Aug 042011

"Muscular John Abraham Lifting 150 kg Bike"

"John Abraham Lifts a 150 kg bike alone for Force movie"

Look at this man, he is just so powerful !

That’s the real action for you. Bike lover ‘John Abraham’ this time lifted 150 kg bike instead of riding for his next movie ‘Force’.

While shooting for this movie, there was an action scene which needed someone to lift a bike, John decided to do it himself instead of calling stuntman.

Says producer Vipul Shah, “I was not on the sets the day John was shooting for the scene.

The bike weighed 150 kgs, and the actor did not want to resort to cables to do the scene. It took him some takes and a lot of effort to perform the heavy stunt, but in the end he pulled it off brilliantly.

When Nishikant called me to say he was planning to do it without a harness, I told him not to allow him to do the same as he could hurt his back or knee. But he was confident and insisted on performing it.”         – Source:

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