Jul 132011

"Indian Monkey Marriage"

India witnessed its first Monkey marriage in the village of Talwas, deep in the forests of India, seems to be mixed up in some serious monkey business. The tiny Indian village recently became home to two monkeys who tied the knot, a first in the country.

As for the lucky couple, Raju, the groom, was known in his village for “eating, sleeping and smoking cigarettes with his owner, Ramesh Saini, who treated him like a son.” Chinki, the bride, belonged to a priest in a nearby village.

It turns out there is just one small problem: the marriage, according to officials, violates the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act. Citizens aren’t allowed to pet or train monkeys, never mind marry them off. The animals play a significant role in Hindu culture.

As a result, both the monkeys and their owners were forced to go into hiding. Still, the planning had been nothing short of extravagant: hundreds of invitations were sent out, and a pre-wedding feast and a procession complete with a horse were in the works.

On the day of the nuptials, authorities flooded Talwas and encountered hundreds of villagers awaiting the spectacle. The monkeys, meanwhile, were secretly married in the deep woods as a result.


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