Sep 142011

Baba Ramdev became celebrity guest at “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs” after Anna Hazare. Though Baba Ramdev impressed many at the show but at last Media instigated him and he criticized Rakhi Sawant and her remarks in which she said, “Baba Ramdev is hot”.

"Baba Ramdev and Rakhi Sawant Funny Cartoon"

At the famous show Baba reached before the time and impressed many jury members. It wasn’t just the yoga asanas with which Baba entertained his guests. Interestingly, the yoga guru also sang a few spiritual songs. “And it was the number of re-takes he took for one song that had the audience in splits.

Unlike other celebs Baba Ramdev didn’t charge the fee as well to attend the show. His presence mesmerized many, even Adnan Sami looked quite impressed with the Yoga guru. Baba also talked about his childhood and said, “He used to roam with no clothes and he even had no money to buy school books. He was dependent on second hand books.”

After the show, Media personnels insisted him to comment about Rakhi Sawant and her remarks. This irked him and he criticized Rakhi Sawant and her outspoken behaviour. He said, “Rakhi Sawant keeps enchanting the name of many people for publicity only. Her ways to get publicity are not good at all. She shouldn’t call me hot as well since I’m spiritual guru.”

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