Sep 242011

These music videos were really bad to watch, and I think, these are worst videos of all time ever made. So, enjoy the stuff:

This video managed to do the seemingly impossible: make two of the coolest rock ‘n’ roll legends of all time look completely UNCOOL. How did this happen?? Did all that coolness just cancel itself out or something? How could the rock ‘n’ roll stud who sang “Paint It Black” and the artist formerly known as Ziggy Stardust combine forces and wind up making a video as embarrassing as this? It’s as painful as watching home-movie footage of two dorky dads doing the Macarena at a Bar Mitzvah. The mind boggles. (Watch the Video)

We honestly don’t think this one is that bad. Other videos on this list are much bigger offenders. But we must include “Deja Vu” because Beyonce fans were so dismayed by this clip, they actually started a petition demanding that it be entirely re-shot. Citing what they considered to be “erratic, confusing, and alarming” choreography; “unbelievable and ridiculous” costumes; and “unacceptable interactions” and “non-existent sexual chemistry” between Ms. Knowles and her co-starring future husband Jay-Z, the 4,000 or so petitioners begged Beyonce’s record label, Columbia, to go back to the drawing board (or editing room, as it were). It’s probably the least horrific video listed here, but as far as Beyonce videos go, it is a stinker. (Watch the Video)

Although nowadays Bush are pretty much known as The Band With That Guy Who Married Gwen Stefani, in the ’90s they were one alt-rock’s biggest groups (Gwen and frontman Gavin Rossdale met when No Doubt were opening for Bush, remember). We guess that’s why Bush thought they could get away with a ridiculous Seven-ripoff mini-movie like “Greedy Fly.” A two-minute-long intro, fleets of helicopters, Gavin playing some sort of Hannibal-like role in a bite-proof dog-cone, other band members hatching out of eggs or flying around in angel wings or incubating as man-sized maggot embryos…seriously now, was all this necessary to SELL A BUSH ALBUM? And just how many Bush albums would Interscope Records need to sell in order to recoup its losses after financing this pretentious $5 million atrocity? (Watch the Video)

While we find former child star Aaron wildly entertaining when he’s bickering with his Backstreet Boy brother Nick on House Of Carters or camping it up on DWTS, we find him a lot harder to take when he is a) rapping and b) lying about outperforming world-class athletes thrice his size. This is so bad, it makes Shaquille O’Neal’s own attempted musical side career look like the work of Bob Dylan. (Watch the Video)

When GNR first hit MTV in 1987, they were the antithesis of big-haired bubbleglam bands like Poison, Europe, and the aforementioned Warrant. But their sound soon bloated along with their egos, and by the time they released the bombastic and self-indulgent Use Your Illusion two-volume set, they’d become the polar opposite of the lean, mean, rock ‘n’ roll machine they once were. Their cast-of-thousands “November Rain” video, with its Stephanie Seymour wedding scene and jillion-piece orchestra, or “Don’t Cry,” with its pointless cliff-jumping car stunts and unexplained Shannon Hoon cameo, were OTT enough. But “Estranged” was their real big-budget shark-jumper, as it came complete with oil tankers and dolphins. Yes, dolphins. It also featured men in white coats coming to cart Axl Rose away to the funny-farm. Well, at least that one part of the “Estranged” video was realistic. (Watch the Video)

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