Sep 132011

Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer revealed yet again the real intentions of Indian government. He said, “India is not serious to bring back black money and reveal the names of the account holders of Swiss banks.”

After being released from jail, Elmer said, “The Indian government isn’t doing enough.” He said someone should put pressure on the government to act. “India is a big country, which is getting stronger by the day. It has the negotiating power,” he told an Indian news channel.

Elmer is facing investigations in Switzerland for breaching laws of the country.

He said, “Many Indian politicians, businessmen, Cricketers have accounts in the Swiss banks and they are enjoying the safe heavens there. If Indian government wants, it can unearth all these names.”

He also said, “Tax evaders and black money account holders are criminals who are cheating there country. US and UK are the only governments which are taking action against its own tax evaders. They have just got the crucial information from Switzerland on the behalf of their request.

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