Sep 152011

Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy on his birthday today has moved a fresh application before a special trial court to make home minister P Chidambaram co-accused in 2G scam. He also said, “I want to expose him and want him in jail.

“It is widely known that A Raja was not alone in this huge scam. There were many and one of them is Chidambaram also,” said Mr. Swamy.

"Dr. Subramanian Swamy and P. Chidambaram 2G Scam"
It was a cabinet decision and Chidambaram, as finance minister then, was part of it.

He had also urged the court that he be appointed Special Public Prosecutor to conduct his case himself.

Swamy had earlier told the court that the chargesheets field by the CBI did not cover the role of Chidambaram who “jointly took important decisions” on allocation of radio waves.

Dr. Swamy is known for his courageous moves. He is the same man who has filed petitions against Sonia Gandhi’s corruption as well.

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  3 Responses to “I’ll definitely prove Chidambaram’s role in 2G scam and send him to jail: Dr. Subramanian Swamy”

  1. Future generations shall always remember the role of yourself Dr Swamy, of Baba Ramdev and Anna who showing the door to the corrupt.
    Chidambram was almost nailed for his electoral manipulations and after Raja etc now the needle points at him and the PM for connivance.

  2. Respected sub swami sir ,
    i am big fan of urs and wanted to work with u with full zeal and honesty wishes you happy birthday …..

    This news is again another fight of yours agains corruption and such leaders who are not loyal to india our country .you are perfest indian and i respect you from the core of my heart.

  3. I have practiced as lawyer in high court And have noticed even educated person is loses contol over themselves even they know its bad consequence, They are gifted with criminal attitude and slowly law catches with them It is intoxication of SELF PRAISE the god has literate but the curse of intoxication is worst unless you DO not follow JN KRISHNAMURTY LIKE PHILOSOFERS what to say Knoledge is zerrow without following proper books of philosophers
    IMagine PC means computer and IT must have gone In pcs head why so maney errors
    The Material money manipulation habbit has cought chidambaram on wrongfoot

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