Sep 092011

The opinion poll conducted on Facebook will definitely make Congress and Rahul Gandhi worried. Huge numbers of people don’t want him as the PM of India. The question was asked by MTV India on Facebook. The page has more than 29 lakh followers.

More than 3.5  lakh people don’t want Rahul as PM, 44 thousand voted in his favor, 15 thousand couldn’t say anything.

"Rahul Gandhi Poll by MTV on Facebook"

See the exact poll results here:

YES: 44,007 votes

NO: 354, 509 votes

Can’t Say: 15,625 votes

Yes, because he represents the youth: 6,285 votes

No, because he represents the corrupt government:  35,337 votes

Yes, because there is no corruption case against him: 1,721 votes

No, because he doesn’t have enough experience: 13,592 votes

Yes, because he looks good and talks well: 900 votes

No, because he is only half-Indian: 5,093 votes

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