Sep 082011

Indians even don’t get compensation cheques properly. Many victims have complained about the delays of their compensation amount and once 2 cheques of 50 thousand each bounced, which were given to the blast victims by Delhi and Maharashtra state governments.

"Cheque Bounce Cartoon Delhi Blast"

The family of Jagdish Bhatia, who had died in the bomb blast on a local train in Mulund on March 13, deposited the cheque at the Canara Bank branch at Ulhasnagar where they had an account. Once again in the Gaffar Market blast, Delhi, 2008, victim’s family cheque bounced.

The cheques were issued as part of a compensation package to the families of blast victims.

The whole India knows that governments are not serious at all in protecting Indians but their compensation cheques are even sent back and victims face more troubled times.

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