Aug 282011

After the huge criticism over his alleged talk with Kapil Sibal, Swami Agnivesh finally faced the media and told that he was talking to Kapil Maharaj not minister Kapil Sibal. He also denied the further details of Kapil Maharaj and also praised Anna Hazare.

"Swami Agnivesh with media"When asked by the Star News about his controversial chat with Kapil Sibal, Swami Agnivesh said, “I didn’t talk to Kapil Sibal in fact that was my very good friend Kapil Maharaj”. I also respect Anna ji from my heart and I can never think of disrespecting him.

Swami Agnivesh denied to reveal the further information about his friend and said, “It wouldn’t be appropriate to tell about anyone like this”.

Star News also found Kapil Maharaj at Haridwar and he simply denied having any type of conversation with Swami Agnivesh.

If you have missed Swami Agnivesh’s conversation, watch his video here…….

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  3 Responses to “I was talking to Kapil Maharaj not Kapil Sibal: Agnivesh”

  1. It’s good that the wolf disguised as a sheep was spotted soon enough by Team Anna


  3. Well done Agnivesh ji………you done it in front of the camera………….your padma vibhushana is waiting if the same goes well for next 2-3 years………….

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