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Whole India is crazy about movies, specially Romantic. Here, I’m going to tell you top 5 romantic movies ever made in Indian bollywood cinema.
1) Barsaat: “Barsaat” was a first real blockbuster of bollywood. It was released in 1949. Raj kapoor and Nargis performed brilliantly in the movie and the music of Shankar Jaikishan was awesome. Raj Kapoor bought R.K. Studios after its success.

The film revolves around two love stories. Pran (Kapoor), and Reshma (Nargis) and Gopal (Prem Nath) and Neela (Nimmi). Two friends with opposite personalities, the rich but sensitive Pran and the womanizing Gopal both have affairs with two mountain girls while holidaying in the vale of Kashmir. While Pran and Reshma’s love is true and reciprocated, Gopal is a womanising villain, who disregards the faithful Neela (Nimmi) and condems her to wait faithfully for his return with the barsaat (rainy season). Gopal finally becomes a reformed character and rushes to claim the ever faithful Neela who has been pining away, only to arrive to find his true love dead. The film ends with Gopal lighting Neela’s funeral pyre as the rains finally come.

2) Mughal-E-Azam – Prithvi Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Madhubala: The maker of the Mughal-E-Azam sold everything of his home to make this movie, he did such a big risk because he knew that Mughal-E-Azam would be the one of the biggest hit of Indian cinema. Its dialogues, classical music, direction, story are still unmatchable.

The film re-tells a popular Indian tale, which was previously filmed as Loves of a Mughal Prince (1928) and Anarkali (1953). It is loosely based on an episode in the life of the Mughal Prince Salim, who went on to become the Emperor Jahangir (r. 1608 – 1627). In the movie, the great conqueror Akbar (played by Prithviraj Kapoor) and his Rajput wife, Jodha Bai (played by Durga Khote) have a son – the weak and pleasure-loving Salim – played by Dilip Kumar. Salim falls in love with Anarkali (Madhubala), a court-dancer. He wants to marry her, he arranges secret meetings for Anarkali and himself for the sake of love. however the jealous Bahaar, a fellow dancer, who is of a higher rank, wants the crown of India and she attempted to try and make the prince love her so later on she may ascend to queenship. She exposes the love between the prince and the dancer, Salim pleads for Anarkali’s hand, but his father objects and throws Anarkali into prison. Despite imprisonment, Anarkali refuses to reject Salim. Salim rebels against his father, is defeated in battle, and is sentenced to death. Anarkali pleads for his life in exchange for her own, and is condemned to be walled up alive. Most tales of Salim and Anarkali end with the death of the latter, even though the movie version is slightly more optimistic. However, Salim is still left to believe that Anarkali is dead and the lovers are separated for the rest of their lives.

3) Heer Ranjha: “Heer Ranjha” was released in 1970 and it was another blockbuster in Romance segment. Raaj Kumar acted as “Ranjha” and Priya Rajvansh as “Heer”. It was based on on the legend of Heer Ranjha, the epic poem or Heer by Punjabi poet, Waris Shah, written in 1766. Its director Chetan Anand won Filmfare Award for his wonderful direction.

4) Maine Pyar Kiya: “Maine Pyar Kiya” was another mega hit and it was released in 1989. New Comers “Salman Khan” and “Bhagyashree” really got wonderful platform for bollywood after its huge success. Its songs are still very popular and were composed by Ram Laxman. New Director “Sooraj Barjatya” also got wonderful platform after the success of “Maine Pyar Kiya”. It also won 5 filmfare awards.

5) Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge: Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Anupak Kher etc. were responsible for making DDLJ, one of the biggest hot of Indian cinema. Its shows are still running in theatres though it came 15 years ago. The love story of this film is still quite fresh. Young people still like to watch the role of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol again and again.

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