May 072012

The most awaited show of Aamir Khan “Satyameva Jayate” has finally kicked off. Unlike other shows this show was kept in suspense till the time it was aired. The show when aired received lots of appreciation from all around. The show has the same genre as respects to its name. It covers real issues that are still untouched by the government of India. This show brings in real people to share their past experiences on the set so that people and our government comes to know about the real problems of this country. In its first episode ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ thought of bringing a very good issue to limelight i.e. female infanticide wherein real time sufferers of this crime came to the show and shared their horrible past experiences and their determination to overcome this unlawful act against them.

What was more interesting was that the show also showed the efforts made by two journalists in this regard of female infanticide wherein they travelled more than 13,000 km.  to carry out sting operation. The show also showed the efforts that were made by a district commissioner in Punjab to increase the sex ratio and reduce female deaths.

The show ended with a little humor wherein Aamir did a video conferencing with few bachelors from Kurukshetra in Haryana. These bachelors said that the main reason for them being single is that they couldn’t find a girl which indirectly relates to female deaths in the country.

The people can hope to have some changes in the current system as Aamir said that he will write a letter to the Government of Rajasthan and ask them to investigate into the 140 cases covered by the journalists and also initiate a fast track court to carry out the proceedings. He further asked the people to SMS Y to 5782711 so that he will have a strong support of people while writing the letter.  It is interesting to note that SMS Y to 5782711has become a trend on twitter soon after this no. was said by Aamir.

     Not only this Satyameva Jayate, Aamir Khan and Doordarshan are the hottest trending topics on twitter since this morning. It is to be noted that Aamir Khan has struck it right when he decided to air this show on Doordarshan as it has the widest reach in the country. Finally as Aamir says, “Mai aa raha hu aapko jagane” is proved correct through Satyameva Jayate.

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