Aug 122011

"US Hockey Team Boston Bruins"

US National Hockey League Champions “Boston Bruins” drank too much in the bar after the win without knowing that the bill would reach up to $157,000 (Rs. 70 lakh).

The 23-man team (accompanied by coaches, staff, and “special lady friends,” it seems) decided to hit up a local casino and had the party of a lifetime. Here are the bill details:

"70 Lakh Bar Bill"

This is the pic. taken of bill. (Photos Courtesy: Reuters)

– A $100,000 (Rs. 45 lakh) bottle called the Midas Ace of Spaces

-A total of about 900 drinks

-136 Bud Lights, at $5 (Rs. 250) a pop

-20 bottles of Moet champagne

-A grand total of ONE free bottle of bubbly.

-An automatic 18% tip, which resulted in almost $25,000 (Rs. 1,12,000) for the servers.

Can Indian cricketers party like this when they win ?

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