Jul 292011

Very few people know that Bholanath and Devendra Pandey, who were Congress workers, hijacked and Indian Airlines plane in 1978 to demand Indira Gandhi’s release. Later, Congress awarded them state assembly election tickets in U.P. which they won and became first hijacker MLAs in the world.

When Janata Party came into power after emergency, it ordered the arrest of Indira Gandhi over many serious charges against her. This irked Bholanath and Devendra Pandey and they planned to hijack IA plane with toy guns. After keeping 132 passengers hostage for some hours, they surrendered in the presence of media.

"Man with a gun cartoon"As a result, Congress was over-joyed and gave them MLA tickets to fight elections in 1980. Bhola served as a Congress MLA from 1980 to 1985 while Devendra remained a member of the house for two terms.

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