Aug 082011

Varun Gandhi"Varun Gandhi vs. Rahul Gandhi" sets a new record of doing development work. The BJP MP from Pilibhit looks really concerned about the development in Pilibhit, but Media channels don’t seem to highlight the good issue.

Varun has spent 78 percent of his MP fund in the area. This makes him the highest spender of funds among MPs in UP. But, Rahul Gandhi, who is MP from Amethi, has only been able to spend 6% of the amount from his fund, according to the report on The Times of India.

Varun Gandhi also sent drafts of one lakh rupees each to the families of the two Dalit girls who committed suicide after being gang-raped.

Here are some of Varun’s development work:

1) Varun Gandhi has started mobile ambulances in Pilibhit, and the each ambulance has one doctor, one nurse and one compounder. These ambulances provide medical aides to the poor people of constituency, and also take them to nearest hospitals in a major case.

2) Pilbhit becomes the only district in North India which is an animal reserve.

3) The poor people can also apply for the admissions in Central School there though only the children of Indian defence services, police and all central government employees can take admission there.

4)  In 1999, Pilibhit was on No. 61 for education. Today it is on Number 5.

5) Solar lights replace the other forms of light, which are bad for environment.

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  2 Responses to “Varun Gandhi sets new development record in Pilibhit”

  1. ha. . u r right sir.Rahul vinci is lyk amul baby.Varun gandi great

  2. Varun Gandhi is doing good work…….. but his work is not highlighted by media………
    and on the other hand they show and highlight the fake tours and meeting of rahul gandho

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