Aug 292011

"Anna Hazare Google Search Results"

Even Google understands the popularity great anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare as his search results go upto 30 million. Anna also becomes the most searched person in August 2011.

He has become more popular now on internet than the AICC President Sonia Gandhi as her name gets little below 9 million results. Even on the Facebook Gandhiian has been liked by 3.64 lakh users while Mrs. Gandhi’s page has 57, 291 likes.

Even his video from Tihar Jail compound has 1.6 lakh views in YouTube and was rated as the second most viewed video of this month in Indian news and politics category.

Nisha Parekh, vice president (international operations), SMS Country which runs, said out of 5 to 5.5 million SMS they handle every day, nearly 1.5 million are messages related to Anna Hazare or corruption only. She said, “This has never happened earlier even during elections”.

With such a speed, Anna Hazare would surely become the most popular man on internet. His popularity is only going bigger day by day. – PTI

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