Sep 122011

Senior BJP leader LK Advani has planned to start a Rath Yatra against corruption in many Indian states. If Mr. Advani is so serious against corruption then he must begin it from Delhi as his own party members in BJP led MCD are doing nothing in the Capital of India.

"BJP leader LK Advani Rath Yatra"

Delhi has even become worse these days. Roads are in a very bad condition, cleanliness can only be seen in VIP areas, one pour of rain exposes MCD’s false claims, politicians have put illegal hoardings in all around Delhi, so many ghost employees are working (who are taking salary from the department but doing something else) and many more mismanaged things have become the symbol of MCD.

"Delhi Water Logging MCD"

Driving has become nightmare in Delhi. Thousands of potholes have made it difficult for Delhiites specially for pregnant women to go anywhere.

MCD department has always looked serious in collecting taxes and sealing properties only except this Delhi’s Municipal Corporation Department is way behind in development work.

"Potholes in Delhi MCD"

MCD councillors  are given free foreign trips to see the system in developed countries these days. They are supposed to do the same here but nothing happens.

If you wanna experience hell, just drive around the Delhi excluding VIP areas.

So, Mr. Advani must show his seriousness against corruption and fight the devils of his own party first then think about the rest of country.

The common people have no faith in BJP as well as Congress as both of them have ruined Delhi.

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