Dec 282011

Again, we Indians are busy in fighting over minor issues and forgotten the real issue of strong anti-corruption bill. I’m seeing many people withdrawing their support from team Anna, but they must understand that the real enemy of India and Indians is ‘Corruption’ and this is the right time to raise your strong voice.

"Anna is Sick at MMRDA"

The followers of some religious organizations are angry with IAC over some issues, but they must think that this is the time to get united for strong anti-Corruption, because corruption never sees and Caste and Religion.

They definitely can condemn IAC after the strong bill is passed. But, I personally feel that this is not the right time to show their differences.

The respect of our ‘Motherland India’ is more important than anything else. And, we know that it is being raped by the devil named ‘corruption’ for many years.

We can be disagree with Team Anna’s ways but their motive is absolutely right. If strong anti-corruption bill is passed, it will definitely help the ‘Aam Admi of India’.

It’s now or never situation and I appeal from the people of all communities and castes that stay united for strong anti-corruption bill or keep the serving the corruption devil forever.

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