Aug 182011

Anna Hazare once wanted to end his life but a book on Swami Vivekananda changed his entire life. Now, the same man is fighting against the biggest problem of India. He has the support of millions of Indian and even the big leaders are afraid of him.

"Anna Hazare Social Activist"

After reading Swami Vivekananda’s book, Anna ji got the aim of his life and he decided to serve the people like Swami ji. He has become the face of the nation now. This “Iron Man” has taken his fight to the doors of powerful politicians without any fear. Even many famous and big personalities have joined Anna’s movement.

He is the man who completely made “Ralegan Sidhi” from one of the poorest to a modern Indian village single handedly.

Maharashtra big fishes like Sharad Pawar and Bal Thackeray have even been given shock by the Gandhiian.

This man has forced many corrupt ministers to resign due to his strong will power.

Now, this 74 year old brave man is on one of the biggest missions of India which has stood still this country. May God bless him with more powers to become even stronger !

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  3 Responses to “Anna Hazare once decided to commit suicide, now the same man has shaken big and powerful Indian politicians”

  1. no doubt that anna hazare is a good man but he thought that he is only a person that changes the world& stop corruption but NO he don’t change dunia ka kya hai aaj kuch to kal kuch aur
    agar anshan v karna tha to baba ram dev ko saath lekar baithte to maante unke dimag ko

  2. kuch to reply karo

  3. anna hazare must get the real brave indian award.he is helping india and indians to grow and to remove corruption and the corrupts in india and in indian politics.

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