Nov 192011

Yet another incident showing that India lazy and neglected behavior towards the historical script  when it comes to preserve them . The arthashastra written by the one of the greatest teacher of all time is now facing a crisis . According the the Oriental research Institute  (ORI), Mysore .

"The Great Chanakya"

Most the manuscripts are in really bad shaped and peeling off quickly . Due to lack of facilities the authorities are facing the difficult to protect them from sand and impurities . At the moment the authorities are trying to save the scripts by oil treatment but due to lack off funds there are finding difficult to cope up .

Arthashastra and about 60,000 other manuscripts at the institute came close to being reduced to ashes in two fire accidents sparked by short-circuit in 1996 and 1998. Sadly, till date, the manuscripts have not been secured in fireproof chambers.

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  5 Responses to “Great Chanakya’s Arthashastra getting destroyed in Mysore still no one is worried here”

  1. That’s big shame for us !

  2. Chanakya is true Indian legend still we don’t respect great Indians. 🙁

  3. chanakya is true indian legend

  4. All the rare manuscripts can be scanned and stored in electronic form. At the same time make efforts to preserve these rare and priceless assets.

  5. Because of his effort only, Indian history could bring into shape otherwise Sikandar would rule india and our history would be something else.

    True legend !!!!! Govt must take strong step towards this….!!

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