Dec 092011

The Biography of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on has been hacked. Someone has used very abusive language. A screenshot is provided below, but we have edited it as it is too vulgar.


Whoever did this has only helped the likes of Kapil Sibal who wants to censor internet and social networking sites.

This type of hacking should be punishable and strict action must be taken quickly.

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  2 Responses to “Breaking News : Congress Website Hacked”

  1. this is yet another move conspired and hatched by the caucus ,Sonia’s CHANDAL CHAUKADI,

  2. This act has nothing to do with content on social networking sites. Its a mistake to link those two. Hacking is an illegal action. It has violated the law. Posting content that causes ’emotional distress’ to some is not illegal.

    Watch the movie People vs Larry flynt’. it explores this topic beautifully (a bit graphic though).

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