Aug 072011

"Dr.-Subramanian-Swamy Home"Subramanian Swamy tweeted few minutes ago that his Nizamuddin home has been attacked by rowdy Congress workers. They broke open into his Nizamuddin compound and destructed his garden. Police have finally arrived.

Congress is strongly protesting about Subramanian Swamy’s views in DNA Article. Many Congress men have also filed petitions in courts against Dr.Swamy.

On the other hand, Subramanian Swamy intensifies his attacks on Sonia Gandhi. He is firmly accusing Sonia Gandhi for all this.

Dr. Swamy also tweeted about the incident, ” A plain clothes police officer was witness and has given evidence for FIR.”

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  3 Responses to “Congress workers attacked Subramanian Swamy’s Nizammudin home-cum-office”

  1. Long time back during the World War II , People used to say , ” Hail Hitler…!!”
    In our country the people will say , ” Hail Sonia…!!”

    Are we part of a Healthy Democracy ..? That is a million Dollar question…!!

  2. The SS troopers of the Congress party, who are being lead a middle aged youth leader. Unlike his prodigal father this middle aged youth leader is a good for nothing, uneducated, corrupt, insolent man.
    Under this fascist Congress regime worse can be expected for those who don’t bow to their whims.

  3. Swamiji, all nationalists and hindus are with you. Congi party led by antinationalists want to divide and destroy India. All true Indians should take oath to destroy congi party

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