Apr 132012

As the Imagine TV team decided to shut down their channel permanently, fans of Chandragupta Maurya serial got disappointed. Now, even the CGM makers  have stopped shooting further episodes due to permanent shutting down of Imagine TV channel.

CGM fans immediately made group named ‘Save Chandragupta Maurya Show’ and the group has got more than 10,000 fans in less than 15 hrs and it is getting bigger. Such is the popularity of this famous TV show. This historical saga became the very important part in its viewers’ life.

The actors of CGM like Manish Wadhwa as Chanakya, Ashish as Chandragupta Maurya, Sooraj Thapar as Dhananda, Tej Sapru as Amatya Rakhas etc. got big fame and name because of their wonderful performances. People were really impressed with their acting skills. How will their fans digest this news so easily ?

At present, there are hundreds of pages related to this famous TV show and everyone has one voice ‘Please Save Our Chandragupta Maurya Show’

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  868 Responses to “Support for saving ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ TV show getting bigger and bigger”

  1. plzzzzzzzzzz save our cgm.. we want our cgm back.. it iz d bst historical serial abt real indial heros nd history.. plzzz save it plzzzz….

  2. plz…..we w ant back dis show..dis is 1 of d bst shows……plz dnt stop dis show…it is a earnest request…..

  3. It Such a Great Show…… We wants more shows like our CGM….. We don’t want to lose this Show…..

  4. I think we should save CGM as it teaches us many things if channel is closing down some other chnannel can air it plzz save CGM

  5. To hell with Imagine channel but Iwant CGM my fav show to be telecasted in another channel.JAI HO

  6. The best show i have ever seen……………………………..save it plz………save CGM

  7. We want our cgm back at any cost.U 2n’t play with fans.If u r unfit u should not have taken cgm.shame on u imagine.

  8. It is one of the best show i ever seen on television
    guys please support this show

  9. plz…SAVE CGM

  10. This is da best show on tv currently.. not just a show but a great source of knowledge as well.. CGM must be saved..

  11. Save this serial chandragupta maurya pls. This is related to our history,with the help of this serial we get more information about Indian history. so plz save this serial chandragupta maurya plzz.

  12. it is not a gud decision.pls dont hurt viwers filling

  13. guys pls support us by joining the group ‘save chandragupta maurya show’ coz we want chandragupta maurya show back at any cost…..

  14. agar ye serial band ho gaya to imagin tv band ho jayga ya hum band karwa denge

  15. Can Star or Zee not do the show? But the show must go on….
    This program has touched so many people’s lives.

  16. Vote more to save CGM….its a great show….we love every characters of this SAGA……

  17. We want cgm back,dis tv show is realy vry gud,why imagine channel do dis? Plzzzzzzz………….cum back cgm,cum back Ashish:-(

  18. kindly shift the CGM to another channel if imagin tv is shutting down (Doordarshan b chalega) bt save CGM its the best show on tv

  19. Plz support us…. save cgm

  20. plz save CGM

  21. plzzzz save our fav show/ serial CGM PLZZZZZZ………..

  22. save CGM

  23. plz support CGM

  24. Pls dont remove this channel.cgm is one of the best serial i had ever seen in my life.it contains the thinkings of chanakya the great.xo i believe this channel will continue 4 ever…..

  25. Plz save CGM guys…. It is not only about history but it’s also useful for making a good life….
    Please vote for save CGM. We want it back guys….. If NDTV Imagine shutting off, then please shift the serial to another channel of NDTV or DD….. Bt please show must b going on yar… asa thodi hota hai…!

  26. it’s not a gud decision plz don’t hurt viewers feelings..

  27. Please Save Chandragupt maurya……… I want Chandragupt Maurya…….. if imagine tv is shutting down then we want it to be telecast on other Channel…….. Please….. I cant live without it 🙁 Please…….please…. Please…… Please :'(

  28. plesae dont shut chandragupt maurya seial

  29. JAI MAA BHAARTI !!!!!!!!!

  30. hume lagatar cgm ko kisi dusre channle par dikhane ki koshish karni hogi……ye ek bohot hi accha show hai.

  31. Its such a wonderful and authentic show. plz save it. its number one serial of Imagine Tv and i feel one of the best of all the tv shows. plz save it.

  32. My family and I never missed a single episode since this great show started. The same can be said about nearly 40 of my freinds and relatives who are avid fans of this show.We are heartbroken and shattered to hear the news of not only Imagine TV winding up but the Production house has called off shooting of Chandragupta Maurya. This serial is a pathbreaking one in the history of Indian Television and it becomes quite apparent to viewers that those who are involved with the show in front of camera and behind, pour their hearts out into the show. The show is entertaining, educative and informative at once Last, but not the least, in this time of decadent value system this serial can effortlessly inspire people of all age groups to become better human beings. The magnum opus is about the first great Indian emperor in recorded history who rose from the ranks of have- nots. The detailed portrayal of his life is a show everybody must watch. It becomes our national resaponsibility to support the show and make ardent requests to all tv channels including doodarshan to continue and sustain the projec without halt. CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA IS THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN of Indian Television.

  33. Please save CGM as this serial is not just for entertainment but is giving motivation to many youngsters and also from this serial we can learn tactics as being applied by Chanakya

  34. I wrote what I sincerely fel about CGM serial and from the point of view of deep attachment towards it. Don’t understand what kind of moderation is requied.


  36. Please please save our show ….CGM is best please shift it to another channel.

  37. I really liked CGM show…plz plz do not stop the show…:(:(

  38. plss save our cgm..imagine tv had shut down..at least try to bring it on ne other popular channel..cgm had became an inseparable part of our life..we want it back..plss do sumthng to save our lyf..our CGM

  39. Me n my dad never miss even a single episode,,,the show has really touched everyone from youth to the aged people…but at times it seems useless as d makers themselves are showing ny interest in taking the show to any other channel..hope v could get CGM back on any other channel soon..

  40. Please either resume the channel ( IMAGINE TV) or shift the Program to other channel of NDTV.. The show is extremely interesting , knowledge full and all the artists , actors role is appreciable and very good . I like and support the show . again RESUME RESUME RESUME THE CHANNEL. AND THE SHOW …..

  41. We can not miss CGM at any cost.Pl d
    o something to get it contd. by any TV channel.

  42. i just love this serial like any thing… i did nt had my food since heard about it…. plz dont stop it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  43. Such a great saga should be left half untold to the young generation .. we have got a lot to learn from Chandragupta’s and Chanakya’s story.. Dont care.. if any other serial gets stopped midway.. but this one should not.. A class apart from boring Saas Bahu serials

  44. Plzzz save cgm.ise kisi doosre channel par bhi shift kar do even doordarshan bhi chalega.jai maa bharti

  45. we want our cgm back on any chanel at any cost.

  46. plzzzzzzzzzzzz save chandragupt maurya

  47. we r with cgm

    how can ppl think of closing such a gr8 show dat is moving millions of heart 🙂

  48. We Want this show back !!!! Pehle Time change, change kya reduce kya half hour yaar … now this … Saturday the day when we all dedicate time for Chandragupta Maurya show aur woh ish tarah band ho gya … really yaar bht jada gussa a raha hai …. We want this show back at any cost .. !! This show encourage me alot for my India … to do something for it !!!
    Jai HO !
    Jai Maa Bharati !!!

  49. Cum bck cgm

  50. plz save chandragupta maurya….we can’t stay without it….agar is tarah se koi historical show jo hamare country ke golden age ko potrayed karta ho woh is tarah se bandh jo jaye toh yeh pure country ka apman hoga…..if u love our country then save chandragupta maurya

  51. Dont want to waste time saying lots of thing..just want to say please please save our CGM..pls let us make our akhand Bharat..

  52. I like this only serial on TV. My best wishes for CGM will soon be started in other channel just be positive :))))))))))

  53. Chandragupta

  54. If CGM continues call 8792586966

  55. Please if CGM continues call 8792586966

  56. i like this serial .please continues

  57. please save cgm this is grate show in the tv show

  58. This Series should be Continue…:) Jai Ho….

  59. cgm ko kisi aur channel p telecast krwane k liye puri koshish chal rhi h..hum himmat nhi harenge aur koshish krte rahenge

  60. Logistically speaking, this show is a perfect for other channels to capture. Imagine TV is down in the dumps bu the TRPs of Chandragupta Maurya are sky-rocketing.

    Also, the show comes just once a week from 9 PM to 10:30 PM and that too on Saturdays. What really comes on other channels at this day and time in the week? Nothing!

    Sony, Zee, Star, are you listening???

  61. Please Save our C.G.M.we can,t live without it……………

  62. plzz save dis serial :(( plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  63. CGM is such a great show that words r less to express..manish wadhwa , ashish n others hv put thier lives into it.. v all r just addicted to it n.. just cant imagine to b without it ..the dialouges of chanakya r just too good for getting a better wisdom …just love u CGM..THE SHOW SHOULD GO ON. :'(

  64. save chandragupta maurya facebook group reach 22000 + fans…
    Pls support CGM

  65. We want our CGM back……… it is the world’s best serial
    plzzzzz save it……

    JAI HO..!!!

  66. i love CGM show plz save it.

  67. CGM is a pathbreaking serial and is extremely well made. Me and my family have never missed a single episode till date. The story, narration and acting keeps you glued to your seat. I eagerly look forward to its comeback on some other channel ASAP.

  68. pls don’t stop CGM serial.

  69. PLEASE SAVE CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA SHOW…it has had a great impact on all our lives..WE WON’T GIVE UP SO EASILY….

  70. I n my whole family are just addicted by this greatest historical serial,we just love chankya, dhananada,chndragupta,n whole team ………….. So, Please save our cgm……….

  71. pls save chandragupta maurya serial.
    can other big channels such as star plus or sony do us a favour by taking the rights of the serial
    so that we can watch it
    please help

  72. plz dont shut down (cgm) this is the only serial watch by me. plz start it on any other channel…This is the only good serial in so many serials which was telecasted on other channel…..

  73. this is a fantastic and superb show…kindlly start it at some other channel ….dre are so many channels in search of gud shows and cgm will prove a boon 4 dm.plzzzzzzz strive hard 4 ds show.production shud take immediate steps and start at sm othr channel

  74. plz plz …………………………plz save my Chandragupta maurya serial i like it very

    much i had not missed a singel episode till now and i also download it from net after the cgm over ……..i like it very much plz plz continue it or else i will make suicide …………………………………………………………………………….Seriously ……………….

  75. I guess some other channel should pitch in and take over Chandragupta Maurya we definetly want to see the ending


  76. This is very unfortunate.CGM is the only serial I love to watch and suddenly this heart breaking news comes.Please save the serial as this is our part of life.

  77. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz save chandragupta maurya serial it the only best serial and it should be continued.

  78. Plz save the CGM….. I really liked….. plz don’t do like this…
    please continue…..

  79. If you love India, you will not stop Chandragupta Maurya.

  80. cgm is one of the best serial bcoz of great actng , dialogues and patriotic. Ths show must go on pls save cgm:….

  81. Plz….. don’t shut my favourite show…plzzz……..

  82. Please save CGM serial… I am a big fan of this inspiring serial…

  83. after LOST English TV serial, we liked CHANDRAGUPTA MOURYA a lot.
    its a grt serial. pls save CGM. Ramu and othrs Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore

  84. please contiue our serial otherwise will do “ansan” or dharna for that otherwise shift this serial to other channel

    Jai Ho

  85. save it plz it because is not only popular in india but in countries like nepal too
    so please save it

  86. Please save the serial “Chandragupta Maurya” by telecasting on another channel like Star Plus or Sony.

    I am doing my part for saving this wonderful programme.

  87. CGM must start on any of the active channels. The producer must take a call.

  88. we are regular viewers of chandragupta maurya .
    we are really disappointed ,,, pleassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee continue the cgm serial


  90. we r dissappointed a lot plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue the sereal
    we r the biggest fans of chandragupta maurya pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse continuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue the sereal

  91. Plz let the serial be telecast on some different channel as from where it left the telecast, dissapointing the viewers is pathetic and Imagine TV will suffer all over not only in India.

  92. please do not leave in between,show must go on.

  93. i and my family watches ur shows always
    pleasssssssseee dont stop the show
    we r all waiting to watch cgm

  94. i am shockd hw cn they do dis. they show wz at itz peak… dtz da nly thng i watch on tv… ho cn they do dis? imagine sshud sell da rights f da serial to any odr channel atlst….

  95. Plz continue cgm, maybe in some other channel of same co. JAI MAA BHARTI

  96. I have not missed a single episode ever since it started. This was the only tv show which my family watched together for almost two years. My Daughter ( Aged 16 ) and my son ( Aged 11 ) used to call me at 9 pm on Friday and Saturday ” Papa Chandragupta shroo hone wale hai, jaldi aa jao”

    Today all four of us are shell shocked. Even IPL match is not going to compensate it. I would have paid any amount to view this serial. This made our weekend so special.

  97. It is a very very good show. Please come back soon. It should not be stopped in between. It really shows the values that were imbibed in the indian culture then.
    but in today’s western influenced indian society these are loosing its grips on people because less people are aware of it.
    but it can be revived in today’s young generation’s mind only through these shows.
    We all will be expecting your show’s comeback on some other channel very soon with a bang………..
    Jai Bharat Maa!!!!!!!!!!

  98. pls dont do dis………dis show hs becum vry important part of my lyf

  99. please it should be saved as soon as possible
    My request to all of you is that please save this show by support it over the link


  100. This is not a serial.This is the taaj of bharat.closing this serial would be betraying with one’s own motherland as this spreads the seeds of patriotism in the coming generation which is very far from the culture of kartavya,karma,vachan,desh-bhakti.


  101. pls save CGM…… its the best historical drama on TV…..

  102. Please save chandragupta morya serial… If Imagine tv is stopping its channel, the serial producer and director must produce and telecast the show on some other channel………

  103. save CGM i love it

  104. hey support…i love CGM

  105. pls save cgm , its a heart breaking news.

  106. pls save cgm it is a historical serials and me and my whole family watch this serial always it is shocked to about us we are not happy

  107. Chandragupta maurya show is the best show ever..!
    Chanakya and Dhanananda are the best characters.
    So, plz. Don’t stop this show

  108. i want chandragupta back on air………plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!we all love it soooo much!!!!

  109. Its very shocking to know about termination of Chandra Gupta Maurya serial.
    If not Imagine TV then some other channel should take initiative to show the serial.
    Know doubt show is very popular and should end with story.

  110. Please save chandragupta maurya.

  111. I want Chandragupta Maurya to go on
    cant it be shifted to some other channel so that the story goes on
    Please its a humble request , please take that show into considerence

  112. plz save cgm at any cost , i want to see the path followed by aacharaya saam , daam ,dand bhed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and want to celebrate the day wen chandu will kill dhanand and become the 1 emperor of india who united it. tell mr.jain not to get money minded and pls continue the show. it is the only way through which many people came to know about this great ruler because in our education system we studied mostly about foreign history and now we got a chance to come to know how this king got to the mark ……………tis greedyness will take u in doom its my saying…………….. jai maa bharati .
    and if the show doesnot start again , so i request the caste and crew of cgm to launch a dvd of full series of the show and it will be the biggest seller dvd ever…………..

    JAI HO

  113. please telecast chandragupta maurya on any other channel it is the best seriel i have ever seen….. please dont stop it in midway…..

  114. we want Chandragupt back. it is best tv show ever,how can they just stop and play with people emotion,people are waiting for this show wholeweek and not in the mid of show they can’t close,other channel should start this show.

  115. it’s a cheating with us…………….if its shut down some other indian broadcaster must take responsibility to broadcast such a gem of serial. and producer of this serial also take keen interest of indian people to have dialog with other broadcaster.

  116. we need our show cgm back at any channel at any cost plsss…..

  117. Me and my Whole family watching CGM please dont stop CGM

  118. Ek cheej to acchee thee wo bhi band ho gyee bollywood se

  119. please save CGM.This is the only serial i see on TV.We get lots of inspiration from this serial

  120. pls save CGM as it shows how a 20 yr no-where boy became 1st emperor of united bharat and gave a rise to the very idea of AKHAND BHARAT.


  121. It will be good if another channel could come foraward and contunue CGM serial..

  122. It is very much disappointing .today we switch on the T V but do not find our excellent favourite serial for which we wait a week . It is excellent serial

  123. pls save cgm.It is most intersting show at present.Kids too learn lot of thing from this show.

  124. plssssss continue cgm….its the only show which still draws most of people towards tv..

  125. plz save chandragupta maurya show……………..
    I can’t miss a single episode of this great adventurous tv show ,bcos “acharya chankya” is roll model of mine.its not only a TV show but also inspirational events for all viewers and fans of “CGM & guru chankya”.
    this crusial tv show need to telecast threw another TV channel.
    so imagine tv have to tide up with another TV channel to continue and maintain TRP rate of this show………..
    so I request imagine tv & central TV Board, please handover CGM to another TV Channel……we all hope your favorable reply……..

  126. Save CGM. It is one of the best serial on the TV which i have seen. Please get it back running.

  127. plssssssssssssssssss do not shut this channel. chandragupta maurya is my most favourat serial.It gives me inspiration to gain success in my life.I am fed up wid other series of saas bahu and i dont watch them.plssssssssss do not shut imagin tv.

    jai ho!


  128. plz telecast cgm in any other channel as serial like cgm have good educative value instead of telecasting saas bahu serials

  129. It was the only serial I was watching. Please do not stop it. SAVE THE CGM

  130. How can they shut the show just like that? This is highly disgusting. The show must be carried on, even if its on any other channel, or even on the news channels. Some action must definitely be taken!!!!!

  131. i love this chandragupta maurya serial ….it is the wonderful show…..and it must be continue forever in other tv channels if imagine is shutting down……..as the fan of this tv show is get disappointed ……

  132. the cgm must go on……. its one of the greatest serial that telecast on tv now a days, pl save cgm

  133. Please shift CGM to other channel, pls don’t stop this show. Even Sagar Arts have capacity to start their own channel. Pls sagar art if no channel is ready to air CGM , start your very own Sagar Tv

  134. please telecast CGM in other chanel as we love it and lots of thing knowladge and inspiration we got so please please please save CGM and do the favour

  135. please CGM

  136. Plz come back cgm.its looking like someone close relative is dead..Plz do something, me and family cannot live without chandergupt maurya

  137. plz save chandragupta maurya……….its my favorite show…………..i cant live without it ……….cant other channels help this show…………
    this is a great show which help the modern society 2 interact with indias history………

  138. I really like CGM because this serial is real historcial plz plz save CGM plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  139. i am sure chandra gupta maurya will start on other channel this is the only serial which is worth watching .

  140. chandra gupt mourya is the best serial in the ages of daily shop and fake reality shows it was a fresh air for viewer like me.
    It would be great if any other channel decides to telecast CGM in near future.

  141. Producer should this serial to other TV channel like colors,probably they will purchase it and air it as usual.

  142. should sell *

  143. friends badi mushkil se ek show dekhne or sekhne layak tha lekin ab wo bhi off air ho gaya lagata hai
    i think imagine have really imagine channel

  144. plzzzzzzz save the show, we all love this show vry much.plzzzzzzzz…..

  145. Please telecast cgm humple requez to other chanels plz take respnsibilty of cgm

  146. Dis IS reDiculous….WE WANT OUR CGM BACK…..!!!!!!!


  148. please do not stop this immensely entertaining engrossing and inspirational serial.if not on imagine then please air it on some other channel. please.

  149. chandragupta maurya serial stop i am very very very very very very very said & my dream serial see. so pl started serial.

  150. CGM is the only show that talks sense and gives you learning values. People are keen to watch saas bahu drama..had it been kyunki saas bhi bahu thi etcn dr would hv been abig drama.
    We all request any tv channel can buy the serial righrsand broadcast the same. The serial will do wonders for the channel.

  151. It is THE BEST SHOW on tv.
    If Imagine is closing down then other channels can benefit by purchasing the rights of the serial. It’s a shame that such a fantastic historical serial and its viewers have to suffer.
    Serials like CGM, Chanakya and others help Indians to know about their heritage in very interesting and educational manner. Also, they have been HUGELY SUCCESSFUL. I ‘m eagerly looking forward to remaining episodes.

  152. the serial like CGM was dam dam gud it gives the pepole to live a new thoughts
    n try to achive there goals in a new style

  153. the serial like CGM was dam dam gud it gives the pepole to live a new thoughts
    n try to achive there goals in a new style
    we want tht type of serials
    it comes in centuries

  154. CGM IS best serial after Mahrabharat ( based on Epic) happend on Indian TV. Any Channel should feel proud to broadcast CGM if they geninly Care for Viewers. Pls save CGM.

  155. cgm makers should nt stop this show if imagine does nt support this serial then cgm should be telecasted at other channels……plssssss bring it back
    jai maa bharati!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. I, feel a big shock that CGM serial has stop or may be this is unhappy ending without deffited dhanand.?

  157. plz save CGM its best serial ever seen it is very inspirational it should telecasted by any other channel plz it is very usful to live a perfect life

  158. it is very wel directed i luv it

  159. This is the only serial, I watch in a whole week.
    CGM makers can move the broadcast of serial to any another channel….

  160. Hey pls don’t stop this serial cgm. i am living in hostel and every sataurday wait for download this serial on my laptop becoz i love this serial. pls shift it on another channel.

  161. director is having deep khonwledge of the life of CGM nd Chanakya that is the best part of this serial i m very thankful to the director nd producer but plz now save CGM

  162. Please bring the serial back to us…wait for an entire week to watch…this is so weird. got addicted to Chanakya, Chandragupt and the entire story !

  163. hey please save cgm its a v imp part of my life

  164. please save my cgm do smthing please

  165. plz dont stop our cgm.It is the best show in the world

  166. jai ho! jai ma bharti!

  167. saturday remains incomplete widout chandragupt maurya. v want our aacharya chankya and cgm back.it nw a part of our lifes.it cant b left half a way.we want to learn a lot ahead from this series.plz support chandragupt maurya

  168. i love cgm show .plzzzzzzzzzzz back dis show.this is one of the great show

  169. if imagine tv cant continue …then there are many tv channels who can telecast such historical shows.I would like to request the team to try other sources of telecast …
    we shall be waiting eagerly… please do not upset your audience.. we are with you….

  170. pls back this great on other channel plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  172. Please save cgm

  173. saturday remains incomplete without chandragupt maurya.we want our accharya chankya and cgm back.the news of shutting down of imagine has dissaopinted me a lot.it nw has became a part of our lifescgm is a need for todays india.we want our “akhand bharat” to be accomplished.we need to learn more ahead from this series.i dont usually support any of the serials expect cgm.support cgm.jai maa bharati.jai ho.

  174. CGM : the only show i watch on tv. Dear all viewers your support is needed to save this serial. Chanakya’s thinking and understanding is outstanding and one can adapt in his real life, we cannot afford to lose this serial at any cost !!

  175. chandragupt maurya

  176. plz save our show for god’s sake

  177. Pls. do something & don’t stop it……

  178. pieeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssse dont stop cgm………..

  179. CGM is excellant It must continue for the sake of Indians and to know their heritage

  180. Pls save this serial its my favorite as well as my parents too. so plz show it on other channels…….plz… itz……humble request……

  181. ‘CHANDRAGUPT MAURYA’ is our historical show….. i learned lot of thoughts from dis show… i like the leading characters very much… their performances… plz it is request to show on other channels….. it is all’s Favourite……….!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. plzzz we need support frm all of u plzzzzzz bring bak cgm ,the story of the greatest emperor of india and the gr8est mastermind of all times in the world chanakya


  184. i n mine family is a great fan of cgm…..we use to wait a whole week to watch this…the shows related to our indian history should not be stop like this….:(:(:(

  185. Atleast switch CGM to other channel. But please do not stopt showing it..this is the serial my family awaits for the whole week. Plzzzzzzzzzz do not stop CGM

  186. It’s really sad news that the Chandragupta Maurya serial has been stopped. All know that this TV show is very praiseworthy for it has made able to many people to know about great men(Chanakya and chandragupta) from their region. It has also made possible to highlight thought of chanakya by dominating thought of many of the philosophers like plato, aristotle.
    Thus, it is urgent to save this tv show through any means.
    Rajib paudel
    Kathmandu, Nepal.

  187. i m watching this serial from day first and its a best serial among all.please save its team by takeover or buying its telecasting rights.

  188. Please do not stop Chandragupta Maura serial, the best ever serial on TV. By stopping the show you are disappointing millions of audiences. The brilliant performance of this serial cannot be stopped and deprive the audiences, If Imagine TV cannot telecast this show then let other channels come forward and take up this serial but please please do not close down this serial, which is a must watch for children and all who love India. Jai Ma Bharati!!!

  189. What happened guys..? any news that any other channel is planning to air Chandragupta Maurya? I’m really disappointed with ImagingTV channel, for their decision to shut down channel with such good serials running on it.. its ironic that many Saas bahu.. sort of serials run for years and serials such as CGM which gives so much learning to individuals getting shut.

  190. This is the best show ever shown on Indian television….. and yet such a drama taking place….!!!

  191. don’t stop CGM. jai ma bharti.

  192. plz save the chandragupt maurya serial…
    my whole family eager to watch it on saturday, if this serial get shut down my family saturday would be incomplete……:(:(:(
    plz..plz..plz……..save it

  193. Please dont stop CGM …..i amd my family just love to see it…..Telecast it on some other channel but please continue it…..Its a humble request from all the fans of CGM.

  194. Please dont stop CGM …..i and my family just love to see it…..Telecast it on some other channel but please continue it…..Its a humble request from all the fans of CGM.

  195. It was the only show which had some meaning rather then all those bullshit sas-bahu bakwas…..It presented a bright history of Bharat and the actors make it so realistic that it became a part of our life. The teachings of chanakya in this realistic way were just wonderful. The way the imagine TV has shut its karobar….it looks something fishy….were they sleeping uptill this time and suddenly waked up and saw their poor performance (obvsly because of adding bakwas swayamvar and all those nautanki of Rakhi sawant)…This is just unacceptable…..

  196. At the onset let me say that I am also a supporter of the show CGm continuing as it is a great show. And the sudden closing of Imagine TV is not correct. But I just wanted to bring to everyone’s notice that this support for save CGM on this FB page does not seem like an entirely correct reflection of reality.

    As I noted, this is not an FB “page”. This is an FB “group”. In a group you can add people. They don’t join you necessarily out of their free will. You start by adding people on your friend list and they become your members; and then the members you added can further add more members from their friend list. You don’t even ask people before you add them. Most people will not bother coming to the page and removing them self from the group.

    My guess is that the administrator of the CGM fan page started this group and automatically added the 4000 odd members of the original page. And from there people started adding other members from their friend list.

    I know CGM is hugely popular and with good reasons, but that is how this number of 35,000 members seems to have been reached.

    I sincerely hope that CGM is continued, but this was an important detail that i thought was important to mention as this is a misleading number.

  197. Plz don’t stop this show.

  198. save cgm, or tell us where we can buy DVD for this complete story

  199. I am with all the fans in saving cgm so it starts again can wait till then

  200. i am with all the other fans in saving cgm can’t wait for it till it comes back and starts again whether on zee sony or star

  201. please dont shut down this serial!!!!!! we all are begging you to reshedule its timings and advertise it very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Please Save CGM. I am also big fan of this serial.

  203. Please save this show…..very big fan of CGM….

  204. Save CGM. This is a powerful and inspiring saga of ancient india and is our heritage. Needs to be saved and it’s ideals made a part of the lives of all Indians.

  205. there is no any other show like CMG.i love CMG i mean how was the time when CMG aquired most of the indian sub continent and at tha time he was only twenty.i love chandragupta veer sapoot of great india.

  206. we mauryans will fight till we don’t get justice.
    ja ho!!
    jai ma bharti!!!!

  207. Please dont close cgm. It will telecast another channel please please please

  208. Dont stop cgm . This serial was my best serial with family please it play another channel star or colors.

  209. My whole family used to watch it.It was the only serial on this cannel which was sensible .Iam a great fan of CGM.

  210. I luv this serial. When i on t.v so i see only cgm. This serial provide some knowledge & old culture. I hate sas bahu serial please play this serial on place of extra serial

  211. Save my serial cgm. In serial i luv only cgm please support us for change this imagine platfarm

  212. Please don’t stop CGM, it should be telecast in other channel. Please continue the same in other channel

  213. I support to save CGM. I vote For it..! Plz continue the serieal Episodes. If Not possible on Imagine …then start them on another Channel , there are so many options For Continuing the CGM Episodes……Plz……! 🙁

  214. plz stop airing of bakwas saas bahu type serial still going on and plz listen indians voice that PLZ SAVE OUR CGM SHOW AT ANY COST

  215. Kindly arrange to telecast the CGM on some another channel. Stopping of CGM sholud be seen as stopping the people of our country the richest political knowledge of politics specially the new generation helping the India to become super power so please please please make the strong movement to bring back the CGM

  216. plz save cgm show

  217. pls don,t close this Serial. this Serial is i like so much i hav seen only this Serial . pls com back cgm .

  218. please save cgm



  220. This is the Only Serial I prefer watching on NDTV…..PLease Dont stop this Serial….Or else We will boycott NDTV Imagine …Please dont play with our feelings.

  221. We need programs like this!! the inculcated good values and a sense of pride of our History!! please dont let it vanish!!

  222. I with my family is adict of CGM. we are decieved to see shut down this show is there any authority is there that can start it again.

  223. CGM is fantstic show and must go on. Do something producers, sagar arts, 72 degree north and imagine tv authorities. Else very bad message will go in public.

  224. This is my request to cgm team and the channel, please do not stop this serial. Cgm is one of the best historical serials we have.Today we need such serials.We want the great Chandragupta and Chanakya back on TV, because we all like this serial.

  225. plz…. return my cgm ,it is my best favourite show, otherwise i will forget 2 watch this channel & also i’ll try 2 convince my friends to stop using this channel…….. .

  226. pls do not stop this serial the best serial in all chanle

  227. i don’t like it
    i m the biggest fan of cgm but imagine tv decided to close

  228. Please telecast this serial in imagine or any other channel.

  229. plz teleccast this serial on imagine tv or any other channel.i am also fan

  230. Please do not stop such TV serial like CGM, it teach us many things which are helpful in our life.

  231. Please save CGM..i cant without dat cerial..it is a kind of inspiration to me,infact 4 many other peoples like me..please dnt take dat privileage 4m us. . .we want 2 c dat cerial soon in any other channel, if possible…

  232. now…also if the channel is going to shut down, at least the production team should come up with any other channel to telecast with…………after all this was a good serial all in all and i do not think the producers or any channel telecasting it would go is loss by showing this………..also the feelings of fans should be considered too. so please show this serial again, anywhere, we just want to see it

  233. Please save CGM . It is an important phase of our Indian history. Ideas of teachers like chanakya turned a simple boy CGM into a great ruler.

  234. Pls do not stop this serial this is best serial than other

  235. Not only me but my whole family enjoys it a lot. The serial should be shifted to any other channel so please do something and telecast it.

  236. Such a great tv serial on great indian history and lot of learning on every aspects be it personal life, politics, administration, policies, governance, law and many more issue of human civilisation, should continue if not with imagine tv then with any other hindi channel. other channel should come forward to own this serial since it will also give a good business seeing the fact that it has got many many viewership.

  237. cgm is a very informative show. greatly dissapointed to hear that cgm will not contineue . i will request the producers of chandragupta maurya to please shift the show to other channel


  239. please, save cgm its the best Indian TV serials right now being aired

  240. I am a big fan of cgm.even i dont mis a single episode of cgm.i am very much disappointed to hear that cgm will not continue.my hearty request to imagine channel to make these serial on.

  241. Please continue CGM on any other channel, it is glorious past of ” Chankya Neeti ” and every one must be aware of that.

  242. CGM is a great show, i have been following this closely. Disappointed to know its getting discontinued. Hope this will get continued on some other channel. Any other channel is sure to get higer TRP due to this serial.

  243. CGM is a great show, i have been following this closely. Disappointed to know its getting discontinued. Hope this will get continued on some other channel. Any other channel is sure to get higer TRP due to this serial. The show should continue till ‘adkanda Bharat comes alive’

  244. Chandragupta Maurya is the only good serial on Indian TV. Needs to be saved….

  245. we want CGM at any cost,,,,,,,,,,,, Jai Maa Bharti………

  246. plz i want my cgm back we will surely get it back plz other thus who love cgm plz support !

  247. plzzzzzzzz telecast it on any other channel

  248. Please save Chandra Gupta Maurya Serial. We want it back at any cost on any channel. If it is available in the form of CDs then I am ready to pay and watch.

    Turner group should have had given at least two months notice to all the producers and acters. They have left us in lurch.

    Please stop watching HBO and POGO as well which belongs to Turner Group.

  249. So, there is no Saas Bahu element in this serial, or perhaps no praise for Shah Rukh Khan or the Mafia dons. It is all about the pride and the heritage of Aaryaavrat/Bharat as it really was, before the Middle-Eastern and European invasions. So who would really want to save it? Just you and me!

    There is no TV channel or a financier or a politician willing to bring live the real history of our country to the public. And I was thinking this serial has changed it all. I am hoping Veer Shivaji will continue getting telecast and will not become another victim of this sort.

    The British chose Nehru to be the leader and INC to be the ruling side of our country after they left, so that they can rule “India”, as they named it and visualized it, even after they left.

    And 65 years later here we are still with the same low self-esteem, and with the same misery and reluctance in knowing our real history. Thanks to Nehru’s “Discovery of India”, so far in our schools, we were given to read as our history, only what the British wanted us to know about ourselves.

    All I can say is, know it, believe it, and one day we can make a movie much bigger than an Avatar or a Titanic on real stories that are the pride of our nation, and those that will reveal to us who we are in reality.

    Save CGM. Save Bharat.

  250. Yeah we want it back!

  251. Please restart this serial, it was the most inspiring serial and all the cast and crew also acted very well, it is much much better than the hopeless Saas and Bahu type serials running across. Sagar Arts should speak with other channel and partners to restart the same, even DD1 is best to show atleast DD1 will never shutdown

  252. SAVE THIS CGM SERIAL AT ANY COST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAVE IT!!!!!

  253. plz start again cgm

  254. Please start the telecast of CGM on any other channel, this is a very good serial, this serial gives lot of knowledge and we there is lot to learn thru this serial.

    Please start the serial again……

  255. Our entire family eagerly wait for CGM to watch on every Staurday and have not missed any of the episodes.But hearing its departure due to closing of Imagine channel is really sad news…

    CGM is a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom for every age group so request any other channel to take this serial and continue the show so that we viewers are not deprived of this Serial..

    Three cheers for the Team of CGM for their great performance and entertainment with solid historic storyline teaching practical lessons to every age group accross the country and motivating them to learn from failures and come out in life with flying colors.

  256. plz dont stop it in the middle . saturday was my favourite day but now it has become my most unlucky day because of their stopping CGM.

    jai ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jai ma bharti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. save cgm .we need it .pleeeeeeeeeez

  258. Plz save CGM the best seriel with best prformance .
    we want cgm
    We want CGM
    We Want CGM

    Plzzz plzzz plzzz

  259. please restart CGM as soon as possible as it is the only thing through which we can know the history and great chanakya and chandragupta empire

  260. CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA is THE BEST SERIAL on TV. The one and only serial to be watched. Please bring it back on small screen. We are eagerly awaiting to welcome back the CGM team. We want CGM, we want CGM, we want CGM…………………………………

  261. Plz, dont stop this serial.
    Saturday is my favourite day due to this serials.
    For professional Studies like CA this is best motivational serial to crack the Exam.so now i m so diappoint..
    Plz if possible continue this serial.
    We want CGM
    We want CGm Back..

  262. Plz, Save CGM,
    Save CGM,
    Save CGM,
    This is one of the best serial in the Indian History.. Dont back…..

  263. Please save CGM.Its the best tv show after ramayan and mahabharata.Althogu i have read “aag aur pani” book but the picturaization and act is beautiful.

  264. plzzzzzzz.. dont shut down this famous t.v show………………plzz….cgm is one of the greatest serial… soooooo.plzz… don’t stop this serial……………

  265. Please bring cgm back …………………………………………….

  266. this is only serial worth watching on Indian TV channels. Rather than including this serial in School History Books, the show itself get stopped.
    Request to producers- Start this on some other channel.

  267. Please Save CGM Serial and Continue Plzzzz.

  268. i want chandragupta back on imagine tv.it gives a great knowledge about our history

  269. plz return cgm .that is what the serial i like the most

  270. save cgm coz i love ittt…………….!!

  271. I am found of CGM.kindly re air CGM.
    I am highly motivated through watching CGM.
    My humble rquest to Mr Ramanand Ji The director Of CGM please do the needful for viewers of CGM

  272. Me and my all family members along with our friends, like this show and watch regularly.We are v disappointed since it is stopped. please save it.

  273. plzzzzzzzzz bring back cgm

  274. plz do something….
    i dont watch any thing else other than cgm….plz kuch to karo…i want CGM….plzplzplz…

  275. this is not good to shut down CGM.we all family members like it most .but we are very disappoint at that time .we feel as we have lost a important part of our life.

  276. plz ye show vaapis le aao.mujhse ab aur tolerate nai ho raha

  277. It is very educational series. Some other channel can take the responsibility.











  280. It is very important that the Chandragupta Maurya … Continue without any stops.. Any one of our bollywood produsers must take up this serial and help to telecast in any of the existing channels … Do any of our producers have such guts and interest in Indian History?????? NDTV the Founder of the Imagine TV is sleeping and they want only cash in their coffers ????????

  281. i am totally shocked last satured seeing another show ramayan at 9 pm.plz dont stop this serial i m seeing only this serial without missing a single episode. its my humble request to start it again.

  282. Please start it on another channel as soon as possible
    JAI HO!!!

  283. behave yourself ndtv imagine . start it again immediately.

  284. plz start this serial on another channel……..this is awesome serial who doesnt follow the superstiuon…….what a great serial

  285. such an EPIC show must go on……. please resume chandragupta mayura. it deals with great value and education which our current young generation need it as guidance..

  286. plz do not close this channel we all r loving this serial . i was shocked to see ramayan last saturday on imagine

    it is humble request to continue serial if u want to close channel then close but shift it on another good and popular hindi channel plz. i had not miss any single minute of epsode.

    start serial very soon otherwise we all lovers of chandragupta maurya have to use SAAM, DAAM,DAND,BHED .

  287. I am only like this serial in TV. Makers should have to search other channel to restart the same. Good for young age childrens who can learn the ethics from chankya for victory. Pls. Do’nt stop……….

  288. “chankya ” aise haar nahi sakata. aapko vaapas aana padega. plz count one member as one family. here i joined group . but here i m not alone . my complete family is missing “cgm” . my daugher is crazy for chankya and chandragupta. plz start serial as soon as possible.

  289. this is indeed a priceless show which enlightens us with the glorious past of our motherland…kindly try to accomodate it with some other channel..its worth it, at least it deserves a place rather than meaningless daily soaps being aired

  290. Please don’t stop this serial i like this serial . My best serial is cgm in all serial

  291. Hello,

    Chandragupta maurya is one of the finest teleserials ever made.The characters, acting, story, twists and turns are something never seen before on Indian TV.

    Its a shame that NDTV Imagine has stopped screening this serial now. I am so addicted to this serial now that I feel depressed and extremely frustrated if I dont view it every week.

    Can you please pass this message to the producers of Chandragupta Maurya that they start this serial from start in another channel like Colors or Star or Sony etc.

    We cannot afford to miss this serial and I am willing to pay any price to watch it.

    I am sure there are lakhs of people just like me waiting to watch it….Please please resume this serial at the earliest.



  292. i request star plus/ color channel to telecast CGM

  293. At any cost the show must continue as I know many of my friends & relatives who always waiting for the show every week, So, please don’t stop it, koi bhi time & koi bhi channel chalega per CGM should continue……………………

  294. save cgm shift it to another channeel

  295. CGM is the only seriel I have watched in last 10 years. Please bring it back

  296. Jay maa bharti………….,…,jay maa bharti

  297. After a long time such a good serial was aired and its very unfortunate it has been stopped abruptly. Today this country needs another Chanakya to craft a ruler like CGM.
    I am really upset with this abrupt end to the wonderful serial.

  298. CGM must continue because it is the need of the hour for creating awareness of the power of selfless desh bhakti.
    Pl for the sake of this country’s progress and the humanity as a whole this serial should be telecast.Its teachings elevate the understanding of society about the relevant importance of self-sacrifice for the common good of everyone instead of selfish petit personal interests.
    Pl. for the sake of the new generation and the self esteem of this wonderful country called India continue telecasting CGM.
    Atmaprakash (Originally from Bogota – Colombia -South America)


  300. Please save CYM and presto pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  301. Please save cgm

  302. please telecast chandragupta again on any other channel. beacause after Ramayan and Mahabharta this show has also touched every indians emotion. PLEASE TECAST IT……..

  303. please save cgm serial ……. because of my whole family is fan of this serial…. even 6 and 7 yrs old children too. is serial ke nirmata apna ye serial usi episode se jahan se ki iska show fuk gya tha , telecast ke liye kisi or channel se baat kar sakte h………
    phle hum sabi saturday ko serial khatam hone ke baad agle satrday ka besbri se wait kiya karte the.
    realy it was a wonderful serial……….
    iske all artist bilkul vaise hi asli lagte the jaise ki dd par aane vali RAMAYAN and MAHABHARAT ke lagte the………………

  304. pl.start CGM immediately on another chennel. Manish Wadhwa is my favorite & best actor.


  306. We r waiting for the show to air soon….

  307. Chandragupt Maurya is one of the best historical serial. It is a rare blend of touching script, superlative performances, cohesive screenplay and mesmerising dialogues. We, CGM lovers want our show back .. If the show can’t be aired on Imagine channel, let the programme be shown on any other good channel like Life Ok, Colors and Zee.

  308. I Chandragupta Maurya is the only tv show of my choice and now in the middle of show it is going off from telecast ……i donot know what to do

  309. It will be black day for Indian Broadcasting/small screen, if Airing of Chandragupta is suspended forever. Most of the Serials are just ment for Ladies, household ladies, which does not have any massege to the society. This serial is not just a serial, it is a teaching to all Indians, how enriched is anciant Indian values, Guru Shisha Parmpara etc.

    It will be very bad if this will be stopped, why not we are stopping or censor films whichare vulgar, there are many.
    Similarily there are many serials which just give bad message which fuelled family querlls.

    It is fact that In present time This serial is on the TOP of LIST of ALL PROGRAMMES AIRRED ON ANY CHANNEL IN INDAI.

    It will be SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME…………………….

  310. CGM shows what is the current states of BHARAT….. same way sonia is looting this country and making its army weak to break apart this great nation.

  311. I was really liking this show and this abrupt end has left a vaccum in my life 🙁

  312. The serial is must for every Indians to know the glorious history of our country. It teaches patriotism and many good things to our society. The serial should be resumed at any cost.

  313. PLeeeeeeez save this show at all cost…………..its the best show on TV.

  314. chandragupt morya ke aalawa koi serial hum nahi dekhte ager ye bandh ho jayega to kya hoga chennale bahle hi bandh ho jaye lekin yah serial bandh nahi hona chahiye it is one of the most famous serial in this days keep save this serial

  315. unfair n unjust shift the show to some other channel.. it is far much better than the regular crap aired everyday.

  316. We want CGM Back.

  317. Chandragupta Maurya serial presently shown on Imagine tv is one of most popular serial shown on past history, this serial was very popular even during last 2011 IPL and 2011 cricket world cup i.e. people used to watch this CGM serial first and watch other things. I THINK SOMEBODY ( OTHER TV CHANNELS) SHOULD START SHOWING THIS CGM SERIAL AS IT IS VERY POPULAR AMONG HINDI VIEWERS.

  318. How can it happen. Its a gr8 serial, if imazine TV is shutting down why other channel offering to show this serial. The many people of our country want to see just saas Bahu like Bakwaas & non veg commedy. They dont like to see the original things & the histry of India. They even dont know, the sign of India (Wheel on flag & Lions on currency etc) are of Great Asoka. U know that the Samraat Asoka was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya & he was inspired by his granpa.
    Shame on Indian People if they don’t support the serial.

    I also requested to other channel plz offer the owner of CGM to telecast this serail.

  319. plz support CGM

  320. mahabharat ke baad sabse mahan aur gyan vardhak serial ko band karna aur kisi dusre channel khaskar DD international ke dwara isko chalu na kar pana,bharat ke liye sharm se duub marne wali baat ha,karoro logo ke jeevan ko badalne wala serial band karne wale mahapapi aur deshdrohi hain. Sbbko cgm ka sadak per utar kar media ko bula kar khulkar isko band karne se rokna hoga

  321. Is this blog is for commenting purpose of something practical is under consideration to resume CGM, a proud for India

  322. aise kese band kar sakte hain . . . . . Me n my family are big fans . . . This historical serial . . . . Plz chalu karo ise ya other pe telecast karo . . . .

  323. pls donnot stop making this serial. i haven’t missed a single episode of this serial.post pregnancy i was asked not watch tv, however this was the only show that i fought to see after delivery. sudden closing of this serial has left me blank. this serial has taught a lot. please broadcast this serial on some other channel. PLEASE SAVE THIS SERIAL.

  324. some other channel must take the responsibility of broadcasting this show it will get a huge trp…
    plz save the mauryans……..

  325. Please continue this hitoric and ultimate serial. we love to watch and gain plenty of knowledge. All the characters in this serial are outstanding and doing thier job perectly which suits their character. It was started in the Month Feb-Mar’2012 with World Cup and we used and loved to watch Chandergupt Maurya instead of World Cup Matches. Please broadcast this serial on another channel. It is one of greatest Epics after Ramayana, Mahabharta and Shri Krishna. This is my request to the team of Chandergupta Mauraya that please do not stop making the serial and do broadcast it on some good channed like sony, star plus, zee tv. Agar Rakhi Ka Savyamvar hota to Imagine TV wale kabhi bhi channed band nahi karte

  326. IPL matches jo naa he internation aur na he national level k hain jis se kisi ko koi fayda bhi nahi hot koi ise dekhta hai or kkoi nahi fir bhi channel wale iske rights le lete hain. to fir Chandergupta Maurya jaise achhe serial k rights koi channel kyu nahi leta.

    This is my appeal to all the the people of India that please save this hitoric serial. we do watch it regularly

  327. CGM is my fevirate serial we wait for every friday,Saturday plz telecast soon ………

  328. CGM is my fevirate serial we wait for every friday,Saturday plz telecast jaldi.


  330. my family is waiting for CGM kindly telecast soon……..

  331. I am 6year old my favourate serial CGM plz. telecast soon….

  332. its a humble request to have the show continude….. v have not seen so far a good show based on our history after the original Mahabharat and Ramayan…..years ago. CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA very much falls in the same line of a very good serial…with good and Strong team and ACTORS playing their respective charectors…

    Loosing such a show is very dissapointing and we do not want to loose it. v really wish to see CGM and learn back our history….SO please SAVE CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA!!!!

  333. I have only one & last request please bring back ChandraGupta Maurya
    We are missing this a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  334. Please do not stop this serial, this is really very good serial.

  335. Please do not stop such great serial CMG…try with other chenal

  336. Its was a shocking news for us. All my family members used to sit together for this show. My 6 years son is too young to understand Channel problems but he is asking me to bring back CGM. Today is second saturday..that we will be waiting for CGM. To be frank,we all family members had nervous breakdown. For all of us …worst thing has happened in our life. What other feeling…should we express now. I will pray to almight GOD to start this serial again …..if not on IMAGINE…on some other Channel.

  337. shift chandragupta maurya to some other channel but dont stop its telecast………

  338. Please dosto save own serial raises your request … Let will be began this serial on other channel i like pogo so this serial should go on pogo

  339. i only says that……….
    come back CGm……..
    without CGM indian telivision is like a dead body without soul………….
    we can not live without this show, so, please come back………..

  340. CGM should restarted as this is teh best show in imagine……even small kids foound it amazingly interesting….

    stop other junk shows and bring it back guys……..increase ur TRP by broadcasting this amazingly wonderful show

  341. plz continue ur serial in some other channel

  342. I am in the US and have loved watching this show. My Friday and Staurday nights area DEAD without this show. I am just amazed that a channel provider can shut down overnight. Do it here is the US and there will be massive lawsuits, investigations etc. Of all the so called crappy dramas that come on Indian television, this show and Dwarkadhish Krishna are the best. For the sake of a change in the world of Indian tv, these shows must be resurrected. I am beyond angry right now….

  343. I don’t like to watch tvs. But this is the only show that I watched.

  344. all the fans of cgm dont get sad bcoz niyati bhi nahi chahati ki cgm band ho kyonki jaise cgm ko dhananada ko marne mei time laga tha vaise hi hame dhairya se kam lena hoga but my intution says that it will starrt sooon frnz so diont worry and encourage peopleto get this serial back on the tv

  345. Also go to http://www.sagartv.com/serials.htm, then click on contact and send email to production unit and see if you get reply. I have sent an email and waiting for reply.

  346. Its the best show on Television. Even Kaun Banega Crorepati was transferred from Star Plus to Sony TV. Then why not Chandragupta Maurya? Please try to save the awesome serial.

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  348. I would like to know the reason of shut down. Old serials are being telecast on this channel but there is no repeat telecast of Chandrgupt at it’s own time. Do they don’t want to see AKHAND BHARAT.

  349. pls save our CGM & return back at early as possible at any how at any cost. this is the only tv serial I really love it.

  350. plzzz start the show for God sake yaar, atleast once in a week we get to see 1 sensible show from which we can learn some thing and about the great chanakya.

  351. is any other channel not ready to take this serial….plzz start the show yaar we go early from office to see this serial and reach home before 9.00 PM.

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  356. please start it on some other channel plz don’t shut down the serial now at the mid way coming so far with the moment of so great story ……..

  357. Please resume telecast of CGM again on imagine TV

  358. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz save cgm.Give cgm on another channel but plzzzzzzzzzzzz do not stop it

  359. Such a great informative and knowledge giving serial should be started showing on NDTV IMAGINE Channel or NDTV people should make an arrangement of its telecast on other channel. I am sure they will never face cash or profit earning shortfall on such type of excellent serial.

    It has become like a “PATHSHALA” (a tutorial) giving gyan. Requesting NDTV Imagine to start CGM telecast asap.


  360. cgm is best serial,and should be continued as in this serial we came know about how our akhand bharat was made,this is not purely entertainment but from this serial we came to know mant teachings from acharya chankya…

  361. Yes we want CGM back. I can not imagine saturday without CGM.

    I had spent days and days together by remembering the words and teachings of Acharya Chankya. Hat off to Mr.Manish Wadhwa sir. We can not understand how the decision of closing channel and show has been taken so fast. Really all viewers are feeling like cheated. We collectively have to make voice for getting back CGM on any channel.


  363. please restart this serial again.

  364. How can the serial Chandra Gupta Maurya be restatred by some other channel? Do anybody give information about the restart of this serial?

    I think it was very popular and I wonder why I do not get any news about it. Please circulate some info

  365. How can somebody think of shutting such a great serial. Please support CGM to re-start again.

  366. The best historical serial.
    Please air it again to completion.

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    ye pehla serial hai jise maine dekha hai….aur bohot kuch sikha hai……….please ……..ise bandh mat karna aur ise jaldi se jaldi shuru karna…….. jai ho

  369. jahan iske itne dekhne wale hai aur chahne wale hai kam se kam unka maan rakhte hue dobara shuru kar do please…………*jai maa bharti*.

  370. Me and my whole circle wait for a week long to watch the picturisation of great character from our history.This show is a good oppurtuity to learn from them.It is really well made, big thanks to the producers for taking such a challenge.
    Imagine TV – We understand the situation, if possible request you to respect the sentiments of your real viewers. It will definetly pay back …………’jai maa bharati”

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  373. C.G.M. will Definitely restart.

  374. C.G.M. will start again.

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  379. Imagine u cant do this without my permission

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  381. Please start CGM in any other channel. My entire family loves the show. Pleeeeeeease come back.

  382. if there is any god he will escape cgm to be lost in tis emotionless world .cgm is the serial thats reminds us of our glorious histroy that we blind people have forgotten.cgm nade us remember to live up to your values .we cant survive without cgm.pls let us live with it

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  384. please start chandragupta maurya again: its the request of whole india.

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    Pleeeeeeeeeeze start it ASAP.

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  387. plz continue show, as it is a epic as well as a very educational program,atleast continue it on other channel,and when if in case u telecast the show again plz mail us , plz plz…..

    plz continue this show,dnt shut down

  388. Save cgm by using saam daam dand bhed…

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  394. Please start CGM i like it very much 🙂

  395. The team of CGM should start looking for other channel and should continue with shooting furthur eposodes

  396. Please save the show.. If not on NDTV imagine, please continue the serial on some other channel..

  397. Plzzzzzzz continue cgm as it s meaningful serial in recent tymzz . plzz continue it on other channel!!!

  398. This is only the serial which is very good after Ramayana & Mahabharat. If NDTV can’t start, another channel must start it. because it is one of the most meaninful , popular serial now a days.



  400. To whom it may concern, in my life me and my family watch only one serial i e CGM. hearing that the show will nt be broadcasted any more,we really broken down and disappointed. So plz try ur level best to start cgm again because CGM is nt just a TV serial it has humamitarian impact to all. My earnest request plz start the show for sake of moral values.
    thhanking u.

  401. This is the only show where we can learn more about Indian history, the serial is inspiring to watch.

    Please restart Chandragupta Maurya.

    We all eagerly waiting for the restart.

  402. the greatest indian histry don’t stop this tv show

  403. Please put it on zee tv, sahara one,colors etc pleezzzzz

  404. anything we do to save our heros back on air

  405. I am regular watching this serial after a Mahabharat; It is so interesting and know our history.

    Earlier one serial with Chankya on same subject was shut down by congress party as it is promoting Brahman vad;

    I was wondering how come they allowed this serial is continued till now. I got addicted to this serial and wanted to know more.

    CMG stopping a real setback for me.

  406. plz dont stop chandragupta seriel. generaly i dont see seriels..but chandragupta seriel nahin dekha to kya dekha.. really extra ordinary seriel. best actors. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz restart the seriel

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  409. how they could stop the bestest historical seria.Full week we were waiting for saturday only for CGM.now our weekend is like bore.we are still in shok and every day checking the channels view saayad kabhi start kar e.i want this serial at any cost.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz start this serial at any channel but back.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAI HO!!!!!!!!!!!

  410. hi!
    this was the best historical serial which i evre show on TV.Its my heartiest request please start this serial again.As this was the very good motivation for our new generation.as we are really missing this serial.atleast CD to lauch karo.we can buy that.but plz do smthinggggggggg.
    JAI MA BHARTI I!!!!!!!!!!

  411. Chandragupta Maurya ..is not only a serial rather its symbol of Indian strenght and role of teacher in making of a NATION..In case Imagine T.V. needs Financial Support..We are goin to start Fund raising campaign and wl come up wid maximum Support…In the age where westernised stuffs have started clogging the mind of our children…CGM was an eye opener and motivation piece…pl start the serial …In case of community support..pl call 9899390107….(Dedicated to motherland)

  412. plese start this show again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  413. One of the best tv serial ever aired

  414. yaar is show ko fir se start kro ,dis is d best show ever……………………………


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    I never missed any episode of cgm , generally i don’ t see serials like family drama serials but this cgm serial is best for historical knowldge.my request is to Ndtv imagine please start this show at any cost bcoz i am addicted of it . Maine kbhi kisi se request nhi ki hai pr main fir se request kr raha hu ki please start this show….

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  420. Please Start CGM to another Channel… Please………………. a request to all related…

  421. Stopping Chandragupta Maurya is a real cruel blow to its fans. It is a mockery with the lover s of our golden past. At any cost it should not be stopped. It is a pride for the nation to show our past heros and true national soldiers. So, Government of India should take action against this channel for playing with the sentiments of masses and stopping the channel abruptly. Either Channel should be forced to continue the episode or GOI should start it on its own channels. Jatinder Prabhakar

  422. cgm is not only the show or serial cgm is the part of our life.jai ho.



  424. hi all to telecast our cgm on other channel plz send mails at contact@sagartv.co.plz send mail as much as you can.plz once who check this mail try to provide this mail to everyone so that each person can send mails to sagar arts.jai maa bharti.

  425. Its definately the best and most liked TV shows… We all members of family wait for the whole week to watch the show over weekend. I strongly support the Show and wish that the show comes back in the air as soon as possible.

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  428. I fully agree with all the supporters of CGM , and my whole family want to watch this serial again , my suggestion to other channel is that they should take the rights of this serial and restart from the same episode , till we have seen in Imagine TV
    Pl take some action………… ……………………………….

  429. Save CGM

  430. hiiiiiii save CGM

  431. pls restart the programme. it was the only show wherein we are able to know the views and life of our great leaders of yesteryears. now days serials are full of saas bahus and family saga. this was the only programe which was different from all of them. pls restart it again.

  432. Hi all plz let me know when cgm is going to start again.i can’t live without cgm.
    bhaag mat kar pryas.jai maa bharati.plz hamara cgm kisi or channel par jadli start karwa do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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    This is only the show we watch..Jai maa bharati

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    “Veerta ki mishaal hai chandragupt” jai ho.

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    please start our cgm on other channel.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  440. we want the serial to be resumed….. being such a great show with such high trp y the hell they had stopped its telecast that to without any info !!!!
    its far far much better that the stupid saas bahu type serials . todays the man who saved ur country from greeks require our voice to bring his golden history before us …….
    jai hoo……… raise ur voice n demand our beloved chandu back…

  441. hamare cgm ko jald se jald kissi or channel par telecat karo nahi to hum hunger strike par chale jaaenge.Hum pryas karete rehenge or apne cgm ko wapas laa kar hi hain lenge.Bhaag mat kar pryas.CGM harai life hai.

  442. Please start CGM in another channel and complete this inspiring serial.

  443. whats thae new times of chandragupat murya pl. tell me

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    hi sagat arts plzzzzzzz hume disappoint mat karo hum apne cgm ke bina bulkul nahi reh sakte.hope u understand plzzzz

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  448. i agree with all cgm lovers we will go for a hunger strike all we want to telecast cgm to other channel that’s it. Jai maa bharti!!

  449. Hi all,
    CGM jab start ho to let me know the new time and channel.

    Hi sagar arts plaese hum garibon par daya karo humko hamra cgm wapas laa do hum hath jodate hain apke pair padate hain. we want our cgm back at any cost jai maa bhatari

  450. we want our cgm te;ecast on other channel that’s it cgm is not a show it is a part of our life please do not paly with us.We will keep trying until or unless you telecast our cgm on other channel.Jai maa bharati!!

  451. Please telecats our cgm on other channel we ca not live without cgm.cgm ko wapas laana ke liye hum saam,daam,dand,bhed chaaro niti ka prayog karenge.or apne cgm ko wapas laa kar rehenge.Jai maa bharti!!

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  455. we love all characters of chandragupt maurya it is a great serial ever and ever made.please show it again.

  456. Plz save cgm. Aakhir me iske stop hone ki wajah kya hai ?agar iske itne saare fan hai toh…….

  457. Plz save cgm. Aakhir me iske stop hone ki wajah kya hai ?agar iske itne saare fan hai toh…….wat iz this

  458. pls save CGM inspiration to nation to make “akhand bharat”

  459. please…………take this request only serial i saw regularly in years is CGM.Depressed when it got closed…………..Please divert it to another channel…………..TRP will add.please……………………………………….SOON…mail me the good news with timmings and new channel where viewed

  460. I vote in favour of saving CGM…….as that is the only worth watching in TV show

  461. CGM should not be stopped plzzzzzzzzz…. its the best TV program in a long long time. Way better than other crappy saas bahu stuff that you air so easily.
    Its a earnest request not to stop it. Atleast shift it to some other channel. do what it takes but dont stop it.

  462. Save cgm save nation’s trust

  463. plsss start this Serial again on any other channel , it is one of the best historical Program which i have seen till now.


  465. We want CHANAKYA back…..AT ANY COST….

  466. pls save cgm,,,,,,,,,,,,i love this show,,,,,this show is nt jst a tv serial,its a source of information about india’s hero chanragupta,,,,,,and the grt lessons frm chankaya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  467. This people only knows business..shame on it.We Indians never recognize our past always trying to copy western things.Chanakya was one of the best & ideal strategist & still it is applicable after so much centuries.I think he was one of the best Strategy Guru in the world.

  468. Please resume the telecast of Chandragupta Maurya. This is one of the most well
    directed TV shows in the history of Indian TV History.

  469. plz start the chandergupt again, this is the only tv show we love to see. the story of real hero of india. plz telecast it to another channel.

  470. i like CGM very much…….imagine should restore it.&should stop playing with our emotions!

  471. this is the greatest TV show till date.continue it…..

  472. oh come on this is not a TV serial. this is like everything is happening in front of our eyes and is real.stopping this would mean biggest loss in the history of tv serial industry. every effort should be made to telecast it(may be on other tv channel)

  473. i cant buy their comment that it has not generated enough business or not got proper rating. since its start, the seriel has got much attention of people and i used to wait for friday and saturday like anything and plan my schedule accordingly. if i missed on any episode, i rescheduled my sundays to watch retelecasts. this is the only show which has some brain involved in. else name a channel and show, its meaningless. pl resume the serial.

  474. please don’t stop my only serial that i watch

  475. plzz save CGM sir. it teach me lots of things in my life. it plays very wital role. it is one of the best serial which i never seen in my life

  476. please start the serial its like lesson o f life

  477. Please start CGM on another channel.eagarly we all are waiting for it.it is one of the best serial i have ever seen. it highlighted our rich indian history.we learnt more from it.this is the show where brain involved to its high range.all actors are excellant.Jai Bharati.

  478. agar nahi start karna serial taan kam se kam net te he episode pa deyoo

  479. Please restart the Chander gupt morya. It is not only a show. It teaches us lessons for every stage f our life.

    If not possible on IMAGINE, then on another Channe !!!!!!!!!


  480. Dont stop CGM. Pls.

  481. It is bad to discontinue a good serial like Chandra Gupta Mourya. 100’s of worthless serials have so much of TRP and such good serials find such a bad end.

    Society needs to have such good taste in the serials, which have a sort of combination of political science, political philosophy, nationalistic patriotism, need to improve as a nation

    hope concerned people understand these things.

  482. Get “CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA” in other channel from begining but don’t stop it ,it is wonderful to our ancient real life heroes.We won’t to know more about CHANAKYA & CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA.

  483. we need chandragupt maurya serial again.best serial ever made.please start the serial

  484. plz plz resume this show soon we all really missing this show very much . plz resume this plz

  485. plz dont stop CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA..we want to see our ACHARYA MARGADARSHAN..plz plz

  486. Please resume CGM on one of the other channels.My family is disheartened to see this abrupt ending. Show is well written, produced and captivating. The actors including Manishji, Thaparji, Ashish , Sapruji, Rishiraj and each and everyone has given their very best for this show. There is not enough space to list all the actors and behind the scene contributors.The story of India’s first emperor has a tremendous psychological effect on all viewers.
    It is vert sad that without consideration to fans and viewers the show is off the air. Are there any efforts to re-broadcast this glorious period of Indian history?

  487. please, dont stop the nd tv imagine serial “Chandragupta Mourya ” because it is related to the Indian History. we are interested for this show because how chankya able to fight with king dhanand by supporting of chandrgupta, sasanka and biskanya?

  488. please tellicast this serial in another channel….. please………….

  489. Please tell cast the CGM form another channel… save the CMG

  490. Such type of popular program shouldn’t stop. It can be telecast to other tv channel if there is any problem with current tv channel. It encourages the little guy to be a leader or captain. Also it reflects the charector of great indian idol Chandragupta Maurya. He proof his role in Indian History.

  491. I nevdr miss this serial ig is a vefy good serial to knowing the history pls i request telecast again it p’z plz plz

  492. We the whole family including the kids were shocked to note that the relay of CGM is stopped, we are unable to understand and digest that such a great serial ever produced in the history of Indian Television about the Expert Economist of our Country i.e. Chanakya, who fought with The Great Alexender who won the whole world but due to the Chanakya niti he could not penetrate in India, can be stopped, its unbelievable and shocking for 130 crores population of India, Imagine TV is showing so many serial which are useless can not give any lesson to the society, how can such an important Great Historical Serial the Ashok Chakra who has go the space in our national flag can be stopped. have V gone mad, please restart this serial again its a request of crores of people of India. we have never experienced and seen such a great serial like CGM……..
    Please its a humble request to the producer, Director to start relay of this serial either on same channel or any other Channel…….. But please restart as early as possible.

  493. Me and my family, we never missed to watch CGM serial on Imagine channel. But we are very disappointed that CGM has stopped. CGM team, you are not aware that how must CGM is popular among people now a day and it’s very knowledgeable and touching serial.

    It is our humble reguest to CGM team, please re-start this serial either Imagin or any other channel.

    Thanks Chandan

  494. CGM is not only a tv serial its mirror of the Indian History and culture, and the way it has been produced and shown is miraculous, it is not that Chanakya is shown first time it has been shown earlier also but this CGM is wonder all the characters like Chanakya, Chandragupta, Shashank, Dhanan, Amatya Rakshas, all are excellant and they have put their 100%, these kind of serials must be promoted so that our generation can learn and know our fundamental values of our cultures and history of our country. We are extremely unhappy by stopping of relay of CGM, we request to all to support this motion and show our unity and strength so that this serial can again come on air. I request each and every one to come forward and stand together to save this relay. Whatever is required to be done please do but ensure that the telecast of CGM is again started as early as possible. if required we will come on the roads to protest against the stoppage of CGM, but it should again come on air. …….Please start again and show the CGM from where it was stopped.

  495. I have watched this serial from day 1 till last serial, i am very much disappointed and shocked to note that CGM is stopped, this is the only serial which gives us the knowledge about our history, culture and the dream of Akhand Bharat which was seen by Chanakya during those periods where there was different different kingdom and India was divided by different kingdoms and these kings were everything, no justice were prevailing during those time and in such a difficult time when person was not allowed for free speach, no fundamental rights were there for the people and a single brahmin can see such a great dream of Akhand Bharat and fulfills his dream with a boy who was picked from the street called chandu, and with him the Akhand Bharat was created such a great history of our country which no country in the world have, this opportunity was given to us to learn and know our culture and history, how can be taken away by stopping the telecast of CGM. I want to do one future prediction called Bhavishya Vani that on whatever channel this seral will be telecasted that channel will become top most famous channel, Director and producer of CGM may kndly note this. This is going to happen therefore i request the Director and Producer of CGM to approach those channel which are not very popular and start showing this serial on that channel and then see the results our support to you are always there, will be there so please do not hesitate and go ahead search the channel and you will get it GOD is there he will help all of us but please do not stop this serial ……. I love CGM serial a lot and pray to GOD to help u to restart the telecast of this serial again on very urgent basis. I urge the producer / Director to telecast every day for 1 hour instead of only saturday, you will see the results people will be mad to see this serial which they are already.

    Please save CGM and start it again we are there to help you the team in whatever maner you want……………………..Vinita Gaud

  496. CGM was really an excellent serial , in every respect of i) historical value ii) acting iii) presentation iv) motivating national pride of holding Satyamev Jayeta moto .
    Wish one day the serial episodes shooting will start and will be shown on screen .

  497. we are living in a joint family and about 50 persons live together.we all love to watch chandrfagupt maurya the most.please start cgm again

  498. Chandragupt maurya serial should come in the new channel Life ok, the channel should take the benefit and gain more TRPs.I am left with no serial to watch but this serial is ultimate. All have done a great acting specially actors playing role of Dhananand, Chanakya and Amatya pramukh.

  499. Please restart this serial

  500. please please please……….. give back chandra gupt maurya….. in agame {good game empire} i have a alliance by his name check there….. i like him more then me please give happyness to me please start it again….. but from the king of gandhar not from starting i really want to know its story . keep him on another chanel but please start it.

    jai ho!
    fan of chandra gupt

  501. i am also missing dhananand
    tir kit dha

  502. ndtv
    tir kit dha
    forget it but please start it on any other serial

  503. many people are saying please start it
    also “bhav mat khao ” plz dont hurt my feelings

  504. pls start this seriol again

  505. we are missing dhanand,amatya,bhadrasal,shashank,chandragupt,chanakya,a lot.bring them back.we love them a lot.they are just awesome.

  506. pl. restart this show on any other channel, its realy very good show – dilip

  507. please start this serial plz plz

  508. plz start this serial other wise i become mad . my mind becomes damage . plzzzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzz undestand my fillling and start it

  509. we waiting telecast of the serial full week and refresh ourself in rriday and sat in week end. but channel stop the serial. this news is very shocking for me. pls resume the tele cast of wonder full serial

    vinod dogra

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  511. Please do not stop this serial. Govt. should take interest and start the CGM serial. This was a healthy & entertaining serial, was watched by the whole family.

  512. Whenever such serials showing glory of past India are made therer is a spurt in support for nationalistic forces. perhaps this is the reason for stopping this serial.

  513. Cllect some money from us but continue serial.

  514. Dear sir: Please continue telecasting the Chandragupt Maurya serial as soon as possible.


    ps: please, please ,please ,please ………………………

  515. I think this is a serial that depicts the value system that needs to be kept in mind for being able to contribute to society. Such serials are rare and the cast is doing an amazing job. It will be a disservice to the Indian people if this show is aborted. Also so many youths of the country is actually showing their interest in such a show rather than the more glamarous ones is a very positive thing. A healthy mind is a healthy community. Jai HO!

  516. CGM is the best serial ever produced on TV. Let us all join efforts and save the Imagine TV.

  517. I am also a very big fan of CGM Please don’t end this show like this. If you cant show this serial in Imagine Tv than please continue in other Channel but please do restart the serial i and most of the viewers would be thankful. Please Please……….

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    CMG is the Wonderfull and historical full of knowladge!!

    We want our Achrya Back Please pleaes please

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    CGM is the best show i ever seen in Indian Television

    Jai Maa Bharti

    Please try to understand pepoles needs

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    e can not even live without our Achrya and CGM

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    PLease telecast our CGM on other channel

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    No other show is as great as My CGM.

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    But we want our CGM back

    Bhaag mat kar pryas.

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    Hi Sagar Arts it is our kind requets please telecast our beloved show on other channel there are so many channels

    Jai maa bharti please

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    otherwise we will go for a hunger strike.why do not you understand viewers choice what they want to see.

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    As soon as possible.

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    Die hard fan of CGM

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    Hi Sagar arts you should take care of CGM.

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    We want CGM and We want to see only CGM.

    Jai maa bharti

    Mai jab bhi ssna leti hun ek hi awaz aati hai Chandragupta chandragupta chandragupt.

    Chandragupta bharta ka veer sapoot jise sabko uinie kiya aaj ye bharat chanakya chandragupta ke wazah se hai.nahi to hamare bharat ka na jaane kya hota.

  538. Really such a great Empror of great India.Kitna shashi kitna Balwaan kitna mehnati hoga hamra CGM apne 3rd ceuntry mai kash mai hoti 3rd ceuntry mai.

    PLease Sagar arts we all are requesting you please telecast our CGM on other channel

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    PLease telecast our CGM on other channel

    jai maa bharti

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    We want our Achrya Back that’s it!!

    Jai maa bharti

    Hum apne CGM ko wapas laa kar hi rahenge

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    This is a very knowledgable show to learn a lot.How to live life from Chanakya.
    and india ka veer sapoot jisne apne Ba, sahah,or mehnat se pure india ko ek kiya aaj hum ek hai.

    HUM CGM ko wapas chahate hai.we will do everything

    Bhaag mat kar pryas

  542. Plzz Save this serial………..
    along with its historical approach, it was really good in providing knowledge of life…..
    I have watched all episodes form the starting itself….
    Missing this serial so much……
    it was a treat to watch forever…………

  543. yaar NDTV wale pagal ho gaye hai tum log kahe pagla rahe ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  544. yaar NDTV wale pagal ho gaye hai tum log kahe pagla rahe ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    maan jao

  545. please start cgm on another channel if u can start it on imagine.i m one of the biggest fan of it.please try to understand the feelings of 523 people and their families.please please please please please

  546. .i m one of the biggest fan of cgm.please try to understand the feelings of 523 people and their families.please please please please please

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  548. JAI MA BHARTI ………………….

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  550. Pls start this show of real Indian Hero.
    The Only Indian Empire before Ashoka who was conquire till Irane and expend the great Morya/Indian empire.
    This is our real glory of ancent Indian history.
    Chanayka was the real teacher who teach about life and politics.
    Chanayaka Nity was followed by British empires and now by Amirican.
    Our new generation should know about him to touch our previous glourious History.
    Our Bharat Mata was in imprison more then 900 Years(Started from Md Ghori 1175 AD,followed by Babur ,Humayun,Akbar,Aurangajeb and end with British Raj).So now we want to back our Glories again with a dream of one India where Cast/Religion is not burden.We have to make a one India where we are all Identified our self as an Indian instead of Panjabi/Bihari/Marathi/Bengaly/Tamil/gujrati/Asami/Malayalam.
    Jay Ma Bharati———————————–

  551. plezzzzzzzzzz save our great show and try to shif cgm to anyother channel plezzz listen cgm`s fans voice.its a best tv show and must be telecasted.

    ””””””””””””””””””’jai maa bhartiii””””””””””””””


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    pl.save chandragupta for sake of our knowledge

  560. we know that sagar arts will not disappoint us. hope cgm will back soon in new episodes.
    jai maa bharti

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  566. I was teaching Deshbhakti through this serial to my growing up kids. Many of the lead characters were role models and they were very attached with them. It s a permanent loss. I feel very sad.

    It s a tragedy that none of the channels are interested to continue. I strongly desire that this serial will revive.

    Jai Maa Bharathi!!!

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    It is one of the good serial I have ever watched,

  569. kindly start the CGM.

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  573. Agar aapko kuch band karna hai to bahot cheej aapke pass he, jaise aapki buri aadte, jindagi me pehli bar kuch real hero ka character samjane ka avsar he usko gavane ki bevkufi mat karo. understand. its heartly satured request.

  574. What we can expect from Channel, They can run the show of Rakhi Sawant but stopped such a great motivational serial, So please start this again, people will be very happy to watch even re-telecast of this serial.

    So kindly do something for Chandragupta

  575. Plz,Start telicast of cgm on other channel,we cant wait any more….

  576. This was an awesome serial with some best of the performances and the real picture of the sufferings people have undergone in the past for the country….India had a decline only when Ashoka left Chanakya neeti altogether….please continue this serial……

  577. JAI MA BHARTI………..

  578. I and my family anxiously waiting for its re-telecact.

  579. don’t make any dirty issues regarding re-telecast of serial Chandragupta Maurya and please shift this glorious and entertaining serial to any other channel at any cost.

  580. kya acchhe serial isi tarah band hote rahenge.koi aur thikana dhoondho na ?

  581. This serial is really great…..all the cast and characters are appropriate….Dialogue delivery and confidence level of Manish Wadhava as Chanakya is really awesome…..Dhananad has also performed well…..These all channel owners/producers/directors are always acted like a dictator, they do not understand the feelings of viewers and sometimes change the characters, fast forward the stories and stop the broadcasting serials without conclusions….but this time they have crossed their limits…..shameful really shameful….I appeal them to start soon this serial again so that lots of people like me can get the know how of our great history and great people like Chanakya……

  582. Pls start CGM on other channel . CGM fans are feeling disappointed by sudden closure of this show.

  583. pls start CGM

  584. like same phone no. can be tranfered on other service provider. please start relaying CGM on other channel

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  587. Chandragupt Maurya is one of the most popular and famous historical drama in all over India.
    Rest of the serial are same boring family drama and same story line.This is the only serial I
    watch and don’t miss a single episode. But sudden closure of this Imgine TV channel I am very frustrated now. It is because I am diehard fan of Chanakya.And same about Chandragupt and Dhanand also. Though the Imagine TV has closed in an unplanned way I am requesting Sagar Arts to shift the CGM serial to another channel as soon as possible.If Sagar Arts able to do this I will be grateful to them forever. This channel producer have become selfish now. Before closing the channel this producer haven’t care about taking the opinion of the audience.Very shame on them. Sagar Arts and other channel companies must read this comment and comments of all other fans and shift the CGM serial to another cahnnel as soon as possible.

  588. plz start the cgm

  589. channels have nothing to do with emotions of people that too an american company. for them only economics matters.such a a great show. producers of this channel should sell cgm to some other channel. please restart the cgm on some other channel.

  590. I Love CGM pls start cgm all my family member love the serial plllsssssssssssssss

  591. jase asli AACHARYA CHANAKYA ne “AKHAND BHARAT” ke lea haar nahi mani thi vasehi apppppppp bhi nahi mann sakte apko chandragupta as Ashish ji aur Chanakya as Manish ji ke sath AKHAND BHARAT banana hiiii parega {app serial valo ko kitne hiii comment aei hai about SUPPORT OF THE SERIAL CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA appp please fans ke dil kooo samje aur AKHAND BHARAT BANAE}


  592. this is best serial .
    if you can’t start this serial on imagine,so start it on any other channel.

  593. plz start CGM

  594. plz start CGM asap

  595. please restart again cgm

  596. One of the best show Indian TV has given..outstanding performances by everyone..Please please bring back this show..


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  599. plz CGM ko dubara start karo bhai mere bachhe paresan hai mai kya baltu unko yar …

  600. pls do start to CGM becuse i have learnet too more from this shows and i have applied in my life and i have achieved just becuse of CGM so pls pls do start soon . . . . . . . ..

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  602. please start chandragupt maurya again on any other channel

  603. koi aisi serial hai jo hamari sanskriti aur hamare itihas ke bade bade ratno ki zindgi hum tak leke aati hai jis se hum kuch sikh le sake, aur raja kaisa hona chhahie, praja ke liye uska kya kartavya hai, ye sab kuch CGM hame sikhata hai,

    keval kuch samaj virodi logo ke dabav me aakar aisi acchi serial hum kyon bandh kare,
    jab nange badan wali kisi porn star ko TV shows me batana hota hai tab kaha jate hai ye CGM ko bandh karwane vale…Hmmm…?



  604. CGM was the first serial that i was addicted to.
    My family and i used to stick to television and left our work at 9pm on fridays and saturdays.
    The show must go on.
    Curious to know more on the life of CGM and Chanakya.

  605. pls do sumthing to save this serial, i only watch this serial on the television,

  606. oh pls brng bck CGM it was d bst srl gng

  607. It is wonderful TV series with entertainment and knowledge of our past culture.
    I must continue. It is very bad on the part of Imagine TV to stop this.. They should start again.

  608. plzzzzzzzzzzz continue CGM
    plzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  609. please start chandragupta as soon as possible please .

  610. please save chandragupta maurya … this is the best serial give me inspiration about life.
    what a awesome person chanankya was. Please please start it back…

  611. This is the best serial I have ever seen. Urge the Imagine TV people to start it ASAP. If they can’t start on Imagine TV, Life OK is also their channel and they can start it there. But pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, resume it.

  612. Please start chandragupta maurya this is not just a serial its our history and in recent months we became like a huge family which is incomplete without this serial so its my humble reques from all fans that please telecast the show soon…

  613. its a show about a great indian ruler….his legacy , his supremacy should not be dishonoured by this abrupt shutting down of ndtv imagine….telecaste it on some another channel…but bring it back….hoping to watch it sooner …..

  614. CGM is great show our country pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee start this show very early

  615. i am very much fan of Chanakya Please start it as early as possible

  616. plzzz save chandragupta maurya ..it’s an amazing serial ..my whole family just love it…..we want cgm back soon

  617. Plzzz do not shut down your channel you can only telecast chandragupt maurya on your channel.My full family watch it i promise you will get high trp.This is a very famous show.I love this show i will die.If u try to shut my favorite chandragupt maurya i will go to court i will do case on you.So if u want to make profit so u can telecast only chandragupt maurya.I pleze do not hurt the feelings of millions of people.

  618. plz save CGM its very good serial and enhances our thinking it is gud for society also why it is not broadcasting the channels only use to telecaste those saas-bahu serials only which always give wrong message to society…so plz re-telecaste ChandraGupta Maurya at any cost because it is also gud in public interest…

  619. please save chandragupta maurya. i love this serial. this a the only serial i watched. Please let us watch till end of the story

  620. Pls pls pls save the CGP serial pls

  621. its a heartfelt request from my sidee..please saaave chandragupta maurya…it has left an indelible mark on my mibd

  622. PLEASE DONT DO THAT! FOR HEAVEN SAKE, DONT STOP TELECASTING ‘CHANDRAGUPTA MOURYA”! i am dieing for chanragupta mourya, the only serial, i watch, its about our great indian history, what we all shud not, i take inspiration from CGM, i am totally depressed, my saturday now just waste, i miss chanakya, chandu, oh God, please help me, help imazine tv, CGM to be telecast!

  623. dear sir please save chandra gupta maurya why cgp not telecast


  625. please start chandragupt maurya

  626. Yes put chandragupt on and other dramas aswell they were very good aswell

  627. this is the only show i love the most, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end this show it is really awesome. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  628. chandra gupt m is one of the best serial please restart on another channel.i am very disappointed ki ye serial band ho gaya.mai yahi ak serial aur dwarikadheesh kewal dekhta tha.

  629. please start cgm.

  630. please restart chansra gupt maurya.

  631. Sir,
    I am frm kerala here hindi programmes are not famouse. But CGM serial make as a great fan of Chandragupta mauraya . please don’ t stop the programm continue CGM through the help of any other channel. we hope CGM WILL be BACK

  632. Please Resume chandragupt maurya.I don’t watch serial much but cgm is one serial which i never miss.

  633. Pl restart Chandragupta maurya soon as it is very good serial and big History and nicely directed.

  634. I love this serial…plzzz start it again..plz plz plz

  635. please restart chandragupta maurya
    i am waitng for it……………….

  636. plz start this serial.i like this serial very much.plz plz start this serial.

  637. please telecast chandragupt maurya again. we miss this show, its a source of a great knowledge, bravery & wisdom. if not on NDTV IMAGINE them somewhere else. please do it

  638. please restart this serial.
    can you not tolerate that the glory of ancient India spread out….
    you have stopped “ChandraGupt Maurya” and started a stupid programme like the sword of Tipu sultan” nonsense

  639. Please start this serial telecast as soon as possible we are really missing it alott….:(

  640. I miss so much Chandragupta maurya…
    please restart the show,if not on imagine than on other channel..
    please …

  641. pls start cgm on any other channel as fast as you can
    pls pls pls pls pls pls………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  642. please dont chandra gupt mourya plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. this only i m watching plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  643. plz save our cgm

  644. please start CGM its a wonderful serial

  645. please start cgm its a very good serial

  646. This show is realy famous today so please don’t stop this show.please….

  647. I couldnt believe the news of ndtv imagine being closed . cgm was my best serial i have ever seen.it was my dads and mine favourite . i request to telecast the show on any other channel. the news is really very heartbreaking

  648. please dont stop chandragupt mourya we want to see continue p/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    start on another channel and stop bakwas sas bahu and other ghatya serial but dont stop chandragupt mourya plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  649. Es ko band krane main “Congress ka Hath ha” .Wo nahi chahte ki “Bharat” ke logo ka swabhiman jaag jaye aur “corruption” per koi effect aye

  650. PLEASE. get this show back. This is my favourite until now in my life.

  651. its a good serial and must be restarted ,we are waiting for it
    jai maa bharti

  652. Why is DD channel not offering to telecast the seriel, I am sure TRP will definately go up and sky touchching height. Plz offer DD

  653. Dear Directors & Producers of Chandragupta Maurya Serial,

    We all request you to please complete the full serial shooting and telecast on anyother channel if not possible, please launch the CD/DVDs in market also.

    We can purchase and see..

    Thanks ,

    Arshad Hasan
    Muscat, Oman

  654. don,t stop this show

  655. If you don’t want to make it long, then make a 4 hour movie (for left over) that can be telecasted in theaters then sell DVDs.

  656. Please save this show. All channels – please revive this show instead of so many meaningless serials that are aired.

  657. chandragupt maurya start karo or sare character bhe wahi hone chayiye nahi to hm loge tv dekhna band kar denge jai ma bharti

  658. listen carefully if you you’re going to finish the CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA show you will better have it from the akhand bharat by chankya ji

  659. please start cgm as this is a show which is inspiring a million of hearts.it is a request to all the channels if you can please telecast this channel.:)

  660. bharat ka pehle samrat jo pure bharat ko akhand kiya hai, agar hum log uska importance bhuljayenge to sayad is desh main logo ko sachai samne nayi ayegai. aaaj bhi bohot log chandragupta maurya ko nayi jante.
    mujhe itna pata hai ki wo jain tha aur jab wo 41 yrs ka tha tab uske apne sena ke log uske bohut gayal kiya tha tab usne 9 bar navakar mantra pade aur rat me jab uske islaj chal raha tha tab usko 16 swapna dikhta hai, aur wo agle din acharya bhadrababu ke pas jata hai aur acharya unko swapna ka matlab batate hai aur bolte hai ki ab usko salekhna( salavation) lena hai, so i request to AVI JAIN Director and SIDDHART JAIN Producer to plz start this serial again in sony as news appearing.
    Thanking You.

  661. plzzzzz………..plzzzz………save cgm..i am dying to get some good news of cgm starting again..ashish please come back..and its a humble request to the production house to constantly try and get back cgm on television anyhow.please don’t stop shooting..atleast that gives us a hope of probability of the show to be re-telecasted…

    bhag mat kar prayas,kar prayas bhag mat…!!!!!

  662. Kindly restart the CGM . i dont know why such type of heart touching serials get stopped but many other illogical , time pass serial where story never ended remain functional. This is our country’s loss that such a wonderful mind blowing patriotic serial ‘CGM’ has no importance for the chanels. But they are ready to pay for baseless, serials which are distorying our society and young minds. Hope this will through some light to chanels and some day will come when CJM will again restart. please…………save CGM Serial and start it………..waiting to see this serial.

  663. please start cgm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  664. kindly start chandragupta maurya as this serial reminds us about our rich heritage of India..its education,culture,strength.Most of all this serial reveals all inner details of chandragupta which is not known to us.We are egarly waiting to watch it back.

  665. aur kitna intazaar karna padega

  666. sun lo imagine walo,chandragupta maurya dekhte dekhte me,cgm ko aapna bhai manne lagi thi.ab jab wo nahi aa raha he to me kise apna bhai kahu?pls save cgm and sale it to some other channel,its a request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  667. Dear Sir……… Have a nice day I have didn’t give any comment in my life to any serial till date, but i want to say about chander gupt its a very good serial to see to encourage to humanities,its a meaningful serial and mind blowing, please tell me what the problem behind that I think you shd start soon I have no word to say more to explain my feeling no me my family also loving it. JAI HO
    We are awaiting to see this serial again ……………… A big hope ………… for same.

  668. Wonder serial CGM, about Maurya Dynasty, pl start this serial.

  669. please start cgm again,dont hurt the feelings of 671 people and their families

  670. guys redy come on road to start chandragupta maurya

  671. CGM about india’s Heritage , Market is open , If Imagian TV Cant sustain , then they must sale this popular Show to Successful Channels like Sony, Etc. this is amazing serial. i always wait for sunday to watch this serial. Please do something , Do not play with emotion.

  672. please start on any other channel. this is one of the best serials ever on Indian television and will generate huge profits for the channel and producer.

  673. plz start dis show on another channel

  674. jo serial ni dikhane wale hai jaise ki big boss sunny leonee porn star woh toh sale fadh fadh k dikhate hai aur cgm jaise serial ko bandh kar dete hai jis se hame itna kch sikhne ko mila hai

  675. Pls start cgm pls pls

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  677. It’s the best serial I have ever seen.PLEASE SAVE IT FROM BEING SHUT DOWN. pls save it.join the group ‘SAVE CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA’


  679. It’s the best serial (CHANDRAGUPTA MAURA), i have seen before and its help for knowlege of our histry

    Pls don’t shut down the best serials

  680. It’s the best serial (CHANDRAGUPTA MAURA), i have seen before and its help for knowlege of our histry

    Pls don’t shut down this serial (CGM) it’s very usefull for young generation

  681. i am a big fan of chandragupta maurya and never missed a single show of this historical shoa plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz star it again ashish………….

  682. cgm is a serial which teaches u the art of war in practical situations of life. Very meaningful n thoughtfully made this serial shud be telecasted by any other channel. It is a step to conserve our heritage by passing the message to the new gen.

  683. want imagine tv and all programmes

  684. I like CMG serial very much.Main har saturday iska wait karta tha taki kahin koi episode chut na jaye.lekin jab se channel band hua hai tab se saturdays boring lagne lage hai.Jab pura serial dikhana hi nahi tha toh telecast kyun kiya.Agar imagine telecast nahi kar sakta toh kisi aur channel par telecast kar do!! Lekin iss tarah CMG ko band mut karo yaar!!

  685. chandragupta maurya is supposed to be one of the best shows telacasted on tv in todays times………….so pls restart this serial from where it was discontinued on any channel possible.please…please………….

  686. i imediately want cgm start ion other channel

  687. Hello every body ! Is there any one who can listens to the voice of thousands and thousands of people for to save CGM, this is not just serial its a live story of our country, such a great serial which is not produced so far before, every one can learn from this serial, how Chanakya have struggled to make small small states into one single country, Bharat or India, whatever we are today is based on the struggle and sacrifices done by our ancestors like Chandragupta, Chanakya etc. why some one is not looking at the values of this serial, its so important for every citizen of our country, but still it is taking more than two months and till today nobody know when will this restart……….. people have become to commercial and money minded that they have stopped thinking about our Great Country, only God can help us ……….. I feel so helpless ………

  688. Please bring back NDTV Imagine on air…all the serials were superb…or else sell them to other on air channels…we love preeto, jamuna paar..chandragupt maurya…and mi aaji aur saheb…

  689. chandragupta maurya should be saved bcoz it ws a gr8 historic show dat told us about d gr8
    historic figrs n der gr8 thoughts……it brings change in our daily life………………….atleast it should be aired on sum other channel……..V WANT CGM BACK PLS!!!!!

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    There should be a provision to take up further this Serialby by some other channel.

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  696. Please…………………. start this chandragupta maurya

  697. CGM we are waiting for U come back soon

  698. we want you should kill dhananad in serial life then only U can leave serial. we R waiting come back soon and kill dhananad fulfill dream of your acharya

  699. CGM durdhara is waiting when U will come back to her.come back soon

  700. CMG is a show which has connected India ,Its a serial about the glorious past of our country. THIS SERIAL MUST BE CONTINUED in another channel.

  701. iss seriel ko national channel pe dikaha chahiye this is very good and historical serial for all all peple like it , director ko dd nation par aproch karna chahiye aur aur gorvment ko bhi chahiye ki isko dikhaye bahut hi aadami iss serial ko miss kar rahe hai so plzzzzzzz it should start immediatly


  703. though i’m a b.com graduate,I’m doing master’s in social work all bcoz the inspiration of CGM.
    we want the serial back in any channel with the same characters…plzzzzz….

  704. please continue CGM AS SOOON AS POSSIBLE…………………….PLZ PLZ PLZ………………

  705. I had most liking for this serial because of it’s way of presentation of the Historical characters. Probably Indians are unfortunate about their real History.

  706. I learnt a lot from CGM , I can miss my flight,food .,gym but I cant miss Chandu
    So PLzzzzzzz restart it , We are ready to pay some extra bucs for that Dimple

  707. its very sad…
    good serial are not telicasting like cgm
    some one should take initiative and start these serial, which are required by so many perople.

  708. After a long time we watch such inspirational show in the history of indian television. Fully packed with great story,increadible dialogues(specially by chanakya) is superb,Each and every charecter such as chandragupt,dhananand,shashank,amatyarakshas has been potrayed very well.So by considering all that positive and devotional facts about show, please it is restart to broadcast again on some other TV channel.

  709. please cgm is my favourite and i have not miss the single episode of this sho pls save it

  710. CGM was really a marvel…. it was a mind booster and the series was near to an end.. but the end is unknown as the channel is shut down but we want to see it back… kisi aur channel pe telecast karo but karo kyuki bahut achhi aur behtar baatein sikhi hai mene is serial se aur ye me aur mere daddy saath me mil kar dekhte the.. Seriously mera saturday ka vo time bekar hi jata hai…. Please bring the CMG back to life..!!!!

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  712. Pleeeezeee start it ASAP on any Channel. The channel will get amazing TRP and not to mention good luck and wishes from the viewers.

  713. now saturday night see tv is no mean.

  714. cgm was truly great. i really miss it. please support guys to see this show on air.

  715. A verygood tv show. By discontinuing the t v channel itself we lost an opportunity of watching such a fine serial.And there is no fault of viewers and they have been deprived of the show.By showing this serial on some other channel, the viewers, the channel and the producers-all willbe benifitted.

  716. Plssssss start the cgm serial.my whole family are very big fan of this serial. Pinki

  717. sagarjee kuch kijiye

  718. Plz find a new channel and show it on Sunday morning so that a large nos of children could enjoy,learn and found our heritage,history etc.

  719. I am big fan chandragupta morya . please start with another chanal…..plz

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  721. Please start CGM .

  722. This was only serial I liked.

  723. Chandragupta Maurya was one of the best show on the T.v second one was Veer Shivaji, but i dont know what is happening to the mind set of this generation , the Balika vadu is still running after completing 1000 eps n veer Shivaji replaced by some really bad show called Madubala due to the lack of TRP

  724. plz save CGM..dis iz one of the bst show i hv evr seen in my lifee..plz i request other channel to plz air it on your channel…i m sure it will definetly incrse your trp..

  725. bachalo bachalo is show ko…..warna chandragupta aur chanakya bhuke mar jayoge….

  726. Please request Nilanjana Purkayasstha (producer of the serial) or her production House(72 Degree North) (http://www.72degreesnorthe.com) to approach other channels for restarting this serial. Guys, we need to make this happen by requesting them, else we will loose this serial.

  727. CGM is a great serial and lot of things we learn from it. We want it back

  728. To make it popular show and distribute its chanakya dialogues videos to everybody.

  729. restart the greatest biggest cgm

  730. it is unfair, not to telecast CGM to another channel, we do know why Imagine Tv shut down, but we do not find any reason to not get telecast the same on another channel.

    it is a very interesting story in original showed in with great concept.

    hope for it will be telecast very soon on another channel.

    our best wishes are there.


  732. Save our history memories this type of program encourage people to do somthing and pride of india have not be forget.

  733. please start chandragupta maurya on another channel as he is real and true hero…. who is hidden in our history pages….bcz of this serial people will come to know how he was there to play Important role in the Building Of our Country India.

  734. pls start this show (CGM) i like this show very much.

  735. Plz save chandragupta. He is our hero & if imagine tv cant be saved then cgm serial should be shifted to any other channel . If it isn’t possible then go to hell…….

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    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz save CGM

  738. Please re start the show.

  739. there have been several requests but what is the result. i also watched cgm with my entire family (the only show that we watched together). pl resume it immediately.

  740. pl start remaining episode of CGM on another chennal.

  741. plz restart a Chandragup maurya serial bcz a young student can teach how do behaviour each other

  742. plz start this show CGM

  743. When CGM will be started?????????????????
    On every Saturday, we all family members watched this great historical serieal…..but all of a sudden, it was stopped. Why ??????????
    Whatsoever the reason may be, We all INDIANS just want to see this once again.The Govt. should interfere in this matter!!!

  744. Dont they see 7 hundrend forty two peoples with there families are supporting this show. It means Million and Millions love Chandragupt morya not ur pathetic and spineless saas bahu show that u r playing instead. Me myself luv this show. U got the brave chandragupt who become a king from nothing and on other side u got the awesomly inteligent and best Guru in the world Chanakya this show is inspiration. If I want to explain this show in three words they would be BEST, AWESOME AND MOTIVATION. I got three words to them who stopped it- IDIOT, STUPID and DUMB. I mean it 100%

  745. CGM is very good serial and it should be continued on either channel. Broadcasting Authority should look into the matter and also see the choice of viewers.

  746. I watched only “Chandragupta Maurya” after News and Discovery channel and never missed single episode.
    The serial was so interesting as it gives clear picture of History.

    It is requested to all people who engaged with this serial, please restart the serial again in some other channel…

  747. I realy missed the CGM, which givies me the most wonderfull experiances to viewers.
    I request Mr. Siddharth Jain, Managing Director, South Asia, Turner International India Pvt Ltd and all the indian Broadcasting System to restart this show in any other Hindi general entertainment TV.

    Lot of CGM fans are waiting for it.

  748. Plzz bring Back CGM… Jai HO!

  749. RESPECTED Sir, am very big fan of chandragupta maurya am waiting for this show since last two months this is huge period we r missing so much plz do something we all want to see cgm plz plz do something……………..am waiting for your response

  750. This is such a great story and the way this TV show was directed and potrayed is par excellence. Every single episode is incredible and the way the story has narrated is awsome. My kids and all the family feel very proud of this history and how the brillance of chanakya how with one mission he lead his life and made Chandragupta successful. We defenitely would like to get back this serial on one or other channel and some channel should buy that as its will be their jackpot and will have every one’s support .

    All the charecters are so well played and all are great actors.

  751. please start showing CGM on another channel…

  752. pls back CGM …….asto maa sadgamay………………….

  753. save CGM

  754. what the hell is going on .i really want my chandra gupta maurya to be back.

  755. please restart the show as soon as possible

  756. this is the greatest serial i had ever seen.plz bring CGM as quick as possible.

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  760. i request to show cgm on atoher channel

  761. can’t we have this marvelous show on any other TV channel…. It would be a big plus for that TV channel as this show holds the greatest TRP’s amongst all…….. In the process the show will Flourish to new heights…

  762. please save cgm or telecast it on another channel

  763. jai maa bharti

  764. Pls, pls, pls continue the show in some other channel if imagine is closing up.

    It is a horrible disappointment to know CGM is not telecasted.


  765. plz start the CGM the only serial i watch the best ever.
    pleas start it in some other channel
    or complete the whole serial shooting send the cd to us we will pay for it. or make the cd as magzain and send

  766. plz back the cgm on other channel ,
    kindly request.

  767. A Wonderful and amazing performance is running out ..
    plz back it .
    spesially chanakya & chandu .


  769. Hello Sir,

    This was one of the Super Show. Can you telecast CGM once again, Is any other channel atleast.

  770. plz cgm ko chalu karo kisi bhi channel pe plz plz plz ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………plz

  771. plz post Chandragupta Maurya after 105 episode in youtube

  772. come back soon
    we cannot aford to lose this wonderful show

  773. i have seen all the episodes in just 20 days till last week, was so addicted to it.
    this is the fist tv serial which attracted me.
    plz cont.. it

  774. there is hardly any serial which teaches so many good things other than other than Chandragupta maurya , it is now the need of country’s youth.
    please don’t stop it

    jai ho.

  775. pls dont close the cgm ……….it is not cgm ……its our indian history …………and we r really require to know about charak and chandra gupta. who is my ideal …….plz save

  776. Since many days I am looking for the updates of CGM. I am daily checking Sahara channel so that to confirm whether CGM has started coming on the channel. I request the producer of the CGM serial to start it immediately .I want to know what really happened in the past about Chankya, Chandragupta.

  777. It was one of the best serial, I ever seen. Please honour the viewers demand. Is it not possible to telecast on some other channel? I hope that management should consider to re-telecast,Chandragupta Mourya.

  778. Please start cgm.it is a highly motivating serial.

  779. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz Save chandra gupta maurya We Want CGM

  780. After the success of famous historical serials Sword of Tipu Sultan and Dharti ka veer yodha Prithviraj Chauhan this is another super duper hit serial Chandragupta Maurya.In media it is showing that Chandragupta Maurya will soon be back in Sony TV. It has been more than two months but no announcement or advertisement of CGM is showing on Sony tv.Still the silly family serial and reality show is showing on Sony.Can you please tell me when CGM will be back on that channel!

  781. please start chandragupta maurya this willbe a very best and not only in ndtv imagine but also start in another channel please start for me and all fans of chandragupta serial please…..

  782. pls telecast chandragupta maurya serial any how on any of the cable channel. we will be extremely happy and thankful for that.

  783. Continue to CGM.

  784. Bring back CG…

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  786. plz…plz……plz…comeback CGM comeback on any channel

  787. plz star start this my veri veri fav.show i love chandra gupt maurya plz frnd do som .for thish if we want to tell fb how we can do ????????

  788. plz plz strt soon cgm any t.v can do it

  789. please get it back on tv………..:,(

  790. please restart this show because it is indian historical drama & very famause in rural areas of india also. it updates the indian history in the mind of indian citizen i know the various peoples who want to see it but interruption of channel they can’t get the same
    restart this show immedietly

  791. I Think that is site will touch lakh mark but they will not start CGM again. OK fine mr. COO of Imagine channel. Now I get it why u gave ur chnl name imagine becoz u in ur entire life only thougt to be on top but u never reached. I gave my words ur chnl never ever reach at the top just like u. I personaly recomend u to chng ur channel name to *JUST IMAGINE* suit ur personality and ur chnl. Good news I cutted off ur chnl from my network becoz I dont wanna pay a needle tip to a useless chnl. I think u r progeny of Dhananand thats why u stopped show when chanakya lost becoz u dnt wanna show ur ancestor got his ass kicked by chandragupt. If u r not then start it becoz its not ur baby show it is our show the people’s show CGM.

  792. please come back cgm

  793. i loved this show very much……………..

  794. The show was just unmatachable… Hearing the rumors that it might get re aired on Sony tv very soon… By the way the facebook community for saving the show is now over 1,00,000..

  795. I want cgm once again

  796. Its an inspiring drama i agree chankya was a great teacher in the world

  797. We are wait for your next episode and so on story also


  799. This show is wonderful. plese start this show another chanel.

  800. Request you to pls start the show in some other channel chandragupt maurya, this is the only show which i watch, manish played the excellent role of chankya in the serial and he made it very effective.

  801. plzzzzzzzzzzzz start the show again i am slave of that show plzzzzzzzzz

  802. please re start this show ……. no one is in the society who can say that he or she do not like this show …plz………. plz plz plz……re start it soon this is the voice of whole india….

  803. please chandragupt maurya doobara star karo

  804. It is so meticulously made serial about ‘Chankya’ and his Niti. We all feel at loss for being deprived to watch it any more.

  805. Plz save cgm… How can such a good serial be stopped. The historical story is amazing, its not only the matter of act and drama but the best performance on the reflection of our historical stories. Regards, Mrs Nanda.

  806. sameer says from jhajjar that he thinks that there is no hope of recontinue the cgm because another serial of ashish,that is “rab se sona ishq” has started so don;t think about changupta maurya.

  807. I used to be so excited about serial CGM that I would reset all my schedules to spare time for fri and sat episodes. That was the ONLY serial I liked in my life.. I have left watching TV after the show closed…. Though doesnt seem possible I still dream of watching further episodes of CGM…

  808. We had a great show on TV after Ramayan n Mahabharat as Chandra Gupta Maurya. CGM showed us the Chanakya policies – kootneeti with Indian brain and historical background of OUR MOTHERLAND known as ” Hindu Sthan” also know as Hindustaan NOW…

  809. I was big fan of CGM, I never miss any of the episode. It was very bad shocking news for me when imagine TV shut down. Please start the serial again on any other channel.

  810. Want CGM to be back on air at the earliest.

  811. When I will see my favourite serial CGM

  812. he saved the india easrlier … we need acharya back …. we need cgm back …. why is india closing the doors of its success again ?????????????????

  813. plzz……….. restart CGM

  814. CGM serial are my favourite serial please restart this serial

  815. CGM is my favourite serial

  816. hi …. i really want that CGM back on t.v !
    its is one of the sensible drama in INDIAN HISTORY !
    we get to learn something !
    so i support each and everyone who wants it BACK.

  817. plz.. plz… support to save cgm i just wait for see once again chandragupta maurya& durdhara …it is best tv show i ever …..

  818. Pl restart the epic serial as soon as possible. It is having a great impact on the next generation. Young India should know their history and geart personalities like CGM will prove an inspiration.

  819. plz…plz…vote 4 cgm .
    its very nice show….
    plz… come back.
    this show become a part of my life.
    egarly waiting 4 this shoh

  820. dis was my fav show, i was quite disappointed to learn dat CGM wont entertain us anymore. I strongly feel dat d show
    ust resume….d character f chanakya, his ideas are just awesome…..d young generation has quite many things to lesrn 4rm it. we must knw about our past. if the producers, d directors or d actors are out dere reading dis msg, den its my humble request, please dont leave it in d middle….please come back….

  821. pls pls come back chankya

  822. we want you back CGM

  823. we want you back CGM, please bring bck CGM

  824. this was my world’s best show…….i have ever seen… i have read about him in books,internet,t.v.shows,etc……i don,t see anything except this serial…..pls bring back CGM.

  825. this was my world’s best show…….i have ever seen………i don,t see anything except this serial…..pls bring back CGM.

  826. i love dis serial………………………………………………..

  827. dis is the excellent serial………..pls bring back CGM……………..

  828. isme bhi
    dhananand ki chaal hogi….
    wo haarna nahi chahta hai naaa…
    amatya aur bhadrashal bhi isme mile hai…..
    tid.. kit…dhin…naa…

    Ab chankya se hi aas lagao ve is chal ka samna kaise karnge
    aur Congress ke rajya me AKHAND BHARAT ka nirman kaise hoga??????

  829. plzzzzzz save chandragupt maurya . i want to see end of dhanand.plzz

  830. WE like this serial the most and WE really want that this serial should start ASAP

  831. plz restart chandra guptya mourya serial.

  832. My entire family is a big fan of CGM, we’ve never missed a single episode. Please start the serial soon, on any other channel.

  833. The serial is resumed in Tarang tv on Friday and Saturday 10 PM.
    This is a Oriya channel who dub the serial to Oriya language.
    In Friday’s edition Sikandar ordered to chop off the head of CGM (last clip).
    On Saturday on public demand to save CGM Sikandar asked to fight with his own body guard and told if he fail to defeat him he will be killed. But CGM defeated him.
    Not sure if this old episode or new.

  834. Despite of having a lot of fan, why did they stop CGM?
    It’s really ridiculous.

  835. vaapas aa ja chandu

  836. Plzzzzzzzz……save this serial. It teaches a lot of things. All the characters are doing very well.

  837. If am asked to stop seeing all the channels and programs just show meCGM I AM OK WITH IT,IAM JUST CRYING


  839. People having interest in history ,cultural heritage and nationality never dropped even single day of Chandragupta serial.we were very much disappointed to here that due to less TRP it has been stopped.Any way it could be provided in form of CD/DVD.

  840. It had made my life meaningful. It had became an integral part of my life.
    Its a pure disbelief, shock & dismay. I request you to bring it back.

  841. make it yaar it very big serial in indian history

  842. Please save ………




  843. any body can you tel me what is reason behind stopped chandragupta maourya.
    that was awesome serial.please start again. plzzzzzz

  844. i have lost my source of energy

  845. pls start chandragupta maurya sony tv god

  846. Pls start CGM serial immediately on any of the Channel.

  847. This serial will show the pride of India. The first University of the world Taxshila, the past glory and see where Afghanistan is now. Very informative for coming generations. please start asap.

  848. pls start it again as it has become a part of our life we are still now waiting… for our favourite cgm plz tele cast it again!

  849. yar plz tele cast it we want it back as it has becm part of our life plz,plz,plz…think over it once.plz

  850. we need CGM

  851. Please show


  853. pls it start again



  856. I never see any serials but once i just saw clip from CMG and was impressed by it, and saw all the previous episode from u-tube. this serial will realy influence a lot for most in there normal life….plz recontinue this serial. kind requst from common man.

  857. plz start it again . dont stop it. it is one of my life part

  858. please start this serial again…the way this show visualised an important part of history has created a lot of interest in past warriors…closing of the show has created a lot of tension….if there is any group strugggling for this i support it and please try so that it is back in air…think like it as a task and apply the way shown by chankya to get it back in air….piz dont give up

  859. plz save CGM plz restart CGM

  860. Sagarji now use chanakya neeti ……………………..but plsssss do something…………

  861. Use sam,dam,dand,bhed yaar………khuch to karo………..

  862. May I know the reason for stopping the telecast of Chandra Gupta Maurya….????????????

  863. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz start the show. It was ,is and will always remain my favorite show.

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