Sep 242011

These are the complete details of Animals’ pregnancy period. See the picture carefully to know how long Animals remain pregnant including Rats, Elephants, Dogs, Monkeys, Cats and more.

"How Pregnant Animals look alike including Dogs, Cats, Elephants, Monkeys, Horse"

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  2 Responses to “For how long do Animals stay pregnant ?”

  1. WOW that is a lot of days.
    It’s fascinating how different animals are from us.
    And the chart kinda made me think of an auctioneer…

    Can I hear a 21 days
    Can I hear a 21 days
    Oh there it is with a mouse
    But you’ll be surprised when the days come to an elephant.
    Not 21 days
    Not 63 days
    Not 270 days
    Not even 547 DAYS
    But 624 DAYS!!!!!!

  2. oops made a strike on the 624 days…..

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