead of daily soap (saas bahu or family drama)…..it is our historical …….and which is related to our akhand Bharat….Iamagn shd telecast more ……it is helping our National Integration…..Then ….why this ?????

  6. thank you for the article.

    Imagine TV people – wake up and realize the importance of CGM. other wise u will be the BIG LOSERS Ever

  7. Imagine tv still u have time change ur decision we want back our cgm on same time fri n sat @9 pm…..

  8. sambhal jao zaalimonnnnnnnnnnnnn .nahi to hai lagegi lakhon fans ki imagine ko . barbad ho jayega chanel

  9. imagine channel has gone m**..they should knw to respect the views of ppl who watch their channel..even after so much of request they are not ready to change their decision!!m sure many of CGM ‘ll not watch imagine once CGM serial is cmpltd..

  10. last warning 4 imagine tv members do not change our cgm’s timing… tum logoke pass dimaag nam ka koyi cheez nhi h ye to humsab ko pata chal gya h.. but kamse kam viewers ka thorasa rspct to karo… cgm k sath agar kuch bhi bura huya na to i’ll kill u imagine.. >:( :-/ .. or tumlog itnaaaa irresponsible ho? omg?? itnaaa sara msg posts cmnts ka bhi ek rply nhi!!!! chi imagine tv chiii.. abhi bhi man jayoo.. don’t ever try to change our cgm’s time slot… >:( get well soon :p :-/ ..

  11. What’s the problem of Imagine ??? They r pretending 2 be blind !! After such a huge revolt they r still not changing their decision !!! Well…. they HAVE to change their decision !!! We MAURYANS shall revolt until we have our show back on time !!


  12. this step taken by the channel shows-

    1. they r too much money oriented.. u wanna buy 30mins in the channel.. pay them.. they ud do it.

    2. they dont follow the consistency of trps.. perhaps paise se andhey ho chuke hain.

    3. they dnt regard the choice of viewers, who actually make a channel run.

    4. they hav no slightest respect for the daily common man viewer who swtchs on the tv with the hope of watching sumthn interesting, other than rakhi sawant n veena malik’s cleavages.

    5. they are shameless.. ill-mannered jerks who dnt evn feel it necessary to provide us with a proper explanation behind such a step that has affected our favourite show so much.

  13. sudhar v jaa uff nalayek

  14. We dont want daily saas-bahu serial..ab to Dwarikadheesh bhi boaring lagti hai!!
    Ap log to serial banake telecst karte ho,magar ye nehi socha k ab akhand bharat ke safar pe hum log bhi chal padhe hai & ye humara v sapna aur aviyan hai..
    Ap logo se bohut request kar chuke hai timing change mat kijiye!aur kitna kare!!

  15. Aap logo ko pata hai k Chanakya niti sunke sabke jeevan mein kitne badlaaw aaya hai..phir v ap log aise kar rahe hai!

  16. imagine tv aisa attutude de raha hai jaise wo STAR PLUS jaisa TOP channel hai :/ please koi unke apni aukaat yaad dilao .. viewers se channeel banta hai :/

  17. why imagine why??? why r u doing this all with us…..plz give us cgm’s time back……plzplzplz or else i can only say that u all r gone ma*………..

  18. What the Hell is Imagine’s problem .. what do they think of themself ?? i want to ask your news media … kya viewers ki ko izzat nahi hoti ?? channel seems to have gone insane .. they are not at all bothered for viewers they only have bling on MONEY .. but they doesnt know that past mein bhi they took same decision for Dharam Veer and other shows and gradually today no one is interested in watching Imagine channel . . Viewers got one more show , they trusted again on imagine but unfortunately viewers have got ditched by channel once again .. Imagine guys should give reason for not respecting viewers .. kis baat ka attitude hai bhai ?? apni vastivikta ko mirror mein dekho ek baar …

  19. REST IN HELL imagine .. i am not at all bothered to watch your channel now .. SHIT !

  20. imagine tv, sudhar jao …. nahi to baad me pachtana padega..


  22. I haven’t seen such loosers like Imagine TV… why the hell are they changing time? and not even listening to the viewers?? its us who raise their TRPs and watch their faaltu shows like swayamvar!! just cuz of this decision, i ve stopped seeing any other show on imagine TV!!! if not CGM, then nothing else!!!

    Jai ho!! we are mauryans and we will fight till end! we want CGM back on its original time!

    thnk u editor for this article!

  23. imagine tv is a big a** hole…they should have increased the days of CGM from 2 to 3 and these senseless monkeys have done the opposite…IMAGINE TV WE ALL WANT OUR CGM BACK ON ITS PREVIOUS TIMMINGS AND DAYS..

  24. well said sanyantani….imagine Tv ke member’s o ke pass koi dimag nahi hein!!!they r jst sitting in an a.c room & enjoying…..kitna sara program ata hein iss chanel mein kisi aur show ka timings change kar sakte thae..but no they selected CGM…how radiculous..u know!!i cannot even decide that I should become angry or laugh at their joking decision….!!

  25. what’s wrong with you Imagine ?? how come you dare not to respect to your viewers opinion ?? or is it that you have earned money enough not ro pay heed to us, your viewers ?? if yes, then answer us this..who watched your so-called famous channel before ChandraGupt Maurya started airing ?? let us tell you one thing clear, we love our history, we are honoured to have personalities like Chanakya & ChandraGupt born on this Indian soil..& we want to know about their stories , & not watch any idiot’s swayambar ..did you get it ??

  26. Plz imagine valo no time change cgm.


  28. Waste Channel !!! I taken the 3g connection to view this serial only and this imagine tv !!! go to hell !!! imagine please please we are not asking more than two days but dont take two days from us !!! please dont change the time and duration of this serial !!! CGM is the only serial i watch please keep this serial for two days !!!

  29. Whats this yaar !!! Tum Imagine walon ko apna decision change karna he padega !!!
    We will NOT give up !!
    JAI HO !!

  30. give us back our biweekly show Imagine, or else you people will have to suffer for it !!

  31. kya bakwas channel hai apna sabsa acha show ki trp girana ma lage hai .the waste epsiode should run but good ones supressed that their motive

  32. 🙁


  33. Imagin tv sucks , v need CGM back or else shut down your channel. It seems they all are dhanand the doost people.

  34. JAY HO!

    Pls pls pls pls GOD save CHANDRAGUPT MAURYA show…

    pls ndtv-imagin, ye show band mat karo….

    agar hum logo ko apne INDIA ki history mai itne bade log huae the yehi malum nahi hoga to fir humara desh aage kaise badhega…

    imagin tv aapko niyati ne itne badi opportunity de di hai to fir aap ye show band ku kar rahe ho….??

    duniya ke history mai aisa konsa bhi desh nahi hoga jis mai ek channel ko bachane ke liye itne sare log aavaj utha rahe hai…..

    pls imagin tv save ds channel…

    mai ek bat aur kehna chahunga ki ye ek aesa show hai ki jisse mere ko aur mere jaise kai logo ko apna confidence badhne ke liye madat ho rahi hai….

    so pls dont stop ds show……!!

    JAY HO…!!

  35. If this serial had some vulgarity than this would not happen. Very sad for our Hindu serials. It should be continue at any cost. My 5 and 10 Years kids watching continuously and asking Papa Chandragupa kyon nahi aata???

  36. The Show must go on,
    this is the voice of our country peoples because we all are connected with this ancient history of PARTLIYAPUTRA. So we must raise our voice for this real ancient hiostory to start the serial as perly as possible.and I also request to the TV divisions and politicians to co-operate the Imagine channel and help them to start the ( CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA) at any cost.

    Thanks and co operate please.

    S. Ahmed /Delhi/ 9953857172

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