Jul 142011

"Google Docs Mumbai Help"

A Google Docs spreadsheet proves to be very helpful tool on the Internet, following three bomb blasts in Mumbai, India. The document has a title“Mumbai Help,” provides contact information for Mumbai residents, along with information on the type of aid they can provide. This is a great initiative started by Delhi Guy “Nitin Sagar”.

The document have been started by Nitin Sagar from New Delhi, has been making the rounds on Twitter. A few hours after it was posted, the document was updated to say: “The document has been protected from public view due to privacy concerns. I am inclined to believe the spreadsheet served its purpose.” The updated spreadsheet does provide viewers with an email address to contact in case people are still seeking help or information posted to the document earlier in the day.

In addition to listing phone numbers for official help locations, such as blood banks and the police control room,the spreadsheet includes individual offers to help with food and shelter. Other Mumbai residents have offered to donate blood, while some have said that they can make calls, send text messages and emails, or tweet on behalf of others. Additional tabs within the document provide opportunities for people to add the names of those who are missing or injured as a result of the blasts.


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