Aug 172011

"Narendra Dhoni Mahendra Dhoni's brother"Anna Hazare gets one more supporter, and he is none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s brother “Narendra Modi”. “The Jan Lokpal Bill has to be brought immediately. I am supporting Anna with an open mind like any other citizen of the country,” Narendra Singh Dhoni told reporters as he participated in slogan shouting in Ranchi.

Though the real Dhoni is still not supporting the Gandhiian’s movement against corruption, but his brother bats for Anna and pledged to give him his full support.

“We are requesting pedestrians, motor-cyclists and all citizens to wear black badges and protest the anti-democratic step taken by the Central government,” the convener of the Jharkhand Chapter of IAC/CS, Sanjay Seth said.

Narendra Singh Dhoni also said that he would do his best to bring his younger brother for the support of Anna Hazare ji.

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