Sep 262011

Raj Bala, who was on ventilator after sustaining serious injuries in Delhi Police lathi charge at Ram Lila ground, is dead now. She was supporting the Baba Ramdev’s fight against black money and corruption. For fighting against corrupt, she had to die. Our Home Minister P.Chidambaram and Delhi Police must take responsibility for this act.

"Raj Bala Ramdev Supporter beaten at Ramlila Ground"

Doctors attending to the 51-year-old Gurgaon resident at the neurosurgery department ICU of GB Pant Hospital here, said, “she passed away at 10.25 am”.

Admitted on June 4 with cervical spinal injuries after the midnight crackdown on Ramdev’s supporters, Bala underwent surgery.

This is a very sad end to brave lady who decided to fight against country’s biggest problem ‘corruption’.

There was no need for Delhi Police doing lathi charge on sleeping protesters. They surely got orders from Home Ministry since without the orders you can’t act so brutally with peaceful protesters.

Both Home Minister and Delhi Police should be booked for this crime.

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  3 Responses to “Injured Raj Bala after Ramlila crackdown now dead, who should be made responsible ?”

  1. Chidambaram has BLOOD on his hands for killing Rajbala and must be charged for Murder. This are not the Police but TALIBAANI TERRORISTS on Tax-Payers burden. The so called Police has only 2 things to do after joining force, either PIMP for Under-World or be a PET for Corrupt Politicians. In both stage Corrupt Politicians are in WIN-WIN, because they control Under-World.

  2. Delhi police should be sued and prosecuted for Rajbala’s murder.Delhi police officials will certainly spell out the name of minister (during interrogation) who ordered brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters.

  3. People of this country will never forget sacrifice made by Rajbala Ji.She will be remembered like Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters.MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE

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