Sep 142011

US Congressional report praised Gujarat’s development work. According to the report, Gujarat sets the example of effective governance not only for India but for rest of the world also. Report also admired the determination of Narendra Modi and said, “Gujarat has one of the best CMs of India.”

“Narendra Modi has successfully managed to curb corruption, which is the very big problem in India, and made Gujarat the business hub of India in a very short period of time. Setting up the big business in India might take much more than the usual time but the story is not the same in the India’s most developed state, according to the report.”

"Narendra Modi CM Gujarat"This kind of periodic report about development in the various parts of the world is prepared by the independent wing of US, the CRS.

“Modi has invested heavily in the modern roads, power infrastructure and started the various development projects. Gujarat has best GDP growth in India equivalent to Singapore,” the CRS said.

Various countries around the world have praised Narendra Modi for his amazing development in Gujarat. I wonder, when will Indian Media highlight his development except criticizing him all the time ?

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