Jul 022011

"The New 2011 World Trade Center Memorial and Meuseum"

This is the latest picture taken by someone from the top of World Trade Center. The new image of this famous place is a hit and becomes the front page story of a famous news site ‘Digg’. Let’s have a look what readers are saying about this on Digg.

“I lost two friends that day. One was working at Canter-Fitz, the other was a waitress at Windows on the World.” – MrMossad

“Looking at the reflecting pools that are the footprints of the former World Trade Centers 1 & 2 still stirs strong emotions from what happened almost 10 years ago.

The “National September 11 Memorial & Museum” is scheduled to be completed on September 11, 2011.” – leland1

“Bah – they should have rebuilt the two towers. A much better image and message to the terrorists. And New Yorkers, I am guessing. Resilience and stubbornness.

“Make a memorial, fine (although that’s a huge downer and will make me not want to go to that area of New York), but rebuild the towers. In fact, make them taller. You try to knock them down, we don’t care – we will rebuild them and make them stronger.” – elimgarak

“Astonishing & Eye-catching.” – ksooriya

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