Oct 122011

All of us know that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs mostly wore Turtlenecks and Blue Jeans. But the Apple co-founder wouldn’t have worn them if his employees had accepted the nylon jacket he proposed as a corporate uniform instead.

"Apple CEO Steve Jobs Turtlenecks and Blue Jeans"

Jobs himself explained his sartorial signature to biographer Walter Isaacson, in an interview published for the first time below.

This story has been glanced before but never fully told. Isaacson sent gawker.com this excerpt after reading its August post “Steve Jobs, Fashion Icon?” At the time, the closing quote did not have the haunting edge it does now. Writes Isaacson:

"Apple CEO Steve Jobs Turtlenecks"

After this, it is also being said that Steve Jobs once trying to match the jean’s color with his turtleneck and he finalized blue. Since then, he only wore this pair at work.

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