Aug 302011

"Indian Samosas"

In a bizarre move by Somalia’s al-Shabaab group, Samosas have been banned in Somalia as the group accused the popular snacks of being offensive and too christian. Militant Islamist fighters last week used vehicles fitted with loudspeakers to announce.

It is being considered that the group has attacked Samosas as it resembles to symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity.

"Christian Holy Trinity"

This is the symbol of Christian Holy Trinity

Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper confirmed the samosa ban had been imposed by the militant outfit.

But the newspaper said locals believed al-Shabaab leaders had decided the triangular shape was not compatible with their strict version of Islam.

If you are caught cooking, buying or eating samosas, known locally as sambusas, you will be punished.

It has also previously ordered men to grow beards and warned it will take action against anyone caught wearing tight-fitting clothes.

Earlier this year the group introduced a blanket ban on the playing or watching of football.

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  2 Responses to “Islamist group bans Samosas accusing the popular snacks being too Christian”

  1. Nice picture.Those Samosas look real Yummy…

  2. O my dear Somali friends just change the shape and everything should be alright….

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