Aug 242011

One after another, there are so many versions of Lokpal Bill to come soon. The founder of Indian Jusctice Party “Udit Raj”, who claims to be Dalit leader, has decided to introduce his own version of Lokpal Bill as he thinks Anna’s version is against constitution.

"Udit Raj Indian Justice Party"

The Udit Raj-led All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations – with support from likeminded outfits – is organising the mega rally.

Raj also announced the decision to launch a “truly representative” Bahujan Lokpal Bill. “The Dalit/backward or minority communities together constitute 85 per cent population of the country, but the Anna-led civil society does not represent them.

He said, “Corruption is a major issue but Anna is fighting against Dalits, who are already untouchables in Indian society, as Anna’s manner of protest disrespects Dr. Ambedkar’s constitution. Dr. Ambedkar strongly opposed the fast and Satyahraha as this is very dangerous for society.”

“Their demands are illegal, undemocratic, against Dalits, against India so we will protest against them”, said Udit.

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  3 Responses to “One more version of Lokpal Bill to be introduced by Dalits”


    No logic .. dirty politics only.

  2. Cant everyone treat themselves an indian…
    Hell with the people thinking.. after so much they still feel to devide us itno hindu,muslim,SC/ST.. that lokpal for all… and not against constitution.. but yaa that time Respected Dr. BR Ambedkar didn’t relaize that our great politcian will start eating the nation..
    Plz !! Be act like indian !!!! It was against corruption .. not against some particular person and population

  3. What is the hell and who is this guy ? Where was he ? Indian knows the truth there .. he is trying to become HERO… noway to listen first let them complete whatever JAN LOKPAL is demanded by ANNA’s team….request not to make argument….

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