Oct 142011

Varun Gandhi recently condemned Mayawati on Twitter. He tweeted, “650 cr for Ambedkar Park. 18 cr announced for Encephalitis, which has killed 438 in UP so far. Are these Mayawati’s priorities?”

Encephalitis has taken the toll of more than 438 people in UP and Mayawati has announced only 18 crore to fight this deadly disease.

"Chief Minister Mayawati 650 Crore Park"

However, for Mayawati, splurging humungous amount of public money to build a park having several life-size statues of her and other Dalit leaders seems to be more important than fighting the disease which is killing people at a rapid rate.

Spread across a whopping 33-acre plot, the Dalit Prerna Sthal or Ambedkar Park is estimated to be built a budget of Rs 685 crore.

"Chief Minister Mayawati Memorial Park in UP"

With statues of 24 elephants, the symbol of her Bahujan Samaj Party, and of Dalit icons BR Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram and of herself.

A helicopter, a convoy of big cars, a red carpet and several officials were gathered to greet the chief minister as she arrived at the Rashtriya Dalit Smarak in Noida to inaugurate her dream park this evening.

The park has 12 life-size statues of Dr BR Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram and Mayawati herself. It even has statues of parents of the chief minister.

Reports are that Mayawati has spent Rs 6 crore on each of the statues of Dalit leaders and  each elephant statue costs around Rs 70 lakh.

The Uttar Pradesh chief minister has infact spent Rs 2500 crores on five such parks dotted across the state.

Meanwhile, Congress has also criticized this amount of wastage and said, “Mayawati could have used such amount for the development of UP.”

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