Aug 162011
"Delhi Police Arrested Anna Hazare"

Delhi Police taking Anna Hazare to Tihar Jail

According to the sources, when Gandhiian “Anna Hazare” was arrested he was sleeping at that time. Anna’s room was ransacked by Delhi Police and he was forced to wake-up. Is this a habit of Delhi Police as they did the same thing at Ramlila Ground ?

“The people, who are running peaceful movements are crushed in this country”, tweeted Anupam Kher.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police kept changing the locations of Anna Hazare so that protesters couldn’t gather at the same venue, and now he has been sent to 7 days judicial custody while Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan have been released.

Anna Hazare’s arrest is also making people angry in all around India and thousands of them have protested against this cruel act by the government.

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  One Response to “Anna Hazare was sleeping when he was arrested, is this a habit of Delhi Police ?”

  1. By doing all this to Anna they are indirectly proving that corruption is the mode of their survival. their only source of earning. Corruption is the air they breathe. Struggle for independence in a independent nation what a situation?

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