Jul 102013

Trail the Path of Real Heroes from New Delhi to Kargil
with Indian Army Fans July 19th, 2013 to July 30th,2013

26th July 1999

The day when most of us were confined safely in the comfort of our houses, there were men who fought for our safety, our land, our houses and our families. Many of these heroes sacrificed their lives trying to safeguard ours. Like every year we at IAF try to make a special effort to let their families and souls know that they are not forgotten, we make an effort to let the nation know that freedom and land were not easily achieved.

Indian Army Fans Trail the Path of Heroes in kargil


26th July 2013

This year we climb to the very heights, where our heroes stood unfailingly….

We go to those who couldn’t come back to us. Joining us in our endeavor are the all time favorite bikes of the Fauj-The Royal Enfield


Get associated with the landmark event and make a mark not just in the hearts of riders but millions of our online associates on our community ‘Indian Army Fans’.

Victory comes to those who deserve it. Victory is not a probability. Victory is a decision you take. Decide to win. Decide to succeed.

Adventure lovers- Join the Brave Heart: Navin Gulia, pride of our Nation on this Vijay diwas to celebrate the Victory of Mighty Indian army at Ground Zero.

Indian Army fans Kargil Bike expedition…


Indian Army Fans on a 09 nights and 10 days adventurous bike expedition to KARGIL at its finest. Travel scenic by-ways and roads-off the-beaten path to discover and learn about the amazing natural wonders that abound in our country. Each day participants will experience first-hand the diverse habitats regions and waterways of UDHAMPUR, SONMARG and KARGIL, while camping out at picturesque state parks and forest each night. Evenings will be filled with reflections from the day stories, patriotic songs and music.

-Tour Attraction:-Camping at Sonmarg and Kargil.

A SAG (Support and Gear) Tata – 407 and trailer will transport your luggage, drinking water and snacks with a mechanic and Medical facilities (First-Aid) heading by 1 Gypsy and educational instructions are included.

* Participants are responsible for their own motorcycle and personnel gear.

*Participants are required to carry their own Bike Bulb, clutch wire etc. In any malfunctioning our mechanic will fix it and repair but Indian Army Fans will not provide any gear.


– Registration Fee: Rs. 20,000/- (10,000 advance- at time of registration & 10,000 on 19th July)

– Participants must have their own Royal Enfield Bike. (we will help those who don’t have)

– Two participants on 1 bike mandatory. (Pairing will be done by us, if you are alone)

– Lodging, Meal and Fuel, medical assistance will be provided by Indian Army Fans.

– Age between 18 – 45 years.

– First 50 entries will get welcome kit from Indian Army Fans.


* EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – NCC ” C ” Certificate holders and Retired Army Personnel will get 10% discount off the above rate.

· Note – LAST DATE FOR REGISTRATION: July 07th, 2013 (No entries will be considered after 07th July)

Genuinely interested people may apply by forwarding following details on E-Mail:-


(a) Name

(b) Age

(c) Address

(d) Contact info

(e) Occupation

(f) Bike Details with copy of RC in your name and valid insurance up to 31 Jan 2014

(g) Photograph (any but at the time of Bike Rally 4 passport size photographs must be ready)

For any clarification: +91-9015520800-Vikas

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