Sep 022011

Wikileaks cable threw one more bomb recently on UPA Government. There has been big uproar in the Indian Parliament for few days now. Here, I’ve collected Wikileaks most controversial revelation about India:

"Wikileaks India Pic"

Each Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) MP was paid 10 crore rupees: Wikileaks revealed that UPA Government gave 10 crore rupees to all the RLD MPs for gaining the trust vote over the Indo-US nuclear deal on July 22, 2008.

This news created sensation in the whole India and media has got big news to cover. All the opposition parties are demanding the resignation of MMS (Manmohan Singh).

Sonia Gandhi’s parents didn’t like Rajiv: According to the Wikileaks, Sonia Gandhi told Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver in 2006. She said that her parents strongly opposed Rajiv Gandhi but she married him against their wishes.

Hindu extremists are more dangerous than Islamic militants: Rahul Gandhi told US Ambassador at a lunch few years ago that Hindu extremists are bigger threat to India than Islamic terror. When Wikileaks exposed this news it caused a big storm in India.

India have 1,400 billion dollars as a Black Money in Swiss Banks: Wikileaks report says, Indians have 1,400 billion dollars (6300000,00,00,000 INR) in Swiss Banks without any official record. This amount is about 13 times larger than the India’s foreign debt.

US embassy criticized Sonia Gandhi: During the Indo-US Nuclear deal Sonia Gandhi was criticized sharply for not handling the opposition parties properly. Wikileaks said, Sonia Gandhi was made to feel embarrass.

Indian government was never serious to bring Headely back to India: One more shocking revelation by Wikileaks, Indian government was never serious to bring David Headely back to India. 26/11 Mumbai attack’s mastermind David Headely is responsible for huge loss to India still our government just wanted to make people fool.

Left parties were divided over Indo-US Nuclear deal: Though Left parties strongly opposed the nuclear deal between the India and US but many were also supporting like Sitaram Yechury but not openly.

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