Oct 042011

Anna Hazare recently opposed Sanjeev Bhatt’s arrest by Gujarat police in his statement which has invited the wrath of people even against the modern day Gandhi. On the wall of India Against Corruption’s Facebook page, many people have called him Congress agent but how can we ignore his contribution in making India unite against Corruption ?

As we all know that Corruption is the biggest problem of India and Anna Hazare is the one man who has fought hard against it with maturity. He has made many leaders resign due to his sheer courage. Anna ji has also openly criticized the corrupt leaders of all the major parties whether they are from BJP, Congress, BSP, NCP or any other party. How can he be RSS, BJP or Congress agent ?

Whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or from any other religion and caste, you have to face corruption. And, Anna ji is trying to give us solid platform to fight it through strong Jan Lokpal Bill. We all witnessed recently one of the biggest movements of India. Millions came on road to support Anna ji thinking beyond castes and religions

Many people also say that Anna Hazare doesn’t support Baba Ramdev, but Anna ji sat on hunger strike for opposing Ramlila Ground’s crack down. He has praised Baba Ramdev many times also.

So, if this man is doing so much, we should be mature enough to respect his own personal beliefs. Even if he opposed the arrest of Sanjeev Bhatt, we should take it as his personal opinion. The same man has also praised Narendra Modi for his development work and condemned the Gujarat riots and said, “culprits should definitely be punsihed.”

Anna’s real fight is against Corruption which we shouldn’t forget as Corruption is the biggest problem of our country and it can only be fought with unity not being divided over various small issues.

One last thing; Anna Hazare alone can’t fight against all odds, we must come forward to fight in our own legal manner. He is fighting against Corruption and that is more than enough.

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  One Response to “Many people criticized Anna Hazare for supporting Sanjeev Bhatt but Anna’s importance can’t be ignored”

  1. Actually the two biggest problem facing India is Communalism and Corruption and both work hand in hand. Anna Hazare has also called Gujarat under Modi as Ghotale ka Gujarat. The only reason why no scandals have emerged is that Modi has kept the Lokyukta away for the past 8 years. You should read up more on what Annaji’ has said about Gujarat under Modi as you seem to be misinformed.

    Annaji is right for supporting Sanjeev Bhatt because he is nothing but a whistle blower. The Modi govt. couldn’t bribe him or scare him and that is why now wants to arrest him.

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